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The Premise of High Fidelity is fairly straight-forward.

Man gets dumped by girl.

Man states that that it not one of his five worst breakups.

Counts them down.

Then discovers there is something wrong with him

So he meets back up with the top 5 to try and figure out why they dumped him. All the while pining for his former girlfriend and having a hard time moving on.

That’s pretty much the basic plot.
Well, no that’s the plot. We do have a ton of talking to the camera, Ferris style, as he moves through his journey. This isn’t a comedy, its almost a coming of age for the advanced teenager.

High Fidel Jack BlackThere is 2 minor threads- one where Lisa Bonet becomes a booty call, and one where we see Jack Black and the other guy that works at the record store. Only one of these threads pay off, and if you are a fan of Jack Black doing Jack Black things, then you will like those parts of the movie. If you are not that big a fan of Jack Black, its going to get thin pretty quickly.

Your enjoyment level for High Fidelity is more than likely going to come down to how much you like John Cuzack. He dominates the picture, and rightfully so. This is his vehicle, and for better or for worse, this movie is all on him. I think he works in the role, in an everyman type of performance, I think he’s better at being the average American than say Luke Wilson, (but not as good as Jason Bateman) but does a very good job at pulling the movie together. There is a bit in there where Sara Gilbert shows up, and its awesome.

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I did enjoy High Fidelity, but I don’t see a lot of rewatches here. I just don’t think its that timeless, I think you throw it in the pile with Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist and let it gather dust until you just want to remember that period in your life.


You know, like several dozen others in this genre. 5 movie, but worth it for a certain age range.

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