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Welcome to my NCAA Midwest Regional bracket.

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ncaa BracketNCAA Midwest Regional

1 Kentucky vs 16 Manhattan/Hampton

Again, Kentucky wins if these teams are combined. Heck Kentucky wins if the all-time teams of these two schools are combined. Heck, Kentucky might win if the two all-conference teams are combined.

The Pick? Kentucky.

Cincinnati Bearcats8 Cincinnati vs 9 Purdue

Purdue plays D, Rebounds and can’t score when it matters. Cincinnati might as well be a Big 10 School as well, since they have the same problems. I’m taking the Bearcats because Purdue can’t shoot 3s, preferring to get inside. Cincy is pretty strong inside. If the refs get tight with the calls I’m wrong, but I’m going here.

5 West Virginia vs 12 Buffalo

Buffalo is on an 8 game winning streak, WVA is 9-8 the last half of the season. Bob Huggins loves pressure D, and Bobby Hurley knows a thing or two about defense. Of course, Bobby Hurley the player would be better than anyone on the floor for either team. West Virginia is almost too beat up here with the best players on the injured list. I think I’m taking Buffalo, and Fuck Duke.

4 Maryland vs 13 Valparaiso

Man I’d love to see former ACC team Maryland lose badly, but they are just not going to. The Terps are deep as it gets in college,

Texas Longhorns6 Butler vs 11 Texas

Another team that doesn’t belong. I still love Rick Barnes for quitting in the ACC and it being too hard. They finished 8-11, er make that 8-12

3 Notre Dame vs 14 NorthEastern

ND got screwed in the seeding, but still. They are going to have a scrimmage here.

7 Wichita State vs 10 Indiana

Wichita State is underseeded, but I think the NCAA wants to make them play Kansas. Indiana has to play small-ball with a serious lack of tall people on the team. Wichita is going to do that better and move on.

2 Kansas vs 15 New Mexico State

New Mexico is going to hurt the Jayhawks here, they have a strong defense, and the Jayhawks can’t put 40 minutes together. Bill Self hits his bench often trying to find someone that doesn’t suck that game. The Jayhawks pull away late.

Second Round

1 Kentucky vs 8 Cincinnati

This one could be fun, Huggins vs Pitino . . . What? Oh. Cinicinnati is going to make Kentucky work here, but eventually Kentucky is going to start hitting jumpers and winning on the boards and advance.

Buffalo Bulls12 Buffalo vs 4 Maryland

Bobby Hurley has hammered the Terrapins in the past, small measure of revenge here.

6 Butler vs 3 Notre Dame

Notre Dame got a good draw here, since Butler is also undersized. I’m taking the Irish here, but if Kellen Dunham gets hot(ter) they can pull the upset.

7 Wichita State vs Kansas

I’m taking the upset. Wichita State is going to have a major chip on its shoulder in this game, and thats going to be just too much pressure on them. Kansas has major problems, but rebounding aint going to be one here. Kansas is going to pull the upset here and get enough second chance points to win.

Round Three

Maryland1 Kentucky vs 4 Maryland

Finally, I actually will pull for Kentucky. Watch the Wildcats get blown out. I’m taking Kentucky.

3 Notre Dame vs Kansas

I’m looking at Bill Self having to find players that can get points, and Notre Dame just throwing people out that that can shoot. ND is going to have problems on the boards, but as long as Zach Auguste can stay out of foul trouble, they can and will win.


Notre Dame1 Kentucky vs 3 Notre Dame

I’d like to see Notre Dame win here. The problem again, is rebounding. Kentucky is going to pound the ball inside and cruise to a win. The only way this game is single digits is if Notre Dame has not one but two guys get hot from deep.

kentuckyBracket Winner: Kentucky

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