The Stone Cold Steven F. Austin HellYeahs

Stone ColdThats right.

The Stone Cold Steven F. Austin HellYeahs.

That’s Right. Currently the 12 seed in the South Region. Steve and I talked about what we would do if we were in charge of the PA for this awesome team.

Stone cold! Stone Cold! 

Steve: JR should do color for that game and if they win he should scream that.

Steve: And if they win big, he can say they stomped them like a government mule

David: Instead of playing Charge, I would have the glass breaking

Steve: Have the warmup uniforms look like the dusters he wears

4 Drink minimum at all Hellyeahs games.
4 Drink minimum at all Hellyeahs games.

David: no no no, the numbers 3 and 16 have to be retired and hanging in the rafters.

Steve: and when the opposing team is at the free throw line they give them the one finger salute

David: like the anti-yankees, no one is allowed to have hair but goatees are required

Steve: let me guess, the uniforms are black?

David: After you make the first free throw, play “Now Walk it dry!

David: After a dunk “I just whooped your $*%#

David: You know how they have all the vines of the RKO?

David: You could have the starting lineups of SCSFA giving stunners to the other teams starting lineup

David: when the opposing teams shoot free throws play Billy Gunns theme.

Steve(8:58:28 PM): Think we have walked this dry. See you at Wrestlemania

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