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Transcendence has a bad rep, most of what I have heard is that the movie tries too hard to be smart, but ends up coming over a dumb. Like some 5th grader found a physics book and tried to impress someone- or the boss from Dilbert wrote a screenplay, however you want to go.

Johnny Depp plays one of those smart guys that don’t look like Johnny Depp in real life- and has the hotwife that don’t look like female computer PHDs, and he is working on AI – and in fact might have  done it

This computer was even able to upload parts of a monkeys brain an to it- this comes important later.

Transcendence deppWhile giving a conference, A group called Rise, that is anti technology- yup, one of those things – and its a terrorist group, they blow up a group of young adults in a computer lab, and attack a bunch of people that are working with Morgan Freeman- considering combined they are worth less than Morgan Freeman, they all die, he lives.

Depp gets shot, but lives, NO WAIT, the assassin used a bullet that was radioactive, so it gave him cancer. He have one month to live.

Depp decides that he wants to spend the last month of his life with his hotwife- and who wouldn’t – and unplugs the supercomputer.

BUT as he weakens. She decides to try and put him in the super computer, using the same process that put the monkey in the machine.

And it works!

Now what?

Transcendence  PinnTranscendence, to me, has a bad reputation. I think that it works on a certain level, that being people that are not willing to sacrifice the needs of the very few to save . . . the whole world. I’m avoiding spoilers until the next page, but lets just say that this movie works best if you just go with the flow of it, and not try to guess ahead- something I have an admitted trouble doing.

The cast is full of – hey I know that person! And that is always fun, it’s very nicely shot, you do see a LOT of Johnny Depp, but not so much its as tiresome as it has to be to his hotwife., all in all its a solid 6 movie on my scale. I can’t see a reason to watch it again, and its not really worth keeping on your DVD shelf, but I would make a point of grabbing it on HBO.

and now, the spoilers.

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