WWE March Madness 2nd Round

If you are just joining us, you are missing out. We are doing a March Madness style tournament based on all the former WWF/WWE Champions. The seeding is based on how many days in total the wrestler has held the World Championship. For example, Bruno Sammartino held the title for 4040 days, making him the longest reigning World Champion of all time, thus he is a #1 seed.

The top twelve received a Bye into this round. We will again do half of the second round today, then the other half tomorrow.

You can vote in the comments, on Twitter @StephanHall, #ask7pound, or @WRoundtable.

Here are the pairings for the second round.

1  Bruno Sammartino     vs      33  Eddie Guererro

16 Shawn Michaels          vs      17  Kurt Angle

8   Bret Hart                       vs      40  Jeff HardyBretvsShawn

9   CM Punk                        vs      24  Yokozuna

4    John Cena                     vs     36  Sycho Sid

13 Steve Austin                  vs     45  Christian

5   Triple H                           vs     28  The Miz

21 The Rock                         vs    53  Andre the Giant

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  1. Sammartino easily.

    Michaels vs Angle would be interesting and one of the more evenly matched grappling matches.

    Hart would defeat Hardy. Too much of a wrestling scientist and a nasty mean streak also.

    Punk over Yokozuna. Yoko never impressed me much.

    Cena over Sid.

    Austin would destroy Christian. It’d be like a headliner wrestling an undercard wrestler. It wouldn’t pass the 3 minute mark imo.

    Triple H vs the Miz? See Austin vs Christian.

    Loved him as a kid. Andre the Giant would give The Rock his biggest test to date. And I’m taking Andre because I think he’d use his size to wear down The Rock.

  2. Bruno Sammartino, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, CM Punk, John Cena, Steve Austin, Triple H, Andre the Giant

    So my matches woudl be

    Bruno Sammartino vs Shawn Michaels

    Bret Hart vs CM Punk

    John Cena vs Steve Austin

    Triple H vs Andre the

    All these matches would be epic.

  3. 1 Bruno Sammartino

    Kurt Angle

    8 Bret Hart
    9 CM Punk

    4 John Cena

    13 Steve Austin

    5 Triple H

    Andre the Giant

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