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Delivery Man

I did not want to watch this movie. One man has 500 kids through a sperm bank? Plus Vince Vaughn is REAL hit or miss on a lot of his movies. My wife, however has been wanting to see it. And wanting and wanting. So. against my better judgement, we watched it.

CobieVince Vaughn is a driver for his family’s butcher shop, and also has Cobie Smulders as a girlfriend. In a Cop Uniform. He’s knocked her up, and is a bit put off by it, and she dumps him. He also is getting harassed by a loan shark for 80 grand, now on top of this, when he gets home the lawyer for a sperm bank he went to in college tells him due to a snafu they used his sperm almost 700 times and 142 of them have formed a class action lawsuit to try and find out who he is. Chris Pratt is a buddy, and is fighting the lawsuit to keep Vince Vaughn identity a secret. There is a folder that has the identity of the 142 people, and bored Vince Vaughn looks into it, and discovers that one of his kids plays for the Knicks. In MovieWorld, that’s impressive, so he goes to see his son play. Somehow the Knicks win, and this inspires him to go see all the rest of his kids in secret, and try to see how their lives are. Some are doing better than others, so he tries to help them, while the Lawsuit works it way to the courts, and stay ahead of his Loan bills, get back with Cobie Smulders, and still drive his truck.

Yup, that’s the nutshell, and to tell you the truth, they PULL IT OFF.

Delivery Man 1Vince Vaughn plays the role pretty well, some parts work better than others, but he does have a certain physical comedic aspect. Cobie Smuthers is a bit of a waste, but she does brighten up the place when she shows up in limited spurts. Chris Pine- well, his lawyer segment is the weakest of the movie, you can tell he’s trying, but its just about the only part of the movie that doesn’t work for me. Vaughn’s family does its job, and they do it well. As far as Vince’s kids, well- lets wait until after the spoilers, shall we?

I’m giving this movie an 8. I think it should be seen, when the kids are old enough to figure out what a sperm bank is, and are getting tired of animated movies. Other than that, its a pretty family-friendly movie, other than that GLARING SPERM BANK storyline. But there is no nudity or even bad words to speak of. Got a bored 15 year old in the house? Sit down and watch Delivery Man with them.

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