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Lets go right into David’s Top Ten Managers.

We will refresh your memory on #9:

#9 One of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, this manager is known not only for a specialty match that almost cost him his entire wardrobe, but as one of the greatest ribbers of all time.

Who am I? I am…… Mr. Fuji


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Here is the #8 Manager:

#8 Half the size of the men he managed his is most famous for, he was also known for being tougher than the legit bad-as that he is famous for managing, but that didn’t stop him from having a dummy  as his best friend.

Think about if for the week, we will have the answer next Tuesday on #ask7pound.

Now on to your questions this week.

We begin with Bryce from Denver Colorado asking about the Streak.

Hey there can you tell me when the wwe started to acknowledge the Undertaker streak at Wrestlemania? 


At WrestleMania 18, when Ric Flair was the tenth victim of the Undertaker. Jerry Lawler indicated that the Undertaker was 10-0 at WrestleMania. As the Undertaker was leaving the ring, he counted to ten on his fingers to indicate he was 10-0, so that was the first time they acknowledged the streak.

Joey from Mackinaw IL.

What was the deal behind the Black Scorpion in 1990? Was it supposed to be Ric Flair the whole time? It just doesn’t make sense because Flair doesn’t know black magic, and he was not a part of Sting s past. He was still working with him. I don’t get it.


The whole Black Scorpion gimmick was used by Flair simply to get into Sting’s head. The fact that he used “Black Magic” was really irrelevant, it was just a ploy to get Sting to not focus on his title defenses in an attempt to get the NWA World title back to the Horsemen. It was supposed to be Flair the whole time, as if you remember the voice of the Black Scorpion? That was fellow Horseman, Ole Anderson.

Michael From Bloomington IL.

I just watched a WCW Television Title match from early 1992 between “Stunning” Steve Austin and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. The entire match lasted less than 15 minutes with entrances. Amazing match, plenty of action, lots of back and forth. This begs to question, with many WWE televised matches running less than 10 minutes, wouldn’t it be to the WWE’s advantage to utilize a TV title like that one? Perhaps use it as a stepping stone to the IC Title? I mean, they have to fill 3 hours of programming every Monday Night Raw, and every Monday Night Raw, I find myself flipping through channels waiting for another match to begin. They have plenty of guys who could carry a belt like that, the first that comes to mind is Dolph Ziggler, if only to legitimize the title. The second is someone like Titus O’Neil. Could you imagine the “David-Goliath” matches those two would have? Maybe give them a best of seven series that ends on a PPV. Thoughts?


Okay, First Michael, you have to assume that the Intercontinental title is a relevant title. The way they are going with it now, it could get there. Right now however, the IC title is a hot potato. In order for the WWE to bring back the Television title, you would have to do one of two things. Either A) Split the brands again and have Raw brand vs a Smackdown brand. or B) Combine the Intercontiental and United States titles. Adding a TV title to the roster as they have it right now, would just be too much. I for one loved those TV title matches in WCW and NWA, sometimes more so than the US title or World title matches. So I would welcome it to the WWE, but they have to many titles right now as it is. But I like your idea on how to do that.

Austin from Miami Fl.

Why is it when I am watching the WWE Network, some of the entrance music is different from what they had originally? I noticed for example, the Midnight Express is not the same as it was, or the Rock and Roll Express is not the same either. Why?


Very simple answer here, Austin. Some of the music entrance themes that wrestlers had, were sung and performed by artists outside of wrestling. For example, the Midnight Express theme was a song that they chose that was not given to them by NWA. Same with the Rock and Roll Express who used the song Your Mama don’t Dance, by Poison. Brian Pillman used the song “Rocket” by Def Leppard. If the WWE used those themes they would have to pay these artists a royalty for using there song on their network. So in theory its all about the money.

Thomas from Lawrence KS. asks about masked wrestlers.

Hey could you tell me the identity of a few of these masked wrestlers?

To make it easy, I will just add the names to the colons that you did. Good Question! I enjoyed researching this.


The Russian Assassins from the NWA: The Russians were consisted of the Angel of Death, whose real name is David Sheldon. Sheldon also wrestled under the mask of the Black Scorpion (one of many) that Flair used to conceal his true identity. The other Russian #2, was Jack Victory. Victory teamed with Rip Rogers in WCW also, and competed against Lex Luger for the United States title in the early 90’s.


The Executioner from WrestleMania 1: I was surprised here because I did not know this, but the Executioner was portrayed by Playboy Buddy Rose. He lost to Tito Santana in the opening match at WrestleMania.


Black Blood from WCW: Black Blood was former WWF superstar Billy Jack Haynes. If you remember, Haynes had that big feud against Hercules at WrestleMania 3.


The Great Wizard (Oz’s manager) from WCW: Another interesting one, The Wizard was Kevin Sullivan. Should have known this as he was a short little midget. And I’m sure you all knew this, but Oz was Kevin Nash.

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