Brain Droppings: WTF Response on Obama and Rudy

Ok, So Appleseed wants my thoughts on last Wednesday’s always excellent WTF column. I’ve never been one to deny giving my opinion on matters or to back down from a challenge so . . .
Challange Accepted
1) Rudy.

I have a problem with Rudy Giuliani . He does a lot of things that make a lot of sense, and he does a lot of things that are plain stupid. Take his Presidential Run. He didn’t want to run in Iowa and be in that cattle call, or run in New Hampshire, and be in that idiocy and save his time and money for Florida, for all the votes and let some of the people wipe each other out before he comes in. Sounds like a good plan, right? WRONG- You cannot skip Iowa, if you think that’s a good idea, then you have NO IDEA what a caucus is and Iowa is VERY protective of its status and will turn on you in a HEARTBEAT if you screw with them. It doesn’t mean a ton when you come in SIXTH to say “Well, I wasn’t trying” big deal, you LOST . . . BADLY. Same with New Hampshire- so by the time Florida hit- he wasn’t this huge front runner, as the people from the other campaigns had been bloodied, and knew what to expect. Keep in mind its been FOUR years since they were there- campaigning is not like riding a bike- it changes.

So I cannot get that out of my mind whenever I see Rudy. Sounds good, but as I have always said, learn from your history.

rudy-giuliani-s-fQuestioning your President is the RIGHT of every American citizen. Don’t believe me? Ask Hillary. She’s got a famous clip of her going off on Bush II. Questioning your Presidents love for his country has got to be just stupid. I don’t think Obama hates America, any more than Michael Moore or Streisand or any of those actual idiots do. If they did, they have the money to leave. Obama is very smart, and he is after power and legacy. This man has made a ton of mistakes, we can argue if he has weakened the country all day, but I do honestly think he thinks HE IS DOING THE RIGHT THING. I’m not sure all can be said about some some politicians on BOTH sides of the aisle. But unlike the Boner or Cruz or Diane Feinstein, HE HAS THE POWER- he’s never going to be head of the UN or Commissioner of Mars, he’s at the TOP of his world. I think Obama loves this country just as much as Rudy does or I do, more than likely more than Barbara Boxer does, but still. So yes, it was a stupid statement, but keep in mind this guy did NOT learn from Liddy Dole and paid the ultimate price in his political life for it.

Bill Cosby
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is a giant with feet of clay. That being said, he is correct the vast majority of the time. People in the United States have NO Excuse to improving themselves. Except in rare circumstances, you can join the military and get money for college, when I enlisted it was the middle of Gulf War I, and even then there was an option to not go overseas or to go into non-combat MOS- like payroll, supply, driving a truck. Studies have shown that the most important thing to how successful a child is going to be is the status of the MALE parent. Millions of children of all races grow up with out a father. I should know, I’m one of them. Yes, you can pull yourself out of any situation, but there far more millionaires with college degrees than without. Everyone pulls up Bill Gates as “education doesn’t matter” but who are the richest people in the US? People who won the genetic lottery and just happen to be descendants of Sam Walton. Even Donald Trump had a rich daddy. I have a hard seeing how telling a group of people to get an education, take care and ownership of your kids is ever bad advice to any group, black, white, green or yellow. Cosby has a lot of problems in his life, but a lot of great men (and women do.) Doesn’t make what he said any less true.

Now the 47 people. I have seen stupidity from 47 Ronin twice now. This is worse than the movie. These IDIOTS did a publicity stunt, and should have, again, LEARNED from history. So they honestly thing that no one in Iran’s governing body doesn’t know how the US Congress works? Judging by our educational system, I’d bet they know it more than the Senate does. Look at how the Senate blocked the League of Nations. THAT is how its done. Sen ____ didn’t get all huffy and call England and France to let them know that this ain’t flying no matter what Wilson said. They took it from President Wilson and said, uh, no. Wilson did what Presidents do and went to the people and said, “Hey, These A-Holes won’t pass this thing and its great” The American people said, uh no. Wilson had a stroke, leading to our first female President, and the TREATY DIED. We do have an election next year, right? Congress cancongress and steroids hearings‘t order LUNCH in under 3 weeks, the only think they have ever passed in under a year is Obamacare- and even then its because the Party owned both houses of Congress and even then “they didn’t read it until they passed it.” For a group of people with actual political power to do this, actually would have been treason under the Alien and Sedition acts. A measure that was passed by the Federalist party of Washington, Adams and Madison (the Federalist is NOT the forerunner of the Republican Party, no matter how much they want to claim it, but that’s another story.) Again, much like Rudy Giuliani, this is more a headline grab, and like Rudy, a horrible, horrible thing to do. The Democrats did a lot of stupid things to undermine Bush, but they didn’t even cross this line.

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  1. No offense and this in no way is a comment on your writing skills cause most of what you write about is pretty damn good… not always my cup of tea… like the rassling stuff and I’m not the biggest follower of basketball or horror movies, but, I do always read what you write about…

    BUT… this is one the best damn things I have ever seen you write… In fact, when you mentioned this to me over the weekend I said “self… uh oh… get readey for an asswhupping of sorts.” But, I gotta say that I don’t disagree with a lot of what you say, nor, do I think it contradicts a lot of what I had to say. In fact, some of your fire is an emotion that some of my WTF’s had that I think I may have been leaving behind at times.

    I’ll work on fixing that.

    Well done piece, and, if, I might criticize something… I think I notaced a speling mistike in your last paragrah or so…

    Great job, David.

    One last thing … this part of your article… “Lets just say that my mom was not happy that my best friend growing up was a black man, and was told I could not bring a black woman home, and might have been fine with the chant. But. She was also born in 1941.”?

    I was once out on a double date with a black friend and my mom asked if I was dating a black girl, too… she mentioned that it might not be looked upon very kindly by most of the others in my family… so, yeah I understand where that was coming from… my mom was born in 1929.

  2. David,

    Yes, I was prodding you (and perhaps even trolling you a bit although I did not realize it at the time). I think you have spoken directly and forcefully to the issues and you get a lot of respect from me for doing so.

    In particular, you pointed out that actions like Rudy’s and the “Senate 47” are not the only things these people (and others) have done, and that some of the better things should be remembered when their idiocies strut forth.

    Thanks for taking the time for me — and for others who appreciate an open sharing of views.

    . . . Appleseed

  3. Well, I do need to get into some better writing, so much of my stuff on here is movies and sports and things like that. One of the “seven pounds” on here was intended to be politics, I just haven’t been prodded to write much on it, and with The Lady Jane taking over Mondays and no one missing me, I just stopped worrying about writing anything concrete.

    Maybe I just need someone to send me a topic list the week before.

    Ah, here is my next topic:
    The Holy Roman Empire was neither Holy, Nor Roman, Nor an Empire.

  4. I know you warned me about this blog, so it took me awhile to actually brace myself to read it (that and I’ve been a bit busy so far today) and I’m impressed. You lost me in spots, to be honest, but it is well written and well argued.

  5. Hey, hey, hey… maybe you history buffs are all up to speed on that historical stuff but us writers/sociologists/philosphers with a dab of economics and pyscholgy ain’t all that up to snuff on things back in the dem dere olden days.. aka ancient history like the HRE…


  6. We already have a series of blogs which include political aspects. The question is how does one separate politics from other human activities? The answer is, you don’t.

    Regarding David’s suggestion regarding the Holy Roman Empire, his take is the same as my father’s: it wasn’t holy, it wasn’t Roman, and it wasn’t an empire. It’s politics were similar to the politics of other religion-states of the region at that time.

    Henry Ford said, “History is bunk!” I think it is clear that he meant that much of the history we learn in school or on the street is false. I taught mathematics before I retired, and used to explain to my students the importance of logarithms to human development, particularly to the problem of navigation at sea. There is much more history for which mathematics (and music and engineering, etc.) is a vital part which is missing from our education and out understanding of how we got were we are and what it took to get here.

  7. In reply to EJ:

    I imagine that there is enough talent on this site to produce several excellent blogs on German state confederations. But of greater interest to me (and to others here?) might be how Britain kept Europe fractured for centuries so as to preserve the existence of the Isles. Any takers?

  8. I don’t think thats the case.
    Britain just happened to be isolationist after being kicked out of the mainland, and allowed France to dominate the fractured Germans and Italians.

  9. In reply to David,

    We sure seem to be building up the “Brain Dropping” comments.

    I partly agree with you. In fact, Britain’s “isolation” was a lot like that of Japan a few centuries later. Both are island nations bordering a continernt. Both needed to import raw materials and change them into trade-worthy goods.

    Where I disagree with you is for the two times that the British built economic empires. The first one only lasted a couple of generations. The second has remnants which last unto this day. During these times they used their military — largely naval — to keep potential economic rivals from developing or in a less powerful state or even fractured (frequently using the technique of “divide and conquer”).

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