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We start off with a young man in a steel cage, he wakes up surrounded by a group of other youths, or as Pesci would call them Yutes,  and he panics and takes off running, he face-plants and the rest of the Yutes ridicule him. He is told by the leader that he will remember his name in time, but that might be it.

We quickly learn what the setup is.

There is about two – or three dozen, depending on the car camera angle, and they are living by three rules:

  1. Do your part
  2. Don’t hurt another Glader
  3. Don’t go into the maze.

Every month they get another Yute, and some supplies, they have built a small community and have started farming, the oldest people there have been there 3 years.

So. In the first 24 hours, Our Hero has shirked his duties as a farmer, gotten into a scrap with the guy from We’re the Millers, and twice tried to go into the Maze.

3 for 3. He’s a rebel!

Short WallTall WallIt’s not clear what the Yutes are supposed to be doing. Its not clear what anyone is doing. The Maze walls look to about about 50 or so feet high- but at some shots, its closer to a half-mile.

I don’t understand how they have not built a ladder to the top- 3 years in a forest? Yeah.

Ok, We also find out that there are creatures in the maze- no idea how, since no one has ever survived a night in the maze or ever seen the creatures. It would be funny if it was a foot tall gerbil that just has the ability to scream.

Oh, we have a fat kid. Dunno if we should call him Chunk from Goonies or Piggy from Lord of the Flies. I’m going with Chunk with the curly hair and no glasses. Everyone else looks like an Old Navy Ad. Did they do the casting at America’s next top model? I can see that they only are eating veggies- but that’s going to cause a protein deficiency and does this place not have winter? Anyway.

Maze Runner CastSo with our hero clashing with the guy from We’re the Millers, making buddies with the tree guy from Game of Thrones and the maze keeps changing- so I have no idea what the runners are making maps of- and eventually he has to jump into the maze to save the leader, and is trapped overnight in the Maze.


So how is this thing?





SOOOOO many logic gaps. How do you instinctively know how to farm? How do you kill time waiting on the next guy to show up? Did the hole cough up a farmer’s almanac? Why not let anyone who wants to run around in the maze- that’s one less mouth to feed if he runs in the maze hap-hazardly.

The Ending, quite frankly, sucks. I mean REALLY. I’ll try and hit that more in the spoilers, but did you see Ender’s Game (yes, I have that one coming too) but if THAT seemed too well explained, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Last note- my son has read this book, and he couldn’t get through the first 5 minutes with the changes. I’ve tried to tell him that’s what happens when Books become movies. He still wasn’t having it. He might have been the smart one. I’m giving this one a 1. There is no reason what so ever to see this movie.



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  1. David, I gather that you are insinuating that this film has little or no merit.

    When you rated it at “1,” what was the grading scale? I don’t really care whether the top score was “5,” “10,” or “100.” It is the bottom score on the scale that interests me. If that smallest possible score is “0,” what film(s) were worse than this on in your opinion?

  2. Look on the Movie Archive Page, and is a listing of the scale and what it means.

    Children of the Living Dead comes to mind

  3. Found it. But “Children of the Living Dead” would never come to my mind, even for a negative rating.

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