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It is that time again folks, the Wrestling Roundtable is back with a  little March Madness fever. This week we will break down the Wrestlemania matches, March Madness style. We will also discuss Paul Heyman and his status with the WWE if Brock Lesnar leaves after Wrestlemania.

Chad is back after a bout with Haku last week. His shoulder is recovering nicely. We have this photo that was leaked by 7lbZ.

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Welcome back Chad, glad you are feeling better.

Lets look at this weeks Power Rankings:

1. Roman Reigns- Ready for Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?

2. John Cena- I sense that ruthless agression that we saw from Cena as a rookie come out.

3. Rusev- Still undefeated, but can he defeat Cena two in a row?

4. Brock Lesnar- The beast in carnage is very confident heading in to San Francisco.

5. Mark Henry- Welcome back Mark Henry, and he dominates the Battle Royal on Raw.


This week in professional wrestling:

WCW had their very last Pay Per View, Greed, in 2001. The main event was the WCW Championship between Scott Steiner and Diamond Dallas Page. 

The Rock faced Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18

Beyond the Mat documentary was released.


And now the questions for this week!


If Wrestlemania is indeed,Brock Lesnar’s final match with WWE; then what becomes of Paul Heyman?

Steve: I think if Brock leaves, then Heyman will take a hiatus for a short period of time, only to resurface with yet another “Paul Heyman guy” I could also see him doing something on commentary as he is one of the best voice personalities in WWE right now. And let’s be honest, the commentating on Raw has been subpar as of late and could use a little Heyman at the helm to enlighten things.

Eric: Paul Heyman has been around the world of Professional Wrestling for years. This is a man who has managed a long list of superstars and hall of famers. His main focus as of lately tho has been Brock Lesnar, so this brings the question: What becomes of Paul Heyman of Lesnar loses at Wrestlemania? There is many things that this man can do. He could become a backstage agent, he could become a writer for tv, he could become a manager, he could become a commenter. Paul Heyman can do anything he puts his mind too,and will not only push it to the limit but also do it amazingly. So what does the future hold for Paul Heyman, only Paul Heyman knows.

Chad: I definitely feel like with a talent like Paul Heyman they can find a talent to put with Paul in order to give that talent a push and to help keep Paul in front of the tv screen which is good for WWE

Josh: He will find someone else to latch on to, someone who needs him to talk for him.  Although I think the better use would be as a commentator.  WWE hasn’t had a truly great heel commentator since Lawler turned face many years ago.


hall of fame

It’s been ten years since WWE brought the Hall of Fame ceremony in as a part of Wrestlemania weekend; Which Class has the been the strongest


Steve: I am going with 2007, where from top to bottom if I say these names I know beyond a shadow of a doubt they are worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. Here are the inductees:

Dusty Rhodes

Mr Perfect Curt Hennig

Jerry the King Lawler

Nick Bockwinkel

Mr. Fuji

The Sheik

Jim Ross

How can you argue with a lineup like that. Sure Bockwinkle and Sheik never wrestled for the WWE, but they had such great careers in the AWA, you cannot leave them out.

Eric: The Hall of Fame ceremony has been a big part of Wrestlemania weekend for the over 10 years now. There have been many great classes to go into the Hall of Fame.  I believe though that the strongest class to enter the Hall of Fame was the class of 2005. 2005 had many legends enter the Hall that year: Hulk Hogan,  Rowdy Roddy Piper, The Iron Sheik, Jimmy Hart, Bob Orton Jr., Paul Orndorrf and Nikolai Volkoff. All seven of these men are legends in the WWE. There wasn’t any inductees into the celebrity wing that year, there wasn’t guys were famous in other organizations but never wrestled in WWE. It was about being a legend in WWE. Which is what it’s supposed to be about, it’s the WWE hall of fame, it should be about people who were famous during their runs in WWE. This class shows all of that, I wish we could see more classes like this one. This was my choice for the strongest and best class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

Chad: To me I’m going  with the class of 2013 with the legends such as Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund in addition to people of the modern era such as Booker T and Mick Foley and the greatest women’s champ ever in Trish Stratus. The ceremony also included one of my favorite moments when Foley finally got to beat Jericho.

Josh: Last year’s class was pretty strong.  Carlos Colon was the only real weak point in that class, and having the Warrior headline after all these years was definitely the feather in the cap.  Razor Ramon was deserving, as was Lita.  All in all, a pretty strong class.


With the hype surrounding the IC title and the ladder match this year at Wrestlemania; what has been your favorite ladder match at a Wrestlemania?

Steve: Personally for me, it has to be the first ever ladder match at WrestleMania between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon. The build up was that Shawn never lost the Intercontinental title after he got suspended for performance enhancing drugs. Razor was coming in as a solid fan favorite, and Shawn being one of the most charismatic superstars. Ric Flair stated that Shawn Michaels went out and “had a great match with a ladder” Now I disagree with that statement as I think Razor did a great job in this match as well. It was really the highlight to WrestleMania X.

Eric: Ladder matches are arguably one of the best matches in the WWE. There have been many great ladder in Wrestlemania history. My personal favorite ladder in Wrestlemania history goes to Wrestlemania 2000, the triple threat tag team ladder match: Hardy Boys vs Edge and Christian vs Dudley Boys. This was a first to see three tag teams in a ladder, also it was these three team’s Wrestlemania debut. These six men went out there that night to steal the show and that is exactly what they did. This match was a classic and still stands out to most wrestling fans today. I personally love tag team wrestling. This match turned these six men into superstars that night. You can try to remake history all you want but there can only be one first, and these six men gave us a match that was a amazing first triple threat tag team ladder match, that I believe will go down as the greatest ladder match in Wrestlemania history.

Chad: My favorite Ladder match would have to be the original Money in the Bank Ladder Match; Yes we’d already seen six guys in a ladder match but that was tag team wrestling this allowed 6 guys near the top of the card; half of them being former world champions to compete in a match with a world title shot which created something different with the briefcase. In addition as I heard on Jericho podcast with Edge the original idea was for Jericho Benoit and Edge to be a triple threat submission match at Mania so I think having the MITB ladder match was a better idea

Josh: My favorite is probably the inaugural TLC match between the Hardyz, Dudleys, and E&C.  That match had everything.  The spots were fantastic.  The story leading up to it was top notch.  I don’t know that any TLC match after it has been quite the same.


Simple Question: Will Rollins cash in at Wrestlemania?

Steve: I can’t see it. As it is going right now, I don’t see Seth ever cashing it in. Rollins is going to face Orton at WrestleMania, and after that match, he will be in no shape to compete against Roman or Brock, even  at half strength. Rollins has exhausted his hot streak as of late, and I think that if he does cash it in, it will be close to Money in the Bank 2015.

Eric: Seth Rollins has been Mr. Money in the Bank since June of 2014. He has the golden ticket to cash in at any time he choses over the next 12 months but the bug question is will he cash it in at Wrestlemania? I have said before that I think he will but the more I watch WWE program as of late I have decided to change my answer and now I say no, he will not cash it in at Wrestlemania.  There are two reasons behind my answer. One, The WWE has invested too much time and money into Rollins feud with Orton to just end it at Wrestlemania. They can still get another month out of that feud. My second reason is simply Roman Regins. Roman is Vince’s golden boy now. He is who Vince sees the future of the WWE going to. He wants Roman to have his moment to shine and wants to see him have a his celebration and win the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE at Wrestlemania. So my prediction is that at Wrestlemania Seth Rollins will NOT cash in his Money in the Bank.

Chad: I think it would be a great way to swerve the fans to have a departing Brock retain and then get cashed on or to have Roman overcome the odds beat Brock and then lose to a cash-in. However, WWE always likes to have the Raw after Mania almost be as big with some kind of Surprise (Brock’s Return, Dolph cashing in, Shield defends Daniel Bryan last year) so it would not shock me to have them wait until Raw to do that as well.

Josh: He should.  There will be no better time for Rollins to cash in, especially if Reigns wins.  If Reigns wins, the only way WWE escapes without having WrestleMania booed off the air is for Rollins to cash in.



Right now there are 8 matches for Wrestlemania; In the Spirit of March Madness; complete the bracket to get to the match you are most looking forward to at WM.
(1) Brock vs Roman vs (8) Divas Tag
(4) Cena vs Rusev vs (5) Ladder Match
(3) Sting vs HHH vs (6) Orton vs Rollins
(2) Taker vs Wyatt vs (7) Battle Royal

Steve: Okay so Round 1

(1) Brock vs Roman over (8) Divas

(5) Ladder match over (4) Cena vs Rusev (tough call on this one)

(6) Orton vs Rollins over (3) Sting vs HHH ( as much as I like to see Sting in the WWE, this match is not going to be insane like the Orton vs Rollins match up.

(2) Taker vs Wyatt over (7) Battle Royal

Semi Finals

(5) Ladder Match over (1) Brock / Roman

(6) Orton vs Rollins over (2) Taker vs Wyatt (not enough build up for this match to get me excited)


(5) Ladder Match over (6) Orton vs Rollins (Ladder match is going to intense, almost like a money in the bank match.)

Eric: The Wrestlemania Match March Madness Tournament. Here is my results for it:
8) Divas Tag def 1) Brock vs Roman
5) Ladder match def 4) Cena vs Rusev
3) Sting  vs HHH def 6) Orton vs Rollins
2)Taker vs Wyatt def 7) Battle Royal
5) Ladder match def 8) Divas Tag
3) Sting vs HHH def 2) Taker vs Wyatt
5) Ladder match def 3) Sting vs HHH
So there you have it, the match I am looking most forward to and the match I think will steal the show at Wrestlemania will be the Intercontinental championship ladder match. Am I correct? I guess we will find out Sunday March 29th, live on the WWE network for only $ 9.99.

Chad: The World title match is more anticipated not necessarily because of the players but because it’s the world title; Getting to see Taker is always special and Sting’s first match in WWE will be a treat so those advance on. The 4/5 matchup is tough but I’d say the Ladder Match is more intriguing then Cena/Rusev because of the different elements in the match.

In the Semis then I would take Taker/Wyatt over Sting/HHH because I think there’s a lot more they can do with that match w/o the streak. I also feel like the ladder match will steal the show when compared with the main event between two big men

In the “Finals” I would take the ladder match over the Taker/Wyatt just because of the craziness and unpredictability  of a multi-man ladder match on the grandest stage of them all

Josh:  1) Brock vs Roman vs 8) Divas Tag            ————    Divas Tag (yes, that is how much I am NOT looking forward to Brock vs. Roman)

4) Cena vs Rusev vs 5) Ladder Match        ————    IC Ladder Match
                                                                                                                        ———- IC Ladder Match                              —–IC Ladder Matchb…by Far the match with the greatest intrigue

                                                                                                                        ———- Taker vs. Wyatt
3) Sting vs HHH vs 6) Orton vs Rollins        ———–    Orton vs. Rollins  (Honestly, I think this match will be a better story than Sting vs. HHH, plus I am not a Sting Fanboy, he is                                                                                      good and I respect him, but I was never begging him to show up in WWE.)
2) Taker vs Wyatt vs 7) Battle Royal             ———– Taker vs. Wyatt, Wyatt Alone is making this match a must-see…that is how good he is.

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