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With all the excitement of the NCAA Tournament and March Madness. I nearly forgot that it was that time again for the NBA Roundtable. This week on tap: Could Kentucky make the NBA playoffs? Will Kevin Durant be back with the Thunder this season? Find out this and more on the NBA Roundtable.

Lets not waste any time and get to the questions this week.


Simple question. Will Kevin Durant return to the Thunder this season, after still remaining sidelined due to his foot injury?

Steve: Im going to say no, Durant will not come back to the Thunder this season. Durant has been plagued with injuries all season, and it would be beneficial just to shut him down for the season to have him heal 100% for next season. It is not fair to Russell Westbrook to wonder every day if he is going to get some help with Durant. Might as well just have him go out and do what he has been doing all season, and try and lead this team to the playoffs.

Chad: I don’t think that Durant returns this year if the Thunder have shut him down this late into the year I can’t see a miraculous turnaround time for a foot injury that gets Durant back into the lineup and productive by the playoffs which may hurt their chances.


SMU coach Larry Brown stated recently that the University of Kentucky would make the NBA playoffs in the Eastern Conference. Would that be a possibility? Or has Larry Brown finally lost his mind and gone mad.
Steve: Brown has absolutely lost his mind here. As good as Kentucky is, and they are probably the most talented team I have ever seen in college hoops. There is no way a college team can compete in the NBA, no matter how much they dominate in the NCAA. They very well may be able to compete with the Timberwolves, the Knicks, and even the 76ers, but they wouldnt stand a chance against anyone else in the league. At best, they would win 10 games in the NBA.
Chad: After a Facebook argument on this same issue; I believe that Wildcats would be a team that could eek some wins in the NBA with teams resting players; but getting the 35-40 wins to make they playoffs I would have to disagree with Coach Brown on this occasion a team of college kids cannot make compete for a playoff spot in the NBA
Many “experts” have stated that the Houston Rockets can go as far as the Western Conference Finals, or be eliminated in the first round. What do the Rockets need to compete in the playoffs?
Steve: Let’s be realistic here, the Rockets have a lot of talent, and they very well could make a run in the playoffs…IF they have Dwight Howard healthy and ready to play. James Harden is having a career season, but not even he can overcome the mighty West. With Howard, the Rockets could make a run, without him, they are out in Round 1.
Chad: I think for the Rockets to make a deep run in the playoffs would be having a fully healthy team clicking at the right time. James Harden cannot carry this team w/o the support of Howard, and new addition Josh Smith coming together cohesively to get past the first round?
Who gets the #8 spot in the West? Thunder or Pelicans?
Steve: I don’t trust Anthony Davis to stay healthy and 100% for the remainder of the season, so I would put my money on the Thunder to take the 8th spot, even without Kevin Durant. Westbrook can lead this team to the playoffs, but I can’t see them advancing further than that without Durant.
Chad: I believe that the Anthony Davis and the Pelicans will secure the #8 spot in the playoffs; w/o Durant I believe that the Thunder will fall short in the race for 8
Do you agree with Tom Thibodeau limiting Joakim Noah’s minutes?
Steve: He may be panicking a bit with Noah. This, right now is his best player that he has on the roster. He does not want to take any chances with Noah getting hurt, and then he would have 3 of his 5 starters out. The Bulls are already in trouble, they cannot afford to lose Noah due to injury too. I know Noah is saying that he is fine, but he is also a very intense styled player, and if I were Thibs, I would do the same thing.
Chad: The Bulls are a team heading for a playoff spot in the East; I think limiting Noah so that he is healthy for the playoffs in the case that Butler and Rose are not 100% and to avoid the talk of pushing his players too hard in the season

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