NCAA Sweet 16: Part I

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I went 23-9 in the first round, and made it to the Shreveport Times Media Bracket (as an 11 seed, but still) So, how will I do this weekend? Lets break the Sweet 16 Down.


Wichita StateWichita

I missed on this one, I thought Kansas Pride would push them through here, now that Wichita has the taste of Jayhawk blood, the push to play them year in and year out just got worse. Witchita has been bombing away from three, and getting enough rebounds so it doesn’t hurt as much.


Notre DameNotre Dame

I got this one right.

I’m taking Wichita in this one, since the Irish just have not played like they did in the ACC Tourney. They very easily could have lost to Northeastern and Butler went to overtime. While Wichita can’t play slow ball very well, they can play it better than Notre Dame can.

West VirginiaWest Virginia

I got this wrong. I had Maryland here. I actually lost here twice, picking Bobby Hurley’s Buffalo squad to beat them as well.



Yeah, everyone had this one, right?

I’ve never like Bob Huggins. I’m not sure I can pull for him to beat anyone under any circumstances. Even Kentucky. The problem we have, is that West Virginia has a devastating press, and they play UGLY. Can you press a team as quick and as mobile as Kentucky? Can you get a dozen turnovers against a team like Kentucky?

I’m not sure that Devin Williams can get enough rebounds, or get enough rebounding help to win this game.

How can Kentucky lose? They are not shooting worth a poo. I don’t think West Virginia is strong enough to take advantage, but if they don’t fix this, then they will get into trouble.


North CarolinaUNC Ram

I got this one right
UNC had some problems with Harvard’s pace, but Marcus Page decided to show up in the second half against Arkansas. When Paige is on, he can beat anyone. WHen he’s not . . .  not so much.


Wisconsin wisconsin

I got this right. I’ll be honest, I didn’t much faith in the Ducks to put up much of a fight, and I was proven right.

Here is why I’m picking against my beloved Tarheels.

1. Page is a monster when he shows up, but will he show up? If he had some consistency in his game, UNC would be the one seed going into this situation.
2. Kennedy Meeks got hurt, and even if he is back, he won’t be 100%.
3. Who woke up Dekker? He must be thinking of leaving for the NBA or something. He’s got an in/out game that turns on a dime. I’m not worried about Frank Kaminsky, I’m worried about Dekker.
4. Style. Wisconsin forces you to play thier game, and I hate to say this about a Roy Williams team, but this team can get suckered into playing another teams game. That will cost you against Wisconsin.


Xavier is another double loser for me, I had them losing to Ole Miss, and I had them going out to Baylor. The Big 12 not being worth a shit this tourney caught me as well.


Arizona Arizona

I had Arizona, and they did not disappoint. The problem is, that defense I have been touting, has not shown up.

Lets not pretend they have beaten great teams here. They got Ole Miss who had to play in the first four unfairness, and then got Georgia State. How is Xavier here? They have been shooting lights out. If they can get open looks, they change the scoreboard.
Xavier will play a slowdown game and unless Arizona can get it going in the open floor, or better yet, Xavier gets cold- then Arizona can be in trouble.
I’m still backing the Wildcats here, but I’m not as confident as I’d like to be.

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