NCAA Bracket Predictions: East

Welcome to my NCAA East Regional bracket.

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ncaa BracketNCAA East Regional

1 Villanova vs 16 Lafayette

Villanova must be loving the ACC- since both teams lost before the finals, they get a one seed. They win here, but I’m watching them

8 NC State vs 9 LSU

NC StateLSU has 2 first round picks on the roster, according to Jay Bilas- NCST has maybe 1, but its a deeper team that has played far better competition. Wolfpack wins.

5 Northern Iowa vs 12 Wyoming

This is going to be a race to getting to 50. both teams have monster defenses. Doing it in the ACC is a little bit harder than doing it in the Mountain West, but this one is going to be tough.

4 Louisville vs 13 UC Irvine

More Defense, but most people will be tuning in to see this 7-6 guy UC-Irvine is going to be trotting out. Expect Pitino to send wave after wave at him to get him in foul trouble early, and try to work on the offense.

6 Providence vs 11 Boise State/Dayton

Dayton doesn’t have a player over 6-6. Boise State should handle them, but Providence could beat them if they combined the squads.

3 Oklahoma vs 14 Albany

Oklahoma is a rock-solid middle of the road team, they are used to playing together, and Buddy Hield is going to try and make a highlight reel of this game. And he will.

Michigan State7 Michigan State vs 10 Georgia

Tom Izzo is in the right bracket- there is a TON of good defenses here, and he fits right in, but his offense might be his best weapon here. I’m not sold on the SEC this year, and not at Georgia at all.

2 Virginia vs 15 Belmont

Virginia got robbed of a one seed, and need to make sure they don’t overlook Belmont. I’m worried that UVA can go home here, since Belmont is quick, and can launch 3s.

Round Two

1 Villanova vs 8 NC State

This comes down to Cat Barber, if he is efficient, then they could have a solid chance. If he’s not, or he wears down, then the Wolfpack go home. I’m taking the depth of Nova here.

Louisville5 Northern Iowa vs 4 Louisville

Northern Iowa learns what big-boy defense looks like, but since Pitino can’t score, its going to be close. I almost want to pick the upset here, but Northern Iowa played the 136th toughest schedule out there.

6 Providence vs 3 Oklahoma

I’m taking Oklahoma, and I’ll tell you why.
I picked heads on the coin flip. Well, no. The Sooners don’t get rattled in tight games, and this one is going to be tight.

7 Michigan State vs 2 Virginia

If this was the first game, I would give Izzo more of a chance, and possibly the win, but the second game is going to be hard on them, and Virginia is all about the basics, you don’t forget that in 48 hours. The Spartans wont forget how to D up either,  but in tight games, Michigan State can’t hit free throws.

Round Three

1 Villanova vs 4 Louisville

Could be a very good game here, Its going to take time for Villanova to get anything going on that defense, and Louisville could get out to a decent lead, but Nova is just too deep to go out to a team that won’t crack 70.

3 Oklahoma  vs 2 Virginia

Oklahoma played the third toughest schedule in the nation, per USA Today, but Virginia played in the ACC, and is used to back to back tough games. This is almost a coin flip game, but I’m taking the Cavs, just because I’ve seen that defense shut teams down for minutes at a time.


1 Villanova vs 2 Virginia

I’m sorry Tony, but the run ends here. Villanova is too deep amd too balanced. Look for Villanova to spread the floor and eventually pull out an ugly win.


Bracket Winner: Villanova

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