WWE March Madness Sweet 16


The pretenders are gone so lets move on to the WWE March Madness Sweet 16

The first two rounds are in the books and now its time to start the Sweet 16. So far we have seen some great matches, and the voting has been awesome, so thanks to you fans for your participation.


 Here are the pairings for the Sweet 16.

shawn1 Bruno Sammartino  vs  16  Shawn Michaels

8  Bret Hart  vs  9  CM Punk

4  John Cena  vs  13  Stone Cold Steve Austin

5  Triple H  vs  53  Andre the Giant

2  Hulk Hogan  vs  15  The Undertaker

7  Randy Orton  vs  23  The Ultimate Warrior

flair vs savage

14  Randy Savage  vs  35  Ric Flair

6  Pedro Morales  vs  11 Edge


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  1. Shawn Michaels
    CM Punk
    Stone Cold Steve Austin
    Triple H
    Hulk Hogan
    Ultimate Warrior
    Randy Savage
    Pedro Morales

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