Its Tuesday already? Time has flown since last week. I feel like it just caught up with me. So when it is Tuesday, that means…another round of questions from you, the fans on the past, present, and future of Wrestling.

I do apologize for last week, as my Wrestling Roundtable partner Eric Asafailo made mention to me that I had forgotten to include the #1 ranked Tag Team in David’s top ten tag teams. I added it later that day, but in case you missed it. The number 1 team as far as David is concerned was:

Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. 

Now as you know we are starting a new Top Ten for David. This time it is managers. Let’s remind you of last weeks riddle.

One of only two women on the panel: She has been teased to have a “revealing” picture that will become public (and only on PPV) but her most famous “magazine spread” simply showed her in one-piece workout clothes.  

Who am I? I am…                                                 Miss Elizabeth


This week we are at number 9 in the countdown for David’s top ten managers.

One of the greatest tag team wrestlers of all time, this manager is known not only for a specialty match that almost cost him his entire wardrobe, but as one of the greatest ribbers of all time.

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Now let’s see what is on tap for this week!

John starts us off with a little Samoa Joe.

Will Samoa Joe ever appear in a WWE ring, since he left TNA? What are the plans for Joe?


Samoa Joe is currently under an appearance contract with Ring of Honor wrestling through the end of this month. What an appearance contract is,  is a contract similar to Brock Lesnar. It makes the wrestler contractually obligated to appear at a set number of events for that promotion. This also means that Joe is not bound to a non-compete clause. So he would be eligible to appear on WWE TV anytime after March.

What does this mean?

I think it means that we will see Samoa Joe on WWE TV, Im guessing late April, early May. As for what the plans are for Joe? Well I wouldnt start planning  a party on Joe being thrusted into the main event scene right off the bat. In fact, I don’t really see Samoa Joe in the WWE title picture at all. Joe is 35 years old, and on the down side of his wrestling career. Like Sting, Joe would sign with the WWE in all likelihood to someday compete at Wrestlemania.

I could see Joe in a feud with Bray Wyatt. These two would really compliment each other well in the ring, as they are both around the same size, and have the same style of wrestling. Both can move, both can wrestle. I would love to see these two face one another in the WWE.

Kristy from OKC chimes in about the Divas.

Holy crap! I just saw Total Divas and it ended with the Bella Twins saying they will not re-sign with the WWE. Is this really true? 


Well it happened on Total Divas so it must be true right?

Keep in mind, Total Divas is airing right now from back in November, right after Nikki won the Divas championship. So what was said back in November, may not be the case today.

That being said. We, as fans have to understand that these wrestlers and divas are human. They have goals that they want to achieve in life, and being on the road 300 days a year for the rest of their lives may not be what they want. Brie is married to Daniel Bryan, and appears to want to start a family and have kids. Nikki wants to go on to bigger things as well, like movies, real estate, and what not. So I would bet that this is true, and the Bella Twins probably will not be full time in the WWE after 2015. I also believe that if that is the case, we will not have seen the last of Brie or Nikki.

Pedro from San Antonio asks about Wrestlemania.

I have seen your posts before on how you feel about the Intercontinental Championship title. If Daniel Bryan wins the title. Will that bring the title back into the big picture?



If Daniel Bryan wins the Intercontinental Championship, and I think he will. Not only will it please the fans, and quite possibly get some heat off of Roman Reigns, it will bring relevance back to the Intercontinental Championship.

Back in the day, the Intercontinental title went to the “best wrestler on television” It was held by guys like Ricky Steamboat, Randy Savage, Tito Santana, Honky Tonk Man, Jeff Jarrett, and a host of other top tier stars when the WWE title picture was full, and there was no room for these guys at the top. So the IC title was a secondary title that meant something. Lately, even over the past ten years, it has been a hot potato, and is given to almost anyone with a pulse. Giving the title to Daniel Bryan would be the best decision the WWE could make since coming out with WWF Ice cream bars. Simply put, the Intercontinental title needs Daniel Bryan.

Sean from Atlantic City New Jersey takes time out of his gambling to ask us a question.

I read somewhere that Scott Hall killed someone in the early 80’s, is this really true or is it just a hoax?


Why does he owe you money? Only kidding.

Well he did go on the air and admit that he did in fact kill someone in 1983 after a struggle with the mans own gun. While he was cleared of 2nd degree murder due to lack of evidence. Hall states to this day that it was self-defense. So yes, Scott Hall really did take someones life in 1983, but by all accounts, it was not murder, and it was an accidental shooting in self-defense as Hall claims. Otherwise, I don’t think you would hear much about him nowadays.

Dennis from St Paul Minnesota asks about TNA.

Will TNA ever compete against the WWE? I know they were close at one time, but it seems as if they are trying harder to compete now.


Ring of Honor has a better chance of competing with the WWE than TNA. No way TNA has any chance of coming anywhere close to the WWE. First, they don’t even have a good TV deal, they were dropped by Spike TV due to lack of ratings. They pre-tape their shows almost two months in advance, so those who watch TNA (I don’t), already knows what is going to happen before the show even begins. Unless you are attending a live TV taping, where you will see multiple shows at a time, TNA is not worth the paper it is printed on. Which is sad, because they had a lot of potential earlier in the decade, they just simply fell apart.


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  1. I just watched a WCW Television Title match from early 1992 between “Stunning” Steve Austin and Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat. The entire match lasted less than 15 minutes with entrances. Amazing match, plenty of action, lots of back and forth. This begs to question, with many WWE televised matches running less than 10 minutes, wouldn’t it be to the WWE’s advantage to utilize a TV title like that one? Perhaps use it as a stepping stone to the IC Title? I mean, they have to fill 3 hours of programming every Monday Night Raw, and every Monday Night Raw, I find myself flipping through channels waiting for another match to begin. They have plenty of guys who could carry a belt like that, the first that comes to mind is Dolph Ziggler, if only to legitimize the title. The second is someone like Titus O’Neil. Could you imagine the “David-Goliath” matches those two would have? Maybe give them a best of seven series that ends on a PPV. Thoughts?

  2. I find it interesting that the powers that be on Raw don’t just give some wrestlers 15 minutes and see what they have- no build, no run-ins just 2 guys on prime time with 15 minutes to kill.

    As for the TV title, they can’t book the IC title correctly, how are they going to book another secondary title right?

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