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Thursday, Thursday, Thursday. This means another round of questions for our esteemed panel of wrestling gurus. This week we discuss the Diva’s Main Eventing a Pay Per View? Jon Stewart vs Seth Rollins, Brock back in UFC? This and much more.

Power Rankings for this week. 

1. Roman Reigns- Even a loss to Rollins, Reigns still takes the top spot.

2. Brock Lesnar- Preparing for Wrestlemania. But is Brock UFC bound?

3. Rusev- Still ducking John Cena, but still undefeated. Will Rusev accept the challenge of John Cena?

4. Seth Rollins- Big victory over Roman Reigns puts Seth back in the top 5.

5. Dean Ambrose- Back to Back wins over the Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett brings Ambrose to the field.


This week in Wrestling:

– The Hollywood Blondes, Flyin Brian and Stunning Steve Austin won their first and only WCW World Tag Team Championship by defeating Shane Douglas and Ricky Steamboat.

– Ric Flair made his Madison Square Garden debut in 1976 defeating Pete Sanchez.

– The first ever Slammy Awards debuted on MTV in 1986.


And now on to the questions:



Brock Lesnar was recently spotted at UFC 184 with Dana White. Do you think Lesnar may go back to UFC if he doesn’t win at Wrestlemania or will he stay around WWE?

Steve: It really depends on his health, and if he is physically able to compete in UFC. If you remember, Lesnar had to leave UFC because of a serious health condition. Either way you look at it, Lesnar is done with the WWE after Wrestlemania, at least for the foreseeable future. While I am sure he will return at some point in time. I would put money on the fact you wont see him after Wrestlemania in 2015.

Eric: Brock Lesnar is definitely a hot topic of discussion right now in the wrestling world. He is your current reigning and defending WWE world heavyweight champion. He is also in the main event of Wrestlemania. Now the question is if he doesn’t win, what will he do? My guess is if Lesnar loses at Wrestlemania, we have seen the end of Lesnar in the WWE. There isn’t anything left for him to do there. He has done it all from world heavyweight championship to ending the Undertaker’s streak.  Lesnar has done everything he needs to do in WWE, so I look for this to be the end of his WWE run. After this tho, we may see him back in UFC but who knows with Brock. He is amazing athlete and can do anything he puts his mind. So where ever Lesnar goes after Wrestlemania, it should be something to see.

Josh: I don’t know if he will go back to UFC, as word is circulating with his age and concussion worries, he may want to avoid MMA for a safer path in pro wrestling.  Whether or not he stays in WWE will be 100% up to Vince & CO.  Will they pay Brock what he wants?   I expect at least a year long hiatus before we will see Brock again after ‘Mania.  And just to make sure it gets said, there is NO CHANCE we will ever see Brock Lesnar in TNA or RoH.   A guy like him will ONLY work in the biggest promotion available.

Chad: With the recent blow-up and walkout Brock had at Raw I would not anticipate that he will be sticking around much past Wrestlemania and can definitely see a Brock return to the UFC. Very few people are spotted with White if there isn’t serious talks happening between parties.


With the recent #givedivaschance trending worldwide, do you believe that if pushed the divas division could eventually main event a ppv?

Steve: It will never happen. There has only been one time where a Diva’s match even main evented a Monday Night Raw. (Trish vs Lita). There is no way that the Divas would be able to get into a Main Event at a Pay Per View, even if it was a minor event like Fastlane or something. Vince just does not put the time into the Divas. With that said, I think there are a couple Divas who could pull off a main event match, like AJ Lee, Paige, and maybe the Bellas if booked right. I just can’t see this happening anytime in the near future.

Eric: Years ago wrestling was about two men going at it in the ring, however we are now in 2015. The divas division has really stepped it up lately. Also the divas matches used to be the bra and panties matches however those days are done. Now the divas are about getting in the ring and wrestling. I think with the right build, I think this maybe the year that the divas division will finally main event a ppv.  These divas now a days are a lot tougher and a lot more about actually wrestling than years before. I  think it would break down walls and be a huge step in the divas division to give them the chance to main event a ppv. I think this maybe the year we finally see this happen in the WWE.

Josh: Incredibly unlikely.  If the likes of Trish and Lita couldn’t main event a PPV, I don’t think it would ever happen.  There are PPV’s where even the WWE World Heavyweight Title is not the main event, let alone a title that doesn’t draw.  That being said, if the exact right women are involved, and the crowd really starts buying into the ladies, then it is possible.  Nothing is EVER impossible in the world of WWE.  But the women will have to start selling more merch than John Cena….

Chad: Before the reign of Brock Lesnar as champ started at Summerslam it was a rare instance when the title did not main event the show. I just cannot see a build for any divas match that could supplant the title or any other secondary feud as the main event of any ppv not just your Wrestlemanias or Summerslams.


This whole John Stewart and Seth Rollins feud: Good, bad, or don’t really care?

Steve: It is entertaining, to bring notoriety to the WWE by having Seth on the Daily Show was great. Then having a guy like Jon Steward promoting Raw, and appearing on Raw was pretty good. That being said, It means absolutely nothing for Rollins, and if it was not for the fact that he got a victory over Roman Reigns the same night on Raw, I would say that this was a step back for Seth Rollins. It was however an entertaining segment, and garnered some good ratings.

Eric: John Stewart and Seth Rollins feud, I think this is bad for Rollins. Seth Rollins is an amazing talent in the WWE with a big future.  I think this man can be having great matches with many different wrestlers. I believe that this feud between him and John Stewart is a waste of time and talent with Rollins. This man could do so much more in the company than a meaningless, boring feud with a talk show host. WWE please end this feud and give Seth Rollins a real feud and let him show off his talent.

Josh: It is kind of “meh” to me.  I mean, it is suprisingly good, but we all know that John Stewart isn’t going to be involved in the WWE in the long term.  Although, now that he has appeared on RAW once, he is a shoe-in for the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame.  This is giving something for Rollins to do, while setting up the match between him and Randy Orton at ‘Mania.  Bringing up the point that Orton has been the shining star of this feud.  I love the way he is slowly sabotaging Seth Rollins, while doing just enough to make sure that he stays on as an ally, waiting for that perfect moment to strike.  Those two will put on a great match.

Chad: With any celebrity involvement in pro wrestling since the Monday Night Wars the main objective was to  get fresh or different eyes on the product and that would definitely be the goal of the company with Wrestlemania coming around the corner so to me it is not too much of a deal.


It looks like we are going to see Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker at Wrestlemania this year. Should the WWE have waited and let Bray Wyatt end the streak or was Lesnar the best choice for the job?

Steve: For me personally, the streak never should have ended last year period. Not to Brock, Bray Wyatt, John Cena, or anyone else for that matter. While it does not tarnish the legacy of the Undertaker he still has that blemish on his record from a part- time wrestler. I hate that. But having Bray Wyatt break the streak? I wouldn’t approve of that either. I would be fine with a guy like Cena, Orton, Triple H, or someone who is well established to break the streak. I think that would save face for the Undertaker, and losing the streak would not be held over his head like it has been for the past year.

Eric: 21 and 1. This moment still shocks wrestling fans to this day. Something we never thought we would see Brock Lesnar broke the streak. This year at Wrestlemania it looks like it will be Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker. I think this would have been a better choice to end the streak than Lesnar. Brock was already an established superstar in the WWE who did not need this. Bray Wyatt would have been a much better choice. The Undertaker is on his way out of the WWE and this would have been a perfect chance for the WWE to pass the torch. I believe Bray Wyatt has a big future in the WWE and could eventually be like the Undertaker. Which is why Bray ending the streak makes more sense than having Lesnar end it. I  believe WWE dropped the ball with that one, but we can’t change the past. We can only be excited for the future and the future in the WWE is Bray Wyatt.

Josh: Lesnar WOULD HAVE been the best choice for the job, IF WWE could have worked him into a contract to be on TV regularly.  However, they didn’t and the opportunity was squandered.  Paul Hayman can only carry you so far.  We should have been seeing Lesnar on TV, being completely dominant, and just tearing a hole through whoever gets in his way.  Knowing what I know then, if I had booked the streak ending, I would have given it to Bray Wyatt, as clearly he is being set up to carry the torch on from the Undertaker, and he would have made MUCH better long term use of the streak ending.  Once Lesnar drops the title, we likely won’t see him on TV or a PPV for a long while, which means, now that HUGE moment in history is just forgotten.

Chad:  Personally I would have loved to  Wyatt be the man to break the streak because of his character and how much of a push that could help his career. I think that Taker should have won just to finally say he beat Brock. I’d been ok with a post-match beatdown of the Undertaker and still have Brock win the title. WWE should have waited.

This year marks 14 years since WCW was bought by WWE. What is one thing WCW did that you would like to WWE do?


Steve: WarGames!!! I loved it then, and I would love it now. WarGames settles scores between certain factions, and can even create new storylines depending on the participants. They did away with the elimination chamber match, so now would be an even greater opportunity to bring in this awesome match once again.


Eric: WCW did a lot wrong in there day which could probably be why they are no longer in business however, they did do some things right otherwise they wouldn’t have been around for so long. My favorite thing WCW did that I would like to see WWE bring back would be battle bowl, the lethal lottery. I love tag team wrestling. With battle bowl, you never know what could happen. You might see tag team’s formed with wrestlers who wouldn’t normally team up and they could either be very good or very bad. Also you could see partners ho against each other for the first time. Either way this was a great concept I would love to see WWE bring back for a ppv love on the WWE network for only $ 9.99.  So, WWE fans let your voices be heard. Let’s get it trending, #bringbackbattlebowl


Josh: Easy, WCW took risks.  Some of the risks panned out, and really worked, others flopped miserably.  But the one thing that competition does to you is it forces you to take risks in order to overcome your opponent.  Turning Hogan heel was a HUGE risk, that could have EASILY backfired in WCW’s face.  But it worked, and it launched one of the greatest factions and story lines in wrestling history.  WWE needs to stop thinking short term with its investors.  Yes, being completely family friendly and safe is a great way to keep sponsors happy, however sponsors also want to back a product that is profitable.  WWE is still profitable, however, declining stock prices and viewership numbers can eventually start costing the WWE some serious coin.  I am not saying they need to return to the PG-13 style TV, but they took a lot of risks during that time, same as WCW, and their risks paid off, they won the Monday Night Wars.  But as long as WWE can keep coasting through on Monday nights without any real competition save for football season, there will be no need to take risks.  They will keep playing it safe and keep coasting.


Chad: Michael Buffer ring announce the main events…lol. I think the one thing that WWE could incorporate into it’s programming would be the WarGames. I feel this something be could be done as a May/June PPV as a way to have something, traditional, and not directly running with Survivor Series where there are similarties

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