Movie Review: Idiocracy

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I’ve actually head a lot about this movie, its supposed to be whip smart, and a very good take on how dumb the world is becoming.

I do fear that the average person is becoming common sense stupid, and we have problems with the general public following simple instructions.

The Premise is pretty simple, and genius.

Luke Wilson (playing Luke Wilson) is an Army clerk stuck in a warehouse somewhere, and gets pulled out to take part of a military experiment.idiocracy yellow

The issue is, our finest warriors are getting old, and there is no wart to fight, so the Army wants to put them in stasis until needed, to be honest, this is a great plot so far. So the Army has found a man who is average across the board in every aspect, and wants to use him. Sadly they cannot find an average female, so have turned to Maya Rudolph – a street walker, and in exchange in letting some of her Pimps criminal record, he is allowing the Government to use her for a year.

Yeah, she’s kinda stupid to.

So the Experiment was supposed to last for a year, but the people in charge got arrested, and the two pods were basically lost in storage.

500 years passed and America has become stupid(er) and don’t even have the knowledge to dispose of trash properly, causing a massive trashalanche, and that opens the two pods.

Luke Wilson is literally the smartest man in the world. – or at least the US.

Does it work?

Well . . . no.

idiocracy sqI don’t know what happened here. the premise seemed so brilliant, but it just seemed to end up horrible. I understand the satire, but how does this society function? I could see it if the general populace was this stupid. but someone has to maintain the machines. Someone has to own Costco and the rest, but the entire country stupid? Everyone? Even the kids? I just can’t see it. I guess the whole “just go with it” just was hard for me to hang onto- even upon repeated viewings- yes I watched this movie over and over- trying to see WHAT I was missing.

I just can’t see it.

If you can, please comment. Please let me know what I missed. I know its not that I don’t “get” Mike Judge- I’ve loved everything he has done since Bevis and Butt-Head were playing Frog Baseball. Office Space is one of the best movies of all-time.

So about this movie? I have to go with a 1. There is no reason to watch this movie. Not even Terry Crews can do anything here. I bet there is a clip-show in Youtube that shows the good parts, but I just can’t justify watching this movie to get to the legit laughs.

idiocracy presidentCrews is the only one that gets to have any fun. Dax Sheppard isn’t much, but he’s not supposed to be, and Maya Rudolph, poor Maya. Just wasted. Absolutely wasted.

Sorry Mike.






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  1. Well we do have at least one thing in common: we both love Office Space and we’re both Mike Judge fans. We both have seen this movie, and I actually own the DVD (not sure if you do or you just happened to watch it somewhere). Anyway, I agree with a lot of what you wrote.

    On the surface this movie is a great premise but it falls flat once Joe and Rita enter the pods. Having the future full of idiots was cool but there’s little dialogue and the movie feels real short. Personally I’d have loved to see the rapper Scarface (Upgrayedd) actually act in the movie, and maybe gotten some more out of Dax Sheppard and Terry Crews. Something, just something to flesh it out some more.

  2. Caught it on one of my many subscriber TV channels.

    Before I goto bed, I flip through them and see whats coming on. (like last night I got Twilight light Zone, the movie.)

  3. Cool. I should flip through all those HBO, Showtime, Starz and Encore channels that I got but I really don’t do that until the weekend. During the work week I usually just binge watch reality TV shows and go to sleep. Didn’t even know Idiocracy was even on TV.

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