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Its time for another round of questions for the NBA panelists on the latest in the NBA. This week: Is Golden State making a mistake by resting starters? Are NBA players putting full effort into the game? This and more on the NBA Roundtable.

Lets not waste any time. Here are the questions.


Charles Oakley recently stated that “The NBA is hard to watch, and the Players no longer play with their heart.” Do you agree with Oakley’s assessment?

Steve: I don’t agree one hundred percent with Charles Oakley. He is right that some players don’t play with their heart, but for the most part, the NBA players play hard each and every night. Guys like Steph Curry, James Harden, LeBron James, just to name a few go out there and give it there all every night. In my opinion, the NBA is more fun to watch today more than I remember in quite some time.

Chad:  I do believe that are some players out there who see the teams they are embarrasseed and don’t put their who heart and soul into the game. Now to say it unwatchable; this coming from a guy who would turn Knicks games into street fights in the pain; astonishes; I think there are people who enjoy both kinds of play; but overall enjoy it for the highlight plays

Is Andrew Wiggins a lock for Rookie of the Year?
Steve: I don’t think there is any question that Wiggins in the Rookie of the Year. While I am a bit biased being a big fan of the Kansas Jayhawks. Wiggins really wins this my default. With Jabari Parker going down early, Wiggins has really been the one positive that has come out of Minnesota this season, other than Garnett coming back to town.
Chad:  I believe that he is because of the rash of injuries to the rookie class and the consistency Wiggins has had with the Timberwolves this year
With Blake Griffin about to return to the Clippers lineup. What will this do to their chances in the post season?
Steve: The Clippers surpised a lot of people after winning many games after Blake Griffin went out. I heard some experts saying that the Clippers were in trouble from even making the playoffs. I never agreed with that, but with Griffin coming back, it gives the Clippers a solid inside presence, and another lead scorer. They can make a serious run in the post-season, and could possibly be seen in the Conference Finals.
Chad:  I think that Blake Griffin coming back to the Clippers gives them a better chance of succeeding in the playoffs. However, I would still consider the Warriors as the overall favorite in the Western Conference playoff picture
The Warriors rested Curry, Thompson, Bogut, and Iguodala in a loss to the Nuggets on Friday night. With the top seed all but locked up, is this a smart move by Golden State?
Steve: I don’t think that it makes that much difference if you rest them now, or even down the road somewhere. As long as you are not giving them a week off or anything, then I have no problem with Kerr resting his guys. This is not popular amongst the fans, but if it gives them a championship, Im sure all will be forgiven. These guys are not old, so I don’t think the really need the rest, but the fresher they are in the post season, the better they can be.
Chad:   I think it is a smart move when it is done correctly and the players have laser focus. I wouldn’t advise going crazy and giving multiple games off but a game here or there is fine by me. Hey it’s worked for the Spurs to win their 5 titles
Friday night, Russell Westbrook recorded his sixth triple double in eight games. Some say he was lobbying for that final rebound. Do you think he was?
Steve: No, the guy has produced 6 triple doubles in less than a month. The way Westbrook as performed lately, does he really need any help? I don’t think so.
Chad:  To me the game was a game that wa important for OKC in terms of the playoffs; now whether Westbrook was pursuing a triple-double; I mean to me with the score what it was and it actually he did if he was lobbying it doesn’t matter

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