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Logo BANGood morning world. This your boy Earl and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Friday has come again, and I’m here to do what I do and that’s to bless the world with these words. I’m going to keep it real brief this week and stick to one topic and one topic only. I’ll make this real concise and shit.

Our website,, has some excellent content. My personal favorite is the WTF blog which posts every Wednesday. Joe, is my favorite blogger on this site, and honestly he pushes me to be better every Friday. He’s a smart man, and he knows how to post some provoking content. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I hope he won’t mind that I dug into one of his wells of inspiration and use something I took from there to inspire my blog this week.

Joe and I are both from the New York City metro area. Well, I live in the City proper, but we both are avid readers of the New York Daily News. While scrolling down their website I came across a story that left me scratching my head and asking “what the fuck?” The headline: “Transgendered teen Jazz Jennings to star in new TLC series ‘All That Jazz’ ” caught my attention. Now, the Daily News dot come site is usually filled of sensational click bait headlines, and far too much Kardashian content for my liking, but something about that headline caught my attention.

Now I know nothing of Jazz Jennings but I fell prey to the click bait and clicked on it. Apparently Jazz is a 14 year old transgendered girl and it’ll focus on her family life, school, and possibly dating. According to the article, Jazz decided at the age of 5 that she wasn’t a boy, and rather a girl, and her family felt it was acceptable for her to dress and identify as a girl. Please know that I’m using the female pronoun since that is what she herself identifies as.

I’m not a prejudiced individual, and I am typically accepting but something about this feels wrong to me. The age of 5? So your little boy gets caught in your closet trying on a dress or wearing some shoes and you think it’s a starting point to allow him to become a her? Kids go through a lot of weird phases at young ages. I wanted to be the King of England when I was 5 years old.

Henry VIIII’m 33 years old now and considering I wasn’t born into the royal family and there is no prospective Queen of England for me to marry on the horizon, clearly I will live and die and not accomplish that dream. However, at the age of 5 that’s what I wanted. That’s the thing when you’re young: you’ll think of shit like that. Doesn’t necessarily mean it should be encouraged.

I can’t cosign what Jazz’ family has done here. However, it’s not my life. I don’t know her or her family, and I am a big believer of living your truth but I can’t lie, this just feels reckless to me. I also feel that’s it’s not right of The Learning Channel, TLC, to air this. School? Dating? This is a world where transgendered people get murdered because the people they are involved in are unsuspecting of who they really are, and TLC might air a young boy possibly getting involved with Jazz? Is that right? Kids can be downright cruel, and setting some boy up just don’t feel natural.

I have no issue with people wanting to live how they want to live. If Jazz was 18, and decided he wanted to become a woman, then go ahead and live your life. I have no issue with transgenders either. It’s your life, as long as you are upfront with people as to who you are, then live it. My issue with this whole thing is the age. The age of 5 is far too young to make such a decision, and my issue is with the parents who allowed it. A five year old is not an adult and something like changing your sex, or the perception of your sex is an adult issue.

Dallas Buyers Club LetoI have no children of my own. However, I observe people with their children and I feel some parents are almost scared to parent. Or they aren’t fit to be parents in the first place. To allow a child to make an adult decision AND support it just feels down right reckless. A child isn’t capable of making that decision. A child mind isn’t even capable of deciding what they want to wear for the day, let alone what they should wear for the rest of their lives. Jazz has been living as a girl for nine years now, but I look at her parents and think “WTF are they doing?” How is that even, right?

Like I said, I’m not trying to hate. I’m not trying to be a bigot, but this whole thing feels like a bridge too far for me. I sound like that old curmudgeon who probably says things like “kids these days” but stories like this makes me real worried about where the World is going. Life is all about progression, but stuff like this makes me feel dirty. I think I need to take this weekend and watch some Leave It To Beaver or some shit. Maybe the good old days is better than this strange and uncertain future we are heading towards.

What the fuck indeed.

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  1. You do a great job here man. I’ve long said and you can ask some people around here, that you are too good for the rest of us.

    So I’ll take your comment that you agree with my thoughts as a great compliment. Thank you.

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