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I love SNL. I love the history, I love the show, I love to argue the content, and its place in American Pop Culture.
SNL has a tendency to push certain viewpoints, and considering the quality (normally) of the writing staff, even a rightist like me can enjoy the satire.

SNL CastThat being said- I wanted to read BossyPants, Tina Fey’s autobiography, I was even more excited when I was told it is recent enough to cover Sarah Palin, a favorite whipping target of the show over the past 6 years, and one that was even an invited guest to the 40th Anniversary show., calling attention to that fact.
So what did I want from Tina Fey’s Book? Actually the same thing I want from any SNL alum I don’t watch 30 Rock, just never  never really got into the show, but much like Scrubs, I seem to enjoy it more in reruns more than when it was on the broadcast  run.

1. How did you get to the show

2. Tell me something I don’t know.

I was really looking forward to the second part.  with Fey, Fay, being not only one of the better performers in the past 15-20 years, is also one of those people to come out of the writing room. I’m not really looking for dirt on anyone- ohhh, let me tell you about when this guy passed out drunk in the stairwell, I’m not exactly looking in Fay the same stories I got with say . . .Jay Mohr, but a different perspective  at least. I’m sorry to say but the number of women on SNL, coupled with the lack of QUALITY women on the show also limits the pool. Lets be honest, I’m not running to the bookstore (or Amazon) to grab Victoria Jackson’s  or Maya Rudolph’s story.

Tina FeyDid I get what I wanted?

I, for those of you that know me, do a lot of self-deprecating humor. Some of it undeserved, more of it true, such as t my lack of writing talent, the lack of singing ability, and most important to my family, the hope that none of my kids look like me. (Thankfully, of the 5 kids,  only one of them looks like me, poor thing, we are looking into nunneries to keep her from being burned when she comes of age by the villagers)

Tina Fay is a master at it in this book, the problem is- its not every funny,

I feel that if she read this book, it would be 5 times better, but without the delivery, its just not there. Like many comics, its hard to WRITE funny, when the delivery is a good chunk of what you have .

Its kinda like reading Letterman of Carson’s monologues. Half of fun of both men is what happens when it bombs. To the reader, its a bad joke, to a viewer?  Sometimes you HOPED a joke would bomb, just for the reaction.

There just isn’t a reaction here when it bombs.



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