NCAA Bracket Predictions: South

Welcome to my NCAA South Regional bracket.

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ncaa BracketNCAA South Regional

1 DUKE vs 16 UNF or RMU



8 SDSU vs 9 St Johns

Sorry EJ. I gotta go with San Diego St. Unlike Jay Bilas, I don’t think the loss of Chris Obekpa is going to be overcome vs a defense with swarming hands.

5 UTAH vs 12 Stephen F Austin

I’m taking Steven F Austin here. San Diego State simply cannot put up points, and while the Lumberjacks may not have a lot of talent, they are DEEP in guys that can play at the NBAD level – as long as all they have to do is drop 3s.

4 Georgetown vs 13 Eastern Washington

GeorgetownI have never been a Georgetown fan. Not going to start now. They have great Guards, who under a better coach might be something on the next level. The Eagles can drop 3s on you as well, but I don’t think they have the size to get the offensive boards alive. You know what? Screw it. Not like Georgetown is known for winning games against lower seeded teams. I’m going with the Eagles.

6 SMU vs 11 UCLA

UCLA don’t belong here, and as a Tech Alumni, I’m upset. They are balanced, but Larry Brown has a whole week to get ready for this. UCLA is a good team, however, but is just too streaky and Brown can find a way to cool him off.

3 Iowa St vs 14 UAB

UAB is the number one reason my Tech Bulldogs are out. Burn in hell! I’m not overly impressed with Iowa State, but UAB might as well be a 16 seed most years.


I’m taking Davidson. Better coached, and again, I’m all about the schools that can straight up launch threes, and few are better than Davidson. I just can’t see Iowa slowing the game enough to win this one.


Gonzaga might be one of the better arguments for a one seed, but they are every year, right? This team has a bench, and has a very good backcourt rotation.

Round Two

1 DUKE vs 8 SDSU

Duke, again. Aztecs don’t have the energy to play with the wave after wave of talent Duke can throw at them. Plus Freshmen don’t get tired, do they?

stephen f austin12 Stephen F Austin vs 13 Eastern Washington

 I’m going with the Lumberjacks in this bracket buster game. Again, They have the depth, and for once, the experience edge.

 6 SMU vs 3 Iowa St

Not the best game, as SMU doesn’t have much depth, but I think Niang does enough to win this one.


Much as I’d love to see Davidson win this one, not going to happen. Too quick in the backcourt, and the Zags run them off the court.

Round Three

1 DUKE vs 12 Steven F Austin

Sorry guys, Cinderella ends here. Don’t be shocked if Coach K has to launch into his team during this game.

Gonzaga2 GONZAGA vs 3 Iowa St

Gonzaga, and its easy.

Round Four

1 Duke vs 2 GONZAGA

Scared of going chalk as I am, I have too, I love Mark Few, but he simply doesn’t have the pure talent horses here. Gonzaga has size to compete, but much like that other Blue school, talent wins out with great coaching. Plus the freshmen don’t want to sit down.


Bracket winner: Duke.

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  1. Honestly? I picked St. John’s because of the alma mater thing but without Obekpa it’s going to be really hard to beat San Diego State.

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