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Its Thursday, and that only means it is time for another round of questions for the panelists on the Wrestling Roundtable. This week, we play Matchmaker, and re-book an entire Wrestlemania card. We also discuss Brock Lesnar, the Bella Twins, and much more. Chad is absent this week, as his cousin Haku gave him the tongan spike to the shoulder, but myself, Eric, and Josh will make the best of it.

***EDITORS NOTE***  Chad submitted his entry a little late, even though he was going through a massive shoulder injury. More to come on this breaking situation between Chad and Haku.

This week’s Power Rankings

1. Roman Reigns– Defeated Rollins and Orton (well sort of) on Raw, Reigns is looking great just weeks before his big encounter for the WWE title.

2. Randy Orton– Killed Seth Rollins on Raw. I say no more.

3. John Cena– Got his opportunity against Rusev, and nearly destroyed the big Russian. Will Cena do what no man has done before, and defeat Rusev at Wrestlemania?

4. Daniel Bryan– Big win over Wade Barrett on Raw, Bryan is aiming for his first Intercontinental title at Wrestlemania.

5. Brock Lesnar– the WWE Champion has been absent from in ring competition, so he drops to the bottom spot on the Power Rankings.

This week in Professional Wrestling:

March 10th, 1993. Dino Bravo was murdered, after he was shot 17 times in the head and chest.

In a interesting turn of events. The Fabulous Freebirds lose the WCW World Tag Team Championship to the Steiners. Interestingly, they win the titles against Doom at Wrestle War 91, They become the first team to ever hold a championship for negative days.


Now on to the questions for this week!!


Matchmaker Time: You have the ability to re-book ANY Wrestlemania. The only rules are that you have to keep the champions as they are going into the event. And the era that you choose, all the wrestlers you book must be from that era. GO!

Steve: I have Wrestlemania X. First we go to back to the Royal Rumble, where you still have some controversy regarding the winner of the Royal Rumble, but we do not have co-winners in Luger and Bret Hart. You have Bret win the Royal Rumble admist much controversy surrounding who hit the floor first. As Bret is determined the winner. Lex Luger gets an opportunity where if he beats Bret Hart in a match on Raw, he will earn a spot in the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Luger beats Bret, and we have now a Triple Threat match for the WWF title between Yokozuna, Lex Luger, and Bret Hart. You still have Bret go over, but instead of having two matches for each, you just have one. You then start your feud with Owen Hart. Who would have had a victory himself at Wrestlemania.

You still keep the ladder match between Shawn and Razor as that was the show stealer. You have the tag team title match between Men on a Mission and the Quebeccers, and you have the Quebeccers go over cleanly against MOM.

While I liked the Falls count anywhere match with the 60 count to get to the ring. I just keep it a Falls count anywhere match with Savage and Crush. The match just seemed like there was too much involved with that match, and it was hard to follow, making it not entertaining. I think a falls count anywhere match would be the best.

Keep all the other matches, and keep the 10 man tag team match on tap, since we eliminated two big matches already.

Eric: My Wrestlemania I have chosen to rebook would be Wrestlemania 9 and here is my card and results.
Intercontinental title match
Shawn Michaels def. brutus the barber beefcake
This would give Brutus finally an IC title shot but of course Shawn goes over
Headshrinkers def Nasty Boys
Two good strong tag team’s face off.
Tatanka def Bam Bam Bigelow
Keeping Tatanka win streak alive and giving him a big win at Wrestlemania
Doink def Crush
No change herr from the actual show.
Tag team title match
Steiner Brothers def Money INC
Give the Steiners a title win at the biggest show of the year.
Yokozuna def Hulk Hogan
Instead of Hogan prolong his final run in the WWE for the 90s, get it done and over with and have Yokozuna go over.
Undertaker def Razor Ramon
Razor was a main eventer at the time and needed another big name opponent to help keep his main event status.
Lex Lugar def Randy Savage
This would be Lugar chance to prove he can be a main eventer in the WWE so have him beat an established name, propels him into the main event scene.
WWE heavyweight champion
Bret Hart def Mr. Perfect
Yes, give Mr. Perfect the win at the Royal Rumble and have the big rematch from SummerSlam 1991. These two go at it and what goes down as one of the greatest main events in Wrestlemania history.

Josh: WrestleMania 27 – I would have moved Edge vs. Del Rio to the Main Event. I would have had John Cena defeat the Miz there, and end the rivalry at ‘Mania (if keeping the champions weren’t a requirement, I would have Jerry as the Champion, defeating the Miz at elimination Chamber.I would have had the Corre beat Santino, Big Show, Kane, and Kofi, as the younger guys need the rubRandy Orton vs. CM Punk was the highlight of the card.and MOST OF ALL – JERRY LAWLER BEATS MICHAEL COLE CLEAN! The Undertaker vs. Triple H was good, wouldn’t change that. The Snooki match would NEVER HAVE EXISTED.  That match, and the fact that Snooki got the win is an INSULT to WrestleMania moments.

Words cannot express how much disdain I have for WrestleMania 27.  There were only really 2 matches that were ANY KIND OF GOOD, Orton/Punk, and Taker/HHH, Edge/Del Rio could have been better, but Edge was probably playing it safe with his neck.  Everything else was just awful booking.

Chad: I would rebook Wrestlemania 23 if I had the ability to. The main reason for this is that ideally I would say that HHH never gets hurt at New Year’s Revolution and earns the shot to face Cena in a rematch for the WWE Championship from Wrestlemania 22. The reason for this is to have Shawn Michaels face Jeff Hardy in a match where you have the story of Shawn trying to help Jeff avoid the demons that happened early in the first part of Michaels’ career. I feel like the story would have been a good one to tell because of both competitors breaks from the company and then coming back and the fact that people liked to compare Hardy to Michaels early on.


Which match so far at Wrestlemania, are you most excited to see?

Steve: I am most looking forward to the Intercontinental title match. The story has been building with all of the competitors holding the title and claiming possession of the belt. So what to do? Hold it up and fight for it. Reminds me a lot of the Money in the bank match, except a title is on the line. This should be a show stealer for Mania.

Eric: Wrestlemania is under three weeks away and the card is finally starting to take shape. The match I am looking most forward to is the Intercontinental title Ladder match. I  love ladder matches. I think they are one of the most entertaining matches that happen in the WWE. Also with multiple wrestlers in the match, you know it’s going to be wild and crazy. I think that this gives some of the participants in the match a chance for them to have their wrestlemania moment. This match I believe will be a show stealer at Wrestlemania.

Josh: The IC Title Ladder Match.  Almost none of the other matches hold much interest for me, save the US title match and Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins.  I couldn’t care less about the WWE title match.  Paul Hayman is trying, but even he can’t carry 2 uncharismatic brutes like Lesnar and Reigns.  The IC title picture even has me interested in R – freaking – Truth for crying out loud!  And ladder matches at ‘Mania ALWAYS deliver.  We are going to get high-flying spots, huge risk/reward spots, and a good bit of hardcore action, all while watching some of the best performers WWE has to offer.  That will, hands down, be the best match on the card.

Chad:  Right now the match I most want to see is Sting vs HHH. For me Sting is the one main guy from WCW who has never competed in WWE at all right now he has the chance to have a mania moment against of WWE’s top guys in HHH. Although personally I would have liked to see him the Undertaker


What are your thoughts of the WWE inducting Connor “the Crusher” Michalek to the Hall of Fame under the new Warrior Award?

Steve: Im going to sound a bit like a hypocrite here, but I absolutely love this idea. Not only does it give the Warrior some props as he had this idea back at the last Hall of Fame ceremony. It pays homage to the Warrior, and also gives it to a little boy, who was a die hard wrestling fan, and lost his battle to brain cancer. He developed a bond with several of the WWE Superstars before he passed away, and what better than to pay tribute to Connor than to put him in the Hall of Fame. I have said in the past how much I despise the Celebrity wing in the Hall of Fame, but if you are going to have it, why not put this little boy in. This humanizes the WWE, and many people, not just wrestling fans will take notice.

Eric: I think that what WWE is doing to not only honor the memory of the Warrior but also the memory of Conor is something very nice and special.  I watched the back story about this young boy who was a major WWE and I think it was very heart felt and touching what they did for that young man. As a father myself, if my child was in that situation and the WWE did that for my child, I couldn’t be more great full for making that little boys dreams come true. Now the WWE is going to honor as the being the first recipient of the Warrior award and being inducted in to the Hall of Fame. This is something special and now this young boys legacy will live on forever. Two thumbs on this to the WWE.

Josh: OK, so I am going to sound completely heartless here, and I don’t mean it to be that way.  But I don’t really like this.  I am TOTALLY behind the idea of a “Warrior Award”  I think it is a fantastic way to honor the legacy of the Warrior, and bring some light and publicity to terrible things like childhood cancer, etc.  However, the WWE Hall of Fame is supposed to be a “Wrestling” Hall of Fame; and inducting non-wrestlers, or having a non-wrestling category, to me devalues the meaning of a wrestler being inducted.  I have a similar distaste for the Celebrity Wing.  Again, what Connor went through, and the strength he showed is admirable, and deserves recognition, NO QUESTION.  However, I think a better way to do that would be at the Slammy Awards, rather than the Hall of Fame.

Chad: Connor is a symbol of never giving up and being a strong symbol in the face of tough obstacles; to me it is completely ok to give an Warrior award to an individual as tribute to someone at the Hall of Fame as a why to celebrate the spirit of Warrior and the spirit of someone like Connor


With Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman making mention of Brock “winning” the UFC Championship.” Does this all but seal his fate after Wrestlemania?

Steve: I thought even before that promo, that Brock was done after Wrestlemania. He is still scheduled to appear on Raw the night after Wrestlemania. And I fully expect him to do that to avoid being in breach of contract. I expect Lesnar to ride off in the sunset and rejoin UFC. The real question is; will we ever see Lesnar in a WWE ring again? I don’t think so.

Eric: Well, after an amazing promo on RAW this week, Paul Heyman mentioned Brock Lesnar winning the UFC title. I believe that maybe foreshadowing that my prediction last week was true that if Lesnar doesn’t win at Wrestlemania he will be done with the WWE. I think that Lesnar will not walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. From the way the promo was on RAW, he maybe going back to UFC but I think Lesnar’s days as the WWE champion are numbered and I think come Wrestlemania we will have a new WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION.

Josh: I would not be suprised to see Brock Lesnar retain.  We all know he got in a big yelling match.  But we don’t know what is ACTUALLY happening behind closed doors. Vince is a mastermind at manipulating the crowd.  I can easily see all this UFC stuff as smoke and mirrors, and we see Brock retain at ‘Mania in a squash match.  The more I think about it, the more I can see WWE burying Reigns with Lesnar.  Now do I think this is the most likely scenario?  No.  But I wouldn’t be suprised to see it, in fact, I would probably be happy to see it.  Roman isn’t ready, his mic skills are nowhere near that of his cousin, and his ringwork is not anywhere near polished.  I can see WWE backing off of the idea to push Reigns to the moon, which means they might give extra thought to the money that it would take to retain Lesnar.

Chad: To me it is inevitable that Brock Lesnar jumps back to the UFC after Wrestlemania in part because I do not see a scenario where Brock walks out of Mania with the WWE title. With the recent blow-up at Raw during contract negotiations and Lesnar being seen at UFC 184 talking to Dana White I think Lesnar is going back to attempt to regain the UFC Heavyweight Championship.


On the Total Divas season finale, Brie and Nikki Bella ended the show by telling the WWE that they are not going to resign with the company. First, How much of this do you think is true, and Second, if this is it for the Bella’s. Would you include them in the WWE Hall of Fame down the road?

Steve: Makes me sad that the Bella’s may not be in the WWE for the foreseeable future. I like both Brie and Nikki. I think honestly, it will hurt Total Divas more than it will the Divas division, as you have Divas like Charlotte and Bailey ready to come up to the main roster. So wrestling wise, they can be replaced. But I predict if the Bellas leave, Total Divas is done.

As for their Hall of Fame chances? I could see them being inducted somewhere down the road. It won’t be an immediate thing, but sooner or later, the WWE will reward the Bellas for their work in and out of the ring and will induct them into the Hall.

Eric: Well, another season of total divas has ended. The big news coming out of the season finale is that the Bella twins decided to not resign with the WWE. Do I think that this was real? I think it very will could have been real. The Bella twins have been in the WWE for years now and they have left before and came back. So I think that the Bella twins may not have resigned with the WWE, maybe they are wanting to start a family with their better halfes or maybe they know when it’s time to walk away. Only time will tell. Do you eventually induct them into the hall of fame? Absolutely. Their have been many memorable brother duos on the WWE but no memorable sister duos. The Bellas, have paved the way for possible future sister duos to come into the WWE and run the divas division, but their can only be one first and the Bella twins are the first. So my answer is yes, I think one day we will see them inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a pair.

Josh: I believe that the Bellas probably do want to take some time away from wrestling to pursue other options.  Now, this may keep them out for a year, for two years, or who knows, we may never see them together as a team again.  But I do see them taking time off, which will open up space at the top of the divas division to bring in Charlotte and Bailey.  As for the Hall of Fame, I think eventually they will be in.  The WWE has a pattern over the last few years of inducting one diva and one celebrity each year.  They have the requirements of Trish, Lita and Alundra Blayze, if the Bellas do truly retire, I can see them getting in, eventually.

Chad:  To me I buy in to it because the Bella’s are talents that could do some things outside of WWE. With the year of storylines they have  had it is good way to end the careers and move on to other projects. Unfortunately, They would be divas I would not see as hall of fame caliber when put against the careers and impacts of current diva Hall of Famers (Trish, Lita, Sunny). Personally I can’t see them as Hall of Famers.



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