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Another 30 for 30 movie, to talk about one of the most reviled players in NCAA history. Since this is ESPN, I’ll set the Over/Under on Jalen Rose? I’m setting it at 17.

So Laettner is still hated? Hell yes.
Let me get everything on the table. I love me some Carolina. I had to put up with this ass for 4 years- and lets just say that it wasn’t exactly a fun ride. I will say it stepped up a notch with Bobby Hurley came on board. I kind of felt sorry for Laettner in the NBA. He was just surrounded by shitty talent with a shitty GM, but he even did well in Atlanta. I always looked at him as the prep version of Bill Lambeer- and had he been able to play for a solid franchise, he would have been a very good player. I am SO very happy that Shinn pulled his head out of his ass and took Mourning instead of the Duke product. If only he had done so with JR. Anyway, the format in this one is to talk about the 5 reasons of hate and break it down.

PrivilegeChristian Laettner Shaq

We want our sports heroes to be working class. Then we get a series on how he had to work his way through prep school.


Yaay Lets talk racism. Considering Johnny Dawkins might be more important than Bilas or Ferry doesn’t matter. The Georgetown vs Duke game is brought up. I loved Zo. Still do. I’m going to keep my John Thompson thoughts to myself.

Funny how they compare them to UNLV- and even show them against Arkansas. Did anyone think UNLV was thug? In my circles, we looked at UNLV the way people look at Kentucky now. A bought team that had a ton of talent. UNC, Arkansas, and even Duke were cleanish, but UNLV had to be bought and paid for.

Anderson Hunt – “9 out of 10 times we beat them”. I don’t think so. UNLV wasn’t as strong, and they were already looking at the NBA. The Disease of more had already gripped them.

Yaay lets talk Michigan being the greatest thing since sliced bread again. Brian Davis is PISSED, still. Kinda funny how they go down the Duke roster and how the only “preppie” was Grant Hill. Yeah. No new news here, Maybe its the growing up in Carolina- but we knew all this- and also how Laettner loved rap. OK, that’s new. But then again, I wouldn’t have thought Buffalo was a center of rap music.


Yup, we get the Christian as Zabka comparison. Yeah. Its perfect.Christian Laettner SI
We get the Montross game highlight. I was a monster Montross fan. Then we get the Sellers game with UConn.
We get some hate between Hurley and Christian. Never knew of this. He also caused some friction with Grant Hill. Interesting. I’d like to see a 30 for 30 on Bobby Hurley.
We get a good bit on Laettner’s brother being a bully, and how that was how Laettner treated Hurley. Thats the most interesting thing so far.

Now we get the Kentucky/Duke game.
I still don’t know how Laettner’s still playing that game. I do think the fact that the Kentucky player got up laughing and clapping helped. Had that started a brawl, or had the Wildcat sold it a little more- he would have been thrown out. He did get a T, but still. Hey! Its Jalen Rose! Mr “Hold Me Back” says that the fab five would have jumped him and still been suspended. I’d like to call bullshit.


Uh, we get Shaq highlights. I saw that LSU/Duke game. Shaq looks like he’s well under 300 pounds.

Laettner’s records are brought up, and Duke is compared to the Yankees. Well, not so much in my eyes, but it does matchup. The Yankees have unlimited resources to patch what they need, and are better than 80% of the league just by the power of the pocketbook, as long as they don’t screw it up. Same with Duke, as long as Coach K is there and he doesn’t screw up, they are better than 80% of the NCAA, just by the value of the players they recruit.

LooksChristian Laettner vs Shaq

Hey it our narrator (Rob Lowe)!
Jay Bilas compares Duke to the Stones, and Laettner was Mick. I wonder if the rumors of homosexuality is going to be brought up. Yup, there it is.

The Michigan/Duke title game is shown, with Laettner looking like crap in the first half, and Hurley blowing up at him at halftime and Duke winning.

Laettner was brought onto the 92 dream team, and the hater writer says Laettner was “pretty good” but didn’t deserve to be on that team. Shaq is asked about it (in 92)

Ok, lets talk on this, Shaq can play one position. CENTER. Laettner can play C, PF or even SF. Shaq would have wanted to draw attention to himself, Laettner was left alone, and he was fine with it. Shaq also got outplayed IN BATON ROUGE that year. Lets not compare NCAA Shaq with Lakers Shaq, OK?

Minny is shown. Legendary Coach Sidney Lowe talks about how spoiled (in 92) he was, and how much of a problem child he was. Hubert Davis even defends him.

We kind of blur though the later half, and we get a bit during the credits with him and his family.

Christian Laettner

So how is the Doc? We get a ton of UNC guys talking crap, the guy that did the youtube video got a lot of highlights, and seeming only Jay Bilas and the rest of the Duke players really defend him, and some, like Hurley almost reluctantly. The writer constantly talking about how he was “pretty good” not only hurts his argument, but makes him a moron to boot. I’m a UNC guy, so I’ll go 6 here. Solid, but missing a lot.

If you lived in this era, you know the VAST majority of this stuff, So you can skip this unless you just want to rewatch stuff you have seen before. If you are a basketball fan who knows of Leattner, but not sure what all the fuss is about, then this is a good showing for you, but you are most likely going to be watching it anyway. If you think the Fab Five went 30-2 every year and revolutionized basketball, and never heard of UNLV or the Hoyas, who were both BEFORE and BETTER, then you might not quite still understand what the fuss is about, and this could be skipped as well.

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  1. I also need to mention that Bird was hurting already, so a backup PF would have been needed.

    Ewing and Robinson had no such problems. Shaq would have been an unneeded part of the team, since playing Robinson at the 4 might not have been a good idea at the time.

    Lets also be frank, I could have played 12th man and still won the gold, but still.

  2. I’d have picked Shaq then and I’d pick Shaq now but that’s irrelevant because anyone could have been the 12th man and walked away with gold. They could have picked me to be the 12th man and I was all of 10 and barely 5 feet at the time.

    I was big into the Fab Five at the time but I have a confession to make: I really liked and respected Laettner. Thought his whole vibe was just badass. I rooted for Michigan but was secretly happy when Duke won.

    Anyway, I wanted to see this last night but I wasn’t feeling well and decided a good night’s sleep was the better bet.

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