St Paddys Facts

LepracaunYour St Paddys Facts

1. The symbol of the Irish Republic is NOT a shamrock, but a harp. The Shamrock was used by St Patrick to teach Christianity.
2. #1 is a lie- It is thought that the shamrock was used to represent the trinity- but like most things- it was swiped from the pagans.
The Three leaves are
Trust in your soul
Belief in your heart
Faith in your mind
Christianity changed it to mean the trinity
3. St Patrick didn’t drive any snakes out of Ireland. There were no snakes to start with. Ireland came out of the ICE AGE later than England, and by the time Ireland was Ice Free- the land bridge between the two was gone- unlike the bridge between England and Europe, where snakes could cross. (and England has a serious infestation with snakes.)
4. The “Snakes” St Patrick drove out were actually some Celtic tribes, according to some historians. They wouldn’t let go of their Pagan ways and were uh, asked to unarse the property.
5. The St Patrick Day parade originated in the US, not in Ireland, but we do use it as a good excuse to drink.
6. Leprechauns are not elves. They are alcoholic shoe makers. Yeah. Gotta love the Leprechauns. They make shoes for fairies (rough ground in Ireland) and also guard the faries tresures (the Pot O’Gold isn’t the Leprechauns its their BOSSES)
St Paddy

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  1. Nice piece.

    Some other “misremembered” “facts” (with apologies to Brian Williams) are:

    St. Patrick redirected a Japanese attack on Dublin in 1941. The Japanese took out what they thought was the Irish fleet in Hawaii instead.

    St. Patrick was almost able to slay the potato monster who consumed all the potatoes which led to the great potato famine.

    There is more Italian pizza eaten in Ireland than haggis and Irish stew combined.

    Pat and Mike were not native to Ireland, but were in fact undocumented aliens from Wales.

    Leprechauns are related to pixies in much the same way that orcs are related to elves.

    At one time in its distant past, Ireland was called the “Puce Peninsula.”

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