What’s up wrestling fans, it is that time once again to answer your questions that you have in the world of professional wrestling. We have another good round of questions for you so lets get started.

First lets start as always with David’s Top Ten!!

Last week the manager was:

#8 Half the size of the men he managed he was most famous for. He was also known for being tougher than the legit bad ass that he is famous for managing. But that didnt stop him from having a dummy for his best friend.

Who am I?

ellering    I am…………….Precious Paul Ellering

Now here is #7 on the Top Ten:

Only manager to ever have a legit top 10 hit.

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Here are the questions for this week. 

Lawrence from Washington DC asks another question about masked superstars.

Who were the Knights that competed with Shawn Michaels at Survivor Series 93? It dawned on me when last week you answered a question about masked wrestlers.


The Red Knight was long time WWE superstar Barry Horowitz, the Blue Knight was portrayed by former Intercontinental and Tag Team champion Greg the Hammer Valentine, and the Black Knight was a wrestler by the name of Jeff Gaylord. As you recall they faced the Hart Family at Survivor Series 93. This marked the beginning of the feud between Bret and Owen, as Owen was the only Hart member eliminated.

Was the Yellow Dog always Brian Pillman? I seem to think he came out a couple times when the Yellow Dog was wrestling to not draw attention to himself. 

The Yellow Dog was Brian Pillman. He used the gimmick to stay into wrestling after he was pinned in a loser leave town match vs Barry Windham and Arn Anderson, in a tag team match that he was teamingyellowdog with El Gigante. Basically whoever lost the fall would have to leave WCW. Pillman was pinned by Windham thus he was out. Insert the Yellow Dog, where everyone knew that Flyin Brian was under the mask, but every so often during a Yellow Dog match, Pillman would surface in the crowd and people would wonder who was under the Yellow Dog mask. It was either a “jobber” or in more higher profile matches, it was Pillmans long time tag team partner, the Z-Man, Tom Zenk.

Oscar from San Diego asks about a tragic incident that occured this weekend.

Hey I heard that a wrestler in Mexico died in the ring during a match with Rey Mysterio this past weekend. First, who was that wrestler and did he ever compete in WWE? Second did Rey do something to cause his death?

The wrestler was Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, known as Hijo del Perro Aguayo, fell unconscious on the ropes, apparently after receiving a flying kick from fellow wrestler Oscar Gutierrez, who we know as former WWE star Rey Mysterio Jr. Ramirez appeared to hit his neck against the ropes and became unconscious immediately afterward. His partner, known as Suicide in TNA, and he were supposed to pedro ramireztake a 6:19 from Rey, but when Rey hit the ropes he noticed something was seriously wrong. He was able to divert himself to avoid contact, and the match was halted for a few minutes, before it was started again. The match lasted about 2 more minutes. Ramirez received immediate medical attention but passed away at a hospital a block away. Ramirez never wrestled for WWE, or TNA, but was a name in the Mexican ranks, where his father is considered to be a Mexican legend.

Our thoughts go out to Ramirez’ friends and family on their loss.

Greg from Atlanta GA asks about the Freebirds.

So in Dallas next year it is rumored that the Fabulous Freebirds are going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Will they induct the original three? Or will they also include Jimmy Garvin?


If it was up to me, and it is not. Absolutely, Jimmy Garvin should be right there with the Freebirds in the Hall of Fame. You figure, that with Garvin and Hayes, the Freebirds won the WCW Tag Team titles on two occasions (one being the NWA), they were also two times United States Tag Team Champions, and along with Badstreet (Brad Armstrong) they won the WCW Six Man Tag Team titles.

The Freebirds of Hayes, Terry Gordy, and Buddy Roberts had much success in WCCW, and the AWA, but never the two main promotions.  garvin

With that said, since it is in Dallas, I would probably think it will be the original three Freebirds inducted as Dallas is where the trio were most famous.



Paris from Birmingham Alabama hits a sensitive subject for me.

Why isnt IRS in the Hall of Fame yet?


Oh my god, Paris. You really have to get me started here. I’m sure as fellow Roundtable panelists Eric and Chad are reading this, they are laughing as they read. So I will say this as simply as I can.


Rotunda is a former 4 time WWE Tag Team Champion with Barry Windham (2 times) and Ted Dibiase (2 times) He held the NWA Tag Team Championship with Steve Dr Death Williams, and was also the NWA World Television Champion, and held that title for quite some time.

What is he doing now, you ask? Well he is only one of the best talent agents that the WWE has mikebackstage right now, and he has even reproduced two WWE Stars, well one star and one annoying piece of crap. In case you were hibernating, Rotunda is the father of WWE Star Bray Wyatt, and he is only facing the Undertaker AT WRESTLEMANIA!!! And oh yeah he also is the father of Bo Dallas. So Why isnt Rotunda in the Hall of Fame? YOU JUST HAVE TO BO-LIEEEEEVE!!!!!

If you can have people who have never wrestled for the WWE in the Hall of Fame, Wrestlers that had a sub-par career in the Hall of Fame, Wrestlers that I haven’t even heard of before in the Hall of Fame… WHY VINCE????? Why is Rotunda not in the Hall of Fame.

So with that said, I am officially starting a movement right here on #ask7pound. It is #RotundaforWWEHOF. We need to make this trend worldwide to send a message to the WWE.

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  1. Well Ozzie Osbourne has had a number one hit and he was the manager of the British Bulldogs at Wrestelmania 2. Also Cindy Lauper managed Wendi richter at wrestlemania 1. So there are two right there.

  2. I don’t think either of those people would qualify as “managers” in the traditional sense. They were more celebrity guests- kind of like honorary coaches at all-star games

  3. He has a point there David. I mean they were called “Managers” and now that I think about it. Wasn’t David Wolfe a manager too? I don’t know if he ever had a #1 hit or not. I mean I know who you are referring to, but its cool that our readers have this kind of knowledge..hahaha

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