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1. Gun to your head- Kentucky or the field.kentucky

Archie: My gut would be to take Kentucky.
My senses tell me to NEVER pick just one over the field. Do I believe UK is beatable? yes. Do I see anyone in their bracket to keep them out of the final four? No. I will go with UK over the field.

Steve: I have to go with Kentucky. This is the most talented college basketball team that I have ever seen. They are 10 deep, and they are the #1 seed, and the next five on the bench could very well be a #1 seed as well if they had such a stat. This team is loaded, and should win the title with virtual ease.

Joe: I’m tempted to go with the chalk and what the so-called smart money says… the Wildcats go undefeated. But… the rebel in me says the field will win this years tournament. And, that the most likely someone will be either Notre Dame or Villanova.

Earl: Kentucky. This team is built for 40-0. They are tall, they play excellent defense and they score just as well. These players have bought into Coach Calipari’s platoon system and they’ll reward him with an NCAA Championship.

David: Spoiler Alert! I’ll have my Final Four picks up tomorrow, On this very site I have all 4 of my brackets up. I DO NOT HAVE KENTUCKY WINNING IT ALL.

2. Who is your final four?UNC Ram

Archie: Funny you should ask, I just finished my first look
at the matchups and I currently have UK, AZ, VA and Iowa State.

Steve: Obviously Kentucky, I also have Arizona, Villanova, and Iowa State rounding out the Final Four. My title game is Kentucky over Villanova.

Joe: Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Villanova and Georgetown

Earl: Kentucky, obviously but I also have Virginia, Duke, and Arizona in my Final Four. I was thinking about Villanova over Virginia but at the end of the day I think the team from the ACC is better than the Big East champions.

David: North Carolina, UNC, The Tarheels and that team Roy Williams coaches

3. 10 years from now, will the tourney still be at 68 teams?ncaa-money

Archie: I hope so.
Anymore just waters down the excitement for me. I mean, I will not even watch these “play-in” games. And I have already filled out my first bracket
REGARDLESS of their outcome.

Steve: I think so. I cant see them changing anything else with the tournament. This works out really well with the four play in games with different seeds, you have 68 teams, and no matter where you go, you will ALWAYS have some team left out.

Joe: Probably not… it will probably be somewhere in the neighborhood of 120 or something, because nobody can leave well enough alone and TV…which pays the freight… will want as many games as they can get to air so they can sell as much advertising space as they can.

Earl: Doubtful. Personally I wish the tourney would go back to 64 teams and away from this play-in game nonsense but the chance to add games and more revenue for the NCAA would be too much to pass up. My guess is the tourney will balloon up to 72 teams just to get more play in games.

David: NCAA is going to have to come up with more money to pay players. We will see an 8 team NCAA playoff, and most likely another FULL round of the Tourney. We will get 128. With a full week off between the Final Four and the Finals. I could even see the NCAA giving an Elite 8 berth to the D-2 schools so they can absorb those teams so the 4th MAAC squad won’t be given a 22 seed.

4. Is all the screaming about seedings and who got left out really worth it?ucla

Archie: Really worth what? Really worth all the fuss? Or really worth the debate? They are not worth worrying or fussing about. There is ALWAYS going to be someone disappointed that thinks they have a better team than OhShit U. However, all this does make for good radio and TV fodder for all the so-called experts to chew on and spit out.

Steve: As I stated before, I don’t think teams being left out should have anything to complain about. Everyone has the same opportunity to win the conference tournament and secure the auto bid. If you have to rely on an at-large bid to get in to the field, you probably are not worthy to be there, and the NIT is your next stop. As far as seedings go, it doesn’t matter too much, unless you are a team like Notre Dame, who dominated the ACC tournament, got a 3 seed (should have been a 2) and then get stuck in Kentucky’s bracket. Other than that, it all looks right to me.

Joe: Nope… same thing happens every year. Someone feels left out or somebody says WTF!? Simply put, ya’ll never, please, everyone so just deal with it and lets get the tournament going.

Earl: The seedings to me isn’t worth the argument. You made the tourney, and now you got to go out there and play. The snubs? I like that discussion. UCLA and Texas should not be in this tournament. Personally, I’d have gone with Colorado State and Temple but the Bruins and Longhorns are big names and they made it. For the sake of the selection show and ESPN’s bracketology I enjoyed the debate.

David: Give me a number- then I’ll add 1 and then start screaming. When the BCS did 2 teams, there was screaming, now there are 4, and more screaming, when there will be 8, more screaming. I remember back when you had to win the conference tourney to get in (tm Old Man) and while it left a lot teams out- it meant something to get in. I’m not going to cry over a 5th best team in a conference not getting in. You want in? Win your conference tourney. Don’t like your seed? Then win every game- Unless you are Princeton Women, of course.

5. The NIT is working with a shorter shot clock, and a wider lane, is this a good idea?NIT

Archie: The NIT is already a dead tourney to most. Unless your team goes you don’t even track the games. They might as well go ahead and make changes to the regular season game to draw attention. I see it nothing more than a novelty item to do just that. Stupid, but will gain some attention just the same.

Steve: If you are going to experiment with something, you might as well do it in the NIT, or the CBA tournament, or the Whatchamacallit tournament that they have for scrub teams. If it works, then maybe they can try it in regular season games. Ultimately, if I were making the decisions, I leave it alone. But that’s just me.

Joe: I’m not sure and I don’t know if I care.

Funny thing is that just this morning while eating my oatmeal and reading the local sports pages, I was looking at some high school scores and saw they used quarters in their game. Then, I thought, so do the pros. So, why in the hell does the college game use 20 minute halves?

The point being why can’t everything just be somewhat uniform across the board and why can’t everybody just leave everything alone? Seems to me everyone wants to fix something every other year, when, maybe the best thing is to just leave it all alone and let the players play the game.

Earl: Doesn’t hurt to at least see if it works and the NIT seems like the right place to try something new. The NIT Tournament was the prestigious tournament but now that belongs to the NCAA Tournament so while all the eyeballs will be on March Madness, I think the NCAA can experiment some with the NIT.

David: I think its perfect. You are not going to get coaches to try out new things in games that matter, not when one game can mean a 3 or a 5 to one team or even getting in or a 12 seed to another. So good luck seeing UNC or Gonzaga playing with a wider lane or a 22 ft 3 point line. The NIT is by Invitation only. So you want to play? Then here are the rules.

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