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Its my favorite time again. The Wrestling Roundtable. I know that you fans just can’t wait for this post to come out. Before we get started I would like to encourage you fans to join my movement to get Mike Rotunda inducted into the Hall of Fame next year. It is long overdue. Follow me on Twitter @StephanHall and @WRoundtable and use the hashtag #RotundaforWWEHOF. Let your voice be heard as anytime I see it I will forward directly to the WWE.

So lets get right to things, as we start as always with the Power Rankings.

1. Roman Reigns- Will Roman reign supreme against Lesnar at Mania and hang on the top spot next week?

2. Rusev- Destroyed John Cena on Raw, seems ready to hand Cena another loss at Wrestlemania.

3. Randy Orton- Defeated Rollins and his cronies in a three on one handicap match. He is ready to destroy Rollins at Wrestlemania.

4. Brock Lesnar- Just re-signed with with the WWE. Will the beast be WWE Champion after Sunday?

5. John Cena- Will Cena be 100% come Sunday at Wrestlemania?


This week in wrestling. 

WWE purchased WCW in 2001. This was the first time ever that Vince McMahon was featured on TNT for Monday Nitro. When it was revealed that Shane McMahon purchased WCW under VInce’s nose.


And here are this weeks questions from the esteemed panelists. 

Ramirez death

With the circumstances regarding the death of Pedro Aguayo Ramirez in Mexico over the weekend. With Rey Mysterio being the center of attention behind this. Does this hurt his chances to be in the WWE Hall of Fame?

Steve: I saved this one for last even though it is the first question on tap on the Roundtable. I did this because this story is filled with so much emotion I wanted to make sure the other questions got my full attention. So to answer this question, first let me start off by saying that I have never been the biggest fan of Rey Mysterio. I have a lot of respect for him as a wrestler, but that is just my opinion. That being said, Rey Mysterio had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MAN’S DEATH!!!! For those who watched the video of this incident in Mexico will plainly see that all Rey Mysterio did was deliver a simple standard drop kick to the back (not the head) of Ramirez. Ramirez then hit the second rope (which is made of steel cable wrapped in tape) The cause of death was trauma to the head. As Rey went of the 619, he immediately noticed that there was something wrong as was able to shift his momentum to miss Ramirez and Suicide as you see in this photo. After the match, Rey looked distraught and you just knew that this was a tragic accident that occurred. Hearing that citizens of Mexico are giving Rey death threats after his occurrence is astatine. He does not deserve this at all.

As for this hurting his chances to be in the Hall of Fame, I say no. He won’t be a first ballot, but that is due to his departure from the WWE, but he will get in down the road. I guarantee it.

Eric: Tragedy has once again struck the world of Professional Wrestling with the events of last weekend show in Mexico. Pedro Aguayo Ramirez passed away tragically after a match against WWE legend Rey Mysterio. Now this brings the question will this incident making it so Rey will not get into the hall of fame? At this I can’t say yes or no on that. There hasn’t been much said as to in anything will happen to Rey because of the incident. I know wrestlers take risks every time they step into the ring, but that was a move that Rey has done hundreds of times but this one time it ended wrong. It shows how dangerous it can be being in the ring. So I think once we find out if there will be any repercussions for this against Rey then I think we can make a judgement on whether or not he will be in the hall of fame, but at this time my answer is undecided.

Chad: His immediate chances I would say Yes because of the Chyna excuse HHH gave during his  podcast. 5 years from now when a 10 year old googles Rey Mysterio what are they going to find? I think that it may happen down the line since it looks like it was a freak accident but for right now it hurts his chances.

Josh: It depends.  If charges are actually filed against him, it will be a very long time before we see him.  If he is convicted of a crime, then he will likely never be in the HoF.  Do I think charges will be filed or he will be convicted?  No.  From everything I have seen this was just an unfortunate accident.  But in the event it does happen, WWE will not risk any media backlash on inducting a convicted murderer (again, he has not been convicted or even accused at this time, this is a hypothetical statement).


What does the WWE do with Sting after Wrestlemania?

Steve: When Sting defeats Triple H at Wrestlemania, I think of one of two things happens here. First: Sting fades off in the sunset, and we will see him again at next years Hall of Fame as he will be inducted in the Hall of Fame in Dallas Texas next year. Second: He continues his feud with Triple H, and somehow gains control of the WWE, and ends up as the General Manager or some sort of corporate power that will challenge Triple H’s authority. I think this will be the one and only time you see Sting compete in a WWE ring.

Eric: Sting finally after many, many years makes his WWE in ring debut live this Sunday at Wrestlemania against Triple H. After Sunday though, what does the WWE do with Sting next? There is many different ways the WWE could go with him. They could work him into a WWE title feud, they could work him into a feud with to help establish an another main eventer for WWE, he could have an on screen role as a GM for RAW. There is many ways the WWE could go with Sting. I would like to see Sting get one WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP run. I think that is the one thing Sting needs to cement his legacy as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time. He doesn’t have hold it very long, but I think he needs to hold the title at least once.

Chad: I would like to see Sting have an authority role in WWE to counter the heel authority figures that have been on TV for the last couple of years. Sting has been in a similar role in TNA and I cannot see Sting being a wrestler much past Wrestlemania except for maybe a spot PPV like Summerslam or a Survivor Series.

Josh: They induct him in the HoF in 2016.  I don’t see a whole lot of need for him post-Wrestlemania.  However, if he is able to still go the distance in his match with HHH, Maybe they could put him in some feuds with some top guys, like Seth Rollins, or Bad News Barrett.  It’s just at his age, even if he is still in great shape, I would take great caution in making ANY long term plans with him.  Again, even at the best of shape at his age, his bone density is going down, could lead to breaks, arthritis could kick in, as much damage as a wrestler’s body takes over time, they can’t go forever, as sad as it is.


With Wrestlemania this Sunday. What are you final predictions for Wrestlemania? Choose as many matches as you would like. 

Steve: Pre Show: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro will retain the titles/ Ill take Ryback as the winner of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal/ The Bellas defeat AJ and Paige/ John Cena wins the title over Rusev/ Randy Orton def Seth Rollins/ Bray Wyatt def The Undertaker/ Sting def Triple H/ Daniel Bryan wins Intercontinental title in ladder match/ Roman Reigns def Brock Lesnar to win the WWE Championship.

Eric: Wrestlemania is this Sunday live on the WWE network for only $ 9.99, here’s is my prediction for the card this Sunday.
Pre Show Tag Team Title match
The New Day wins the titles.
Andre the Giant Battle Royal: I think we will see Sheamus return and win the Battle Royal
Divas Tag Team Match
Paige and AJ def the Bella twins
United States Championship
John Cena def Rusev
Seth Rollins def Randy Orton
Undertaker def Bray Wyatt
Sting def Triple H
Intercontinental title Ladder match
This is one I am torn about, there is so many good choices in this one. My prediction though for this match is Daniel Bryan.
Roman Regins def Brock Lesnar
Those are my predictions for this Sundays Wrestlemania, now let’s get Sunday here and see if I am correct.

Chad: Rocky (Cena) has his American pride moment over Drago (Rusev)

Orton gets his revenge on Rollins once and for all

The Wrestlemania Legend of the Undertaker will grow with a victory overy Bray

Sting has a triumphant Wrestlemania debut over HHH
The Bellas go down in defeat at Wrestlemania
The IC title Ladder Match will steal the show
Even with a new contract Brock will NOT walk out as the champion

Josh: In the pre-show, the tag champs will retain.  Rollins Beats Orton through shenanigans of course.  Paige and AJ beat the Bellas.  I think Cena will win the US title from Rusev, pushing Rusev into the main event.  Daniel Bryan will win the IC title, attacked after the fact by Sheamus, setting up a feud.  The Battle Royal is a bit of a toss up between Ryback and Mizdow, both need it, but I will go with Mizdow.  It will end with Miz and Mizdow being the only 2 left, Miz orders Mizdow to go over the top rope, but Mizdow flips, and throws Miz over.  Bray Wyatt will beat the Undertaker.  Sting beats HHH.  and in the main event, you will have Reigns beating Lesnar, to a chorus of boos.  Lesnar retaliates and leaves Reigns lying after a post match F-5.  You then hear Seth Rollins’ music hit.  The roof is blown off the place, as he instantly turns face, cashing in MiTB on Reigns, winning the title to send Mania off the air.


Are you a fan of the interactive voting for fans to choose a certain superstars opponent?

Steve: I don’t have a real problem with the interactive voting as I think it gets the fans involved and gives the WWE a way to really promote the WWE App. So for that purpose it is fine. However, there is no way on God’s green earth that this is not rigged. Being a former wrestler myself, things are planned out to where the fans are given the illusion that they are picking the winners, but in fact the WWE writers know exactly what that match is going to be. So in sense, the interactive vote is simply FAKE!

Eric: The WWE has been starting to use more interactive scenarios in which the WWE universe gets to choose opponents for wrestlers, referees, or even stipulations in matches. I think this is something nice that the WWE does. It helps make the fans feel like that they are part of the show. As a fan it makes me feel like I helped decide the events happening on the show. It also makes the younger fans feel special in doing this also. I am a father of two young WWE fans and seeing them happy always makes me happy. So when they are smiling because they helped decide a match on RAW, well that makes me happy that they are happy.

Chad: I am a fan of the interactive fan voting; even though I think with the WWE Cyber Sunday/Taboo Tuesday PPV experiment was a failure because of the writing leaning the fans one way instead being a truly fan vote. Now for a match on Raw or Smackdown I would be totally ok with a vote to determine opponents or stipulation for matches on these shows.

Josh: I think it is a great way to make the fans feel like they are involved.  We all know that WWE Is going to do what they want in the end, but choosing a stipulation or an opponent is again a great way to introduce interactivity to the product.  It also gets people to download the app, where WWE then gets to advertise to them.  It works.

Which mid-carder right now in WWE, do you think has the best chance to be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

Steve: It has to be Dolph Ziggler, he is a former two time World Champion already in his career. He wasDolph the sole survivor for team Cena at the Survivor Series last November. He has been racking up many victories over top tier opponents, and recently had some epic matches against Daniel Bryan. This Sunday at Wrestlemania he is involved in the Ladder Match to determine the Intercontinental Champion. While I don’t think he will win this match, I think this will propel him to the next level and once again be in the main event picture. He has all the talent in the world, and if you remember, his last run ended prematurely due to a concussion that he sustained in a match against Alberto Del Rio. So Ziggler will one day be again the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Eric: The WWE has started to build up many mid card talent as of late but which one do I see as thAmbrosee best chance to be WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION? That’s easy…………. Dean Ambrose. This man has the whole package. He’s got a great gimmick, he’s good in the ring and the man can cut a promo. He has all the qualities of a WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION should have. I can see big things in the future for and even a World Heavyweight title run in the very near future.

Chad: I think if pushed right we could see Bad News Barrett become a World Champion he has thbarrette look; the charisma; he has been in the title hunt before and he can perform on the mic and in the ring. Barrett would be somebody that could be elevated to world champion

Josh: Rusev.  Hands down.  The way Rusev has been booked over Cena, I expect Cena to win the US title and Rusev to immediately start chasing the World Heavyweight title.   rusev


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