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It’s getting crazy out there… really! We supposed to be all about this advanced civilization in these yew nited states but been reading the news lately? … It ain’t pretty.  Word… can we just stop the hate now? Like I mean now… not tomorrow… not next week…  next year… or the next millennium… but now? Before it’s too late… before we run out of time?

Here’s my WTF view of the last week or so of news…

joe11) A 20-year-old white woman told police that a masked black man raped her in a Brooklyn park on Saturday (3/7)… but just a few hours later she took it back… said it never happened.

The woman showed up at an emergency room at about 2:15 a.m. and said the “attacker” cut her blouse and bra with a knife before forcing himself on her at a park in Williamsburg at about 12:15 a.m. She also said that her “assailant”… supposedly 6-feet-5 and 220 pounds… scratched her chest.

Police @ the alleged scene
Police @ the alleged scene

The news article I read said that the woman had torn garments and visible injuries and seemed to be truthful when her initial statements were taken, but, after cops conducted a search over many hours for her alleged attacker she came forward and said it was a lie.

The news sources reported that it was not immediately known why she lied, and, according to a cop shop comment… there would be no charges expected to be filed.

Now, I have no idea what all is going on here. I don’t have any other info than what I read in the papers. Butttt… WTF????!!!!

This woman… she accused somebody of raping her… of violating her person… and she tried to say that somebody was black.

Some poor schmoo just wandering around who kinda sorta fits the description coulda wound up being another Michael Brown or Amadou Diallo or who knows what. Because, who knows what could have happened if some slightly hyper and overly aggressive men, and/or women, in blue met up with some black dude who was just pissed off at the world… because who knows why… maybe just because… like his woman ran off with another guy… a check bounced… his car broke down… or maybe all of them things… and… then he’s just pissed about being stopped one more time because he fits some description of some dude who committed some crime… or… maybe he just turns in some dark doorway with a grouchass scowl on his puss and moves a certain way that is interpreted way wrong. Only this time it ain’t something penny ante… this time cops think they got a badass rapist… and this time things get escalated in a hurry and well some stuff happens. Serious stuff…diallo29a-2-web

Who knows what could happen if a cop and a citizen were put into an uncomfortable situation where each thought the other was a bad ass who was capable of doing bad ass stuff… and somebody did something that caused somebody to do some other thing… some other thing that maybe resulted in someone getting real bad ass nasty hurt or maybe dead… all because some woman lied.

And, this woman ain’t gonna face charges? At least for filing a false police report? No??? Are you freaking kidding me?

If, it were me doing the filing of charges… start with that false police report, then add on a race charge of some sort, and, then any other pissy charge that could be thrown in. Let her stew in a cell until some sort of legal rep could be arranged or appointed. Or, maybe in some shrink ward. If, she is really wacko then sort the damn charges out later.

But, she walks????

Some white woman goes into an ER says she got raped by a black dude and it’s all fine and dandy when it turns out she be lying?

It’s all fine and dandy that cops are going into some community checking out all sorts of people and places and handing out flyers with a description of some nonexistent dude that unfortunately fits some who knows who dude and peeps begin pointing fingers at who knows who all and then what?

Why do I feel funny about this for some reason?

Someone asked for a certain tune to be played and now needs to pay the piper for the tune.

Someone has to be held responsible for the lie… someone has to be held responsible for taking up police hours with the lie… for putting into jeopardy innocent people and for causing terror where no terror was ever needed. I mean… we ain’t gotta enough terror roaming around our brains without some lie creating more? Sorry… the lie needs to be owned up to and someone has to take some type of responsibility and serve some type of punishment for that lie.

We don’t let peeps go around yelling fire in crowded buildings where there is no fire because of the terror and pandemonium and potential harm that could be caused. And, we can’t let people go around crying rape if there ain’t none either. AND… we cannot let one person of a particular color make unfounded and down right out and out falsehoods about another person of another particular color either. See… that’s called racism. And, we ain’t supposed to allow that bullshit…

2) In case you been on the dark side of the moon …. something happened 50 years ago… In1965… down some place called Selma… Alabama…


Hartford Courant bloody Sunday coverqagebloody-sunday-3







selma march 2bloody-sunday-selma-alabama-1






selma march 3

Selma-march 1










In as nutshell a fashion as I can… In 1965 there were 3 Selma to Montgomery marches which were part and parcel to the Selma Voting Rights Movement and were an integral part of leading up to the passage that year of the Voting Rights Act, a landmark federal achievement of the 1960’s Civil Rights Movement.

To put it mildly a whole bunch of discriminatory requirements, practices and actions left millions of black Americans African Americans across the South US without a say in how government would be conducted in their specific areas… particularly… in what choice they had in picking out who was to be doing the governing… aka they couldn’t vote.

In 1963, An African American group known as The Dallas County Voters League (DCVL) were joined by the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and began to conduct study sessions in an effort to get black people registered to vote. To put it mildly, they were resisted by the folks in power… aka white elected officials despite the fact that the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was supposed to have ended segregation. Proving that just because a law is well intentioned it don’t mean that peeps gotta follow it.

Soooo…. the DCVL invited Martin Luther King Jr. and the leadership/activists of the Southern Leadership Conference (SCLC) to come down and get involved. Local and regional protests began, and, by February’s end about 3,000 folks had been busted on one charge or another.

On February 26, 1965, an activist and church by name of Jimmie Lee Jackson died after he had been shot by a state cop several days earlier. The black community was getting more and more pissed and things were now getting into a high pitched boiling and frenzied point. To defuse and refocus the anger ACLC officials called for a march from Selma to the state capital of Montgomery.

The first march took place on March 7, 1965. State cops and other “concerned southern menfolk” beat the crap out of the unarmed marchers. This event came to be called “Bloody Sunday”. (See pictures above.)

The second march took place March 9. Troopers, police, and marchers confronted each other, but when the troopers stepped aside to let them pass, King led the marchers back to the church. He was obeying a federal injunction while seeking protection from federal court for the march. That night, a white group beat and murdered James Reeb, a civil rights activist and a minister from Boston, who had come to Selma to march. By now, President Lyndon Johnson was backing the marchers and went on TV to support and lobby for passage of new voting rights legislation.

The third March included about 2,000 folks who had the protection of U.S. Army troops and Alabama National Guard forces that the Johnson had ordered deployed. After walking some 12 hours a day and sleeping in fields along the way, they reached Montgomery on March 25.

Nearly 50,000 supporters… black and white… met the marchers at the end of their march. MLK Jr. told the assembled peeps… “No tide of racism can stop us.” This part of the revolution was televised worldwide.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was signed into law by President Johnson on August 6, 1965

But, maybe Selma and a whole bunch of other stuff never happened in this world. Or… maybe it happened but we forgot to learn anything… we just forgot about all that crap that happened, and sometimes still happens, because sometimes some white peeps tell lies or make up stuff about black peeps…

Like a lady did in NYC this past Saturday…

Or, because…

3) Frat Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) at Oklahoma University (OU) is permanently done as a campus group . Various groups are already calling for the expulsion of those who were in the frat. No double triple double secret probation. No anything.

Except by midnight Tuesday they had to get their stuff the hell out of Dodge… aka the building that housed the frat… and to go find other lodgings.

What brought all this down? Read on my furry feathered brethren…

A video showing SAE peeps on a bus sing songing some racial offensive words was sent to the school newspaper and a campus organization… the newspaper promptly made sure it was in their next edition and the organization released it on YouTube… all 9 damning seconds of it.

And, the words? “There will never be a nigger SAE. You can hang him from a tree, but he can never sign with me.”

The Oklahoma Daily, OU’s student newspaper, received the video in a Sunday email and the paper’s editor said, “We decided that this was definitely a story (the paper) needed to cover without question. This was something that we knew wouldn’t be tolerated by the students at OU and the university at large.”

OU students @ vigil
OU students @ vigil

The campus organization, Unheard, which was launched in response to the Michael Brown shooting, got the video on Sunday but through an anonymous text. They immediately posted the video online with the comment, “Racism is alive at The University of Oklahoma.” It was addressed to @President_Boren, the university president’s Twitter handle with the message “let our community and our university know that this behavior is not tolerated, that’s it’s unacceptable and it’s extremely, extremely offensive.” A co-director of the group, Chelsea Davis, told CNN that the mentality shown in the video is not new to campus, but, it is the first time that they had video authentication of the reality of the unacceptable behavior. She also said that any student proven to be involved should be kicked out of OU and not just suspended or reprimanded.

OU prez Boren responded by tweeting… If the video is indeed of OU students, this behavior will not be tolerated and is contrary to all of our values. We are investigating. – DBo — David Boren (@President_Boren) March 9, 2015

Boren also appeared at a campus protest and told students over a bullhorn, “I have a message for those who have misused their freedom of speech in this way. My message to them is: You’re disgraceful. You have violated every principle that this university stands for.”

He later told KOKH-TV, “All of our ties to that organization on our campus are severed, and I’ve given them till midnight tomorrow night to get their things out of the fraternity house. After that time, it will be totally closed and they’ll have to make special arrangements to even get their belongings out of the house. And as they take their belongings out of the house, I hope they reflect on what they’ve done.”

SAE frat house painted with "Tear It Down"
SAE frat house painted with “Tear It Down”

SAE’s national chapter also moved promptly, saying in a statement it had closed the chapter “following the discovery of an inappropriate video (which showed) unacceptable and racist behavior of the individuals in the video.”

One student at the campus protest said, “We should be past this. This is disgusting.”

What can I add??? He’s right… 100% correctomundo…

Just two weeks ago, in WTF, I addressed another racial incident that happened when some jerks threw a guy off a Paris subway while sing-songing “Chelsea, Chelsea, Chelsea… we’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it.”

I need to hesitate a mo… and say… Yeah, another bunch of besotted assholes… but drunk or not… sorry… ya’ll still responsible for what comes from your pea-sized brains through your freaking pie holes…

Now… I made the a comment back in that WTF that effectively said what the student at the OU rally said…

“I have no words… this is not supposed to be real in this day and age… yet… the proof is there… it is… when will we all finally learn? Maybe we won’t. And, maybe the shit needs to really hit the fan, and, then, it just may be too late to learn a damn thing.”

I still believe that…

Until we stop allowing ourselves to be ruled by ignorance and greed… yep, greed is involved here whether ya’ll understand that or not… and… by the sorry, sad-ass thinking that one group of folks is better than another, whether that prejudice, or bias, is based on race, religion, economic class, or, any combination of those or any other qualifications you wish to consider… until we stop being biased towards any group… we ain’t ever gonna get nowhere no matter how damn advanced our so-called society becomes because our advanced development and intelligence won’t be worth a shit while it is still ruled by defective logic based on ignorance and prejudice all in the pursuit of greed and control.

And maybe the shit is gonna have to hit the fan.. for at least one more time…

It won’t be pretty… it never is when peeps need to get their noses shoved in it so that they can see what it is…

But, maybe it all has to come to a crazy-ass crescendo that comes tumbling down before some sort of sanity prevails. And… we can either learn to throw off our shackles of stupidy and hate and understand that we really are all sisters and brothers whether we like it or not and best learn that damn fast and get to the work of fixing our ills… or… let fate take over and make a decison for us.

4) Then I saw this… Rachel Beyda, a second-year economics major, was nominated to the UCLA student council’s Judicial Board. Everything was going like ya’ll would think as her confirmation for the post was being discussed until some dumabss asked… “Given that you are a Jewish student and very active in the Jewish community how do you see yourself being able to maintain an unbiased view?”

Ms Beyda was asked to leave the room and for the next 40 minutes… why it took 40 minutes to discuss is another issue… the council debated whether her faith and affiliation with Jewish organizations, including her sorority and the Jewish organization Hillel, meant she would be biased in dealing with sensitive governance questions that come before the board. Which according to the article I read is the UCLA equivalent of the US Supreme Court.

The discussion, which was recorded in written minutes and captured on video, echoed the same old same old… the tired questions and prejudices that have been voiced since the days of Shakespeare’s Shylock.rachel-beyda-UCLA-

The council voted first to reject Ms. Beyda’s nomination… but… at the advice of a faculty adviser, who sagely told the them that just because some one is Jewish and belongs to Jewish organizations that did not mean they had a conflict of interest and could not be fair… the students rethunked their thinking and then unanimously put her on the board.

But, since that incident, which occurred in mid-Febraury, a firestorm has erupted and an emotional and sometimes angered filled discussion of how Jews are treated raged on… specifically in comparison with other groups that are also seen as victims of discrimination… blacks, gays/lesbians and women.

Rabbi Aaron Lerner, the incoming executive director of the Hillel chapter at U.C.L.A., said, “We don’t like to wave the flag of anti-Semitism, but this is different, This is bigotry. This is discriminating against someone because of their identity.”

Barry A. Kosmin, a Trinity College researcher and a co-author of a study issued last month that found extensive examples of anti-Semitism directed at college students, said, “It’s egregious and startling. If they had used this with any other group… sexual, racial, any kind of identity group… they would have realized it was illegal.”

Ms. Beyda declined comment. She did write in an email, “As a member of the Judicial Board, I do not feel it is appropriate for me to comment on the actions of U.C.L.A.’s elected student government.”

The council students who opposed her wrote a letter of apology to the campus newspaper, The Daily Bruin that said, “Our intentions were never to attack, insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people. It is our responsibility as elected officials to maintain a position of fairness, exercise justness, and represent the Bruin community to the best of our abilities, and we are truly sorry for any words used during this meeting that suggested otherwise.”

Ya know… I mean ya know… I meannnnn… “Your intenions were never to attack insult or delegitimize the identity of an individual or people”? Really??? Then exacly what were your itentions when it took ya’ll all of 40 mintues to talk about the issue that was brought up by the dimwit who first asked the question about the lady’s Jewishness being a possible problem?

Whoever was the head of that coubcil should have just said… “That question is out of order and is not appropiate at this meeting.” End of story.

Again… we need to stop judging people based on illogical sterotypical assumptions.

5) On Saturday morning (3/7), a cabbie got seriously hurt in a three vehicle crash on the BQE. Two others involved in the crash were arrested.

Here’s the skinny… some snow and ice fell off the back of a tractor trailer and it hit and cracked the windshield of a Benz. The dude driving the Benz said WTF and decided to take matters into his own hands by delivering a little road-rage justice… he sped up, passed the tractor trailer and cut it off. Supposedly with the intent of flashing a third finger salute and uttering some cuss words.

Instead, he succeeded in forcing the trucker slam on his breaks, which forced a cab now behind him to swerve erratically to avoid hitting the trailer, but, in turn, wound up crunched between the big rig and another big truck.

And, now here’s the tally sheet…

  • The cabbie was taken to Lutheran Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.
  • The driver of the Mercedes was charged with reckless driving and reckless endangerment.
  • The second truck driver was taken into custody because he had an open warrant stemming from a 2010 summons for an open container of alcohol and once in custody police found crushed Oxycodone and charged him with possession of a controlled substance, officials said.

All because some Benz driver got pissed and let that pissed-offedness take control of his grey matter and lead him into doing a stupid human trick… using his lethal weapon disguised as a multiple thousand pound vehicle to assault other multiple pound vehicles.

BQE road rage result
BQE road rage result

Luckily no one got killed…

Yeah… I know… hindsight and all that…

But, ya think it might have been a slightly better idea to just get close enough to read the trucker’s plate number then use a cell phone to call it into 911 and report the incident?

911 will file a report, at the least, but, maybe the best could actually happen and police will go stop the trucker and issue him a summons.

Yep a summons… it’s illegal to drive in NYC with snow and ice on your roof just because it could fly off and hit someone’s windshield causing who knows whatall kind of bedlam…

Just a thought…

6) Recently there was this British guy… somewhat overweight… who was busting some moves on the dance floor. Got pictures posted… of him… first dancing and then hanging his head.

Seems some insensitive jackasses at the club where the dude was trying to be happy were mocking him and posted the pictures of him dancing the night away with the words… “Spotted this specimen trying to dance the other week. He stopped when he saw us laughing.”party7n-1-web

The pics went viral but the result was not what ya’ll might think… Cassandra Fairbanks saw them.

Cassandra is a writer for the “Free Thought Project” and she started a “#finddancingman” campaign because she simply wanted to “show the guy some love.”

Then the magic started… a GoFundMe page was started to stage a Los Angeles dance party in the dancing dude’s honor and the campaign earned more than $20,000.

AND… some interesting peeps joined in to give the dancing man some added props and support…

Pharrell Williams wrote… “Cassandra just seen invite and would love to join you in LA for a dance offand then saiqd in another tweet… “Hey @CassandraRules keep me posted about your dance party! @Dancingmanfound, never be ashamed of yourself. You are both truly #OTHER.”

And, electronic music dude Moby tweeted… “i offer my dj services for free for #DancingMan #DancingManFound #FindDancingMan . no one should ever be ashamed about dancing.”

The dude, only identified as Sean, created the @dancingmanfound Twitter account to thank those who helped him get his groove back.

Sometimes we can all come together and be free and loving if we really try.

Does an old sarcastic, and sometimes slightly jaded and anachronistic, hippie some damn good to see that. We need more of it… damn it, Jim.

7) New candidate for dumbass of the year …

Andrew Dale Marcum who was wanted on various outstanding warrants was featured in the Butler County (Canada) Sheriff’s Office’s  Facebook page  and highlighted as its “Featured Warrant of the Week.”

The post included multiple photos of Marcum, his description and a list of his recent alleged crimes… felony burglary/safe-cracking, felony abduction, and misdemeanor charges of assault, domestic violence and criminal endangering, according to the Sheriff’s Office.Andrew-Dale-Marcum

Four hours after the post, the dumbass posted on the Facebook page… “I ain’t tripping half of them don’t even know me.”

The Sheriff’s Office replied, “Andrew Marcum … If you could stop by the Sheriff’s Office, that’d be great.”

Marcum’s attorney, Michael Shanks, said Marcum’s family contacted him Tuesday night and made arrangements for him to surrender to authorities at his downtown Hamilton office. Marcum turned himself in and was booked at the Butler County Jail. Marcum was in Hamilton Municipal Court on where bond was set at $125,000.

According to Attorney Shanks… “He won’t be on Facebook or Twitter again anytime soon.” Seems Shanks als added that Marcum was unaware of all of the charges he was facing until he was served with the warrants in court.


8) Got another couple of dumbass candidates… really big time dumbasses…

Two Tennessee girls’ basketball high school coaches told their teams to lose a game in an attempt to avoid the top-ranked squad and improve their chances of advancing in the state tournament.

Rutherford County director of schools Don Odom announced Wednesday that Smyrna’s Shawn Middleton and Riverdale’s Cory Barrett wouldn’t be permitted to coach at their schools or at any other Rutherford County Schools athletic program during the 2015-16 school year.

Odom said the school district “apologizes to the Riverdale and Smyrna High basketball players and parents for the lack of leadership” exhibited by the coaches. He also apologized to the citizens of Rutherford County “because of the embarrassment generated locally and nationally for teams motivated to throw a game. Good athletic coaches possess skills that maximize the players’ skills, strategize winning game plans, instill self-discipline, and impart the value of teamwork to reach a common goal. Players also learn skills that build integrity and character, primarily by how their coach models before them. In these last two areas, we failed last Saturday evening.”

I can’t say it any better so I won’t.

It got so bad during the games with intentional turnovers off various violations and missed free throws that the referee stopped play and ordered the coaches not to make a travesty of the game with a Smyrna player about to shoot at the wrong basket.

Like I said… a couple of real big time dumbasses.

9) Full moon was recently out… maybe that’s why I been finding a lot of dumbasses in the news. Anyhoo….

Deadly weapon?
Deadly weapon?

This dude goes into an Austrian money house last Tuesday (3/3) and demands money as he waves around what he says is a deadly weapon… like a big old knife.

Problem… the tellers saw he was only holding a spoon. So one of the tellers says to the guy… wait and he would go get some money. Dude waits… waits… waits some more… and then is stunned when police officers marched into the building and busted him.

Asked why he did what he did… he said he “needed money.”

Don’t us all.

10) Chris Rock is being verbal again… he takes aim at the recent Jackie Robinson biopic “42.”

In the DVD extra for his hit comedy “Top Five,” the comedian’s character Andre Allen delivers a stand-up routine in which he takes on widely praised biopic.

Rock @ NYC premiere of ‘Top Five’
Rock @ NYC premiere of ‘Top Five’

Rocks character says, “People liked that movie. I thought it was a piece of shit. Just the whole ‘legend of Jackie Robinson’ bullshit. They go Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. There was no barrier. It was just that no white people would let him play. They try to make it seem like he got to play because he was so good… like he was the first black man that actually learned how to play baseball. Like all the black people before him were just licking the ball. Then you watch the movie and it’s like ‘stop it.”

He also added criticism of the movie’s portrayal of Brooklyn Dodgers president Branch Rickey… “Any civil rights movie, there’s two heroes: There’s the black hero, and the white person who’s equally as important.”

Chris Rock… never one to couch his words. Love him or hate he keeps it real in one fashion or another.

I like him for the most part. But, then people say I’m a tad off kilter so what the hell do I know?

A lot, damn it!

This weeks gratuitous pictures…

Samantha+Hoopes+Samantha-Hoopes-hot-3Sam hoopes





Samantha Hoopes (24) is an American model…











And another thousand words…


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  1. Jackie Robinson was chosen to break the color barrier (yes. it existed if only by action rather than rule) in part because he was seen as someone who could deal “effectively” (nonviolently) with the abuse that it was anticipated he would get. He did, using great personal control and giving much sacrifice. And so IMO Chris Rock was partly quite right and partly very wrong.

    Along the same lines, Branch Rickey was less than an ideal human being, but he did stand up for what he felt was right with his Brooklyn Dodgers. We and admire and even idolize both him and Robinson without sanctioning all their words and actions.

  2. Lets also keep in mind just how GREAT Jackie Robinson was.

    Had Robinson came over to MLB and hit 200, then it might have been another 10 years before another black man was allowed in MLB, plus Rickey would have been fired.

    Look how long it took the Redskins to have a black player after the color barrier there was broken.

  3. David, point taken.

    There is no question that Robinson was a very good all around player and worthy of the bigs. There were other players as good or better in the Negro Leagues as they were called, but Robinson had the additional qualities Rickey felt were necessary to blaze a trail.

    He is rightfully known for opening a door, but should also be known for his athletic and baseball ability.

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