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Just going through the news for the past week or so and its like… Stop the damn world for a minute or two… I really need some time t ojsut say WTF is going on with it all?   With that in mind… Here’s my WTF slant on some stuff I just need to think about for whatever dam nreason I choose…

joe11) Let me ask ya’ll a question … Forced sex? Is it funny? In any way, shape or form is it funny? If someone, in some way, forces another person to have any type of sexual relations against their wishes, whether through psychological manipulation or physical force, do any of ya’ll think that issue is something that could be or is humorous… or… funny?

Well, I hope ya’lls answer is “Nope… not in any way, shape or form.”cobain quote

Because, it is just that, and, ya’ll need to be aware that there is this jerk out there who seems to think rape is some kind of subject that can be joked about… he is Dustin Penner, former National Hockey League player, who recently tweeted “Is it always consensual if she’s your girlfriend? Asking for my gf… & shortly arriving police.”

His tweet resulted in a firestorm of tweets in return that were all calling him out, and, so of course, he needed to do some cover thy ass type of tweets right back… among Penner’s excuses in order of what appears to be how they appeared on Twitter were…

“I came up with the joke with my gf U idiots freaking out about this.” — Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25) March 1, 2015

“My goal isn’t to hurt anybody who has suffered. I can see how my words might have done this though. To those who were hurt by it: I’m sorry” — Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25) March 1, 2015

“Some friends have texted me today telling me they’re survivors. They said that while I didn’t intend harm it still might’ve hurt survivors.” — Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25) March 1, 2015

And then this one…. “To set the record straight I pulled out of the TSN gig an hour after my tweet because of the position I put them in.” — Dustin Penner (@Dustinpenner25) March 2, 2015

See… as a former NHL player (he last played with an NHL team in the 2014 season for somewhere around just under 20 games) he was supposed to appear on some Canadian station talking about the NHL’s approaching trade deadline and offer some opinion and commentary. But, guess he done screwed the pooch on that gig.

And, then, I reckon he needed to make it sound like he was being all damn big and magnanimous and pulled out of the gig on his own sense of being a decent and upright citizen who was just doing the best for all concerned.

Probably more like a bunch of folks tweeted to TSN and said we all hope this jackass is not gonna be on your show and then the station … IMO… reluctantly probably told his butt stay the hell home we don’t need your dumbass to bring a bunch of heat and trouble and bad pub down upon our heads. Of course they simply took the nondescript and safe way and tweeted…

“@AshonIce @TSN_Sports Dustin will not be part of our TradeCentre coverage tomorrow.”— TSN PR (@TSN_PR) March 1, 2015

This entire stupidity reminds me of something that occurred way back when…I need femeninism

Tex Antoine was a very popular NY weatherman back around the 1960’s and 1970’s, first with NBC and then with ABC… His big shtick was that he would bring out a big easel and during each report would start off by writing the temperature in large numerals on a big blank pad. Then, as he talked about the weather forecast he would draw with a marker until the numeral had finally became a cartoon that illustrated some part of his weather forecast.

Then on November 24, 1976, on the 6 p.m. broadcast, Antoine’s weather report came up just after a story of the rape of an eight-year-old girl. Tex then thought it would particularly adroit of him to say something pithy and witty so he intoned: “With rape so predominant in the news lately, it is well to remember the words of Confucius: ‘If rape is inevitable, lie back and enjoy it’.”

Needless to say there was no twitter back then… but… the firestorm that resulted caused ABC’s phone lines to continually be lit up with protests of Antoine’s asinine words.

The lead newscaster on ABC’s 11 p.m. newscast came on and led off with an official apology from ABC. Then 5 days later ABC would bring on the air another weatherman, Storm Field, to replace Tex and for some inane reason the lead newscaster said “Lie back, relax and enjoy the weather with Storm Field.” Yep… the phone lines once again burned with protests… but that one was less a catastrophe then what ensued from the stupidness that Tex had said.

The bottom line is rape is not a funny topic. It is not and should not be. Anyone who thinks that it is, then they be a dumb ass and not worthy of anyone’s time.

Sorry, it just ain’t a joke when someone forces a person to do anything… it is the worst form of bullying that there is on the third rock from the sun… or… anywhere else in the universe for that matter.
End of story and nuff said.

Zelda and Robin
Zelda and Robin

2) Zelda Williams made her first public appearance, at the Noble Awards in L.A., since the death last August of her father, Robin. She attended the affair with her mom and presented an award to the San Diego-based Challenged Athletes Foundation, which was one of her dad’s favorite charities.
Williams said to media sources that the memory that she loves the most about her dad is the love that people showed towards him.

She said, “He made an enormous amount of people feel a little less alone. And that is most important, and I have yet to meet people that didn’t find it overwhelmingly positive.”

True dat. But, I still miss Robin… a lot…

3) Ok… gonna give ya fair warning… just in case some of ya’ll be a tad off put by homosexual references…George_Takei

George Takei… yeppers Mr. Sulu from Star Trek… spent a night out with his husband, Brad Altman, and they went to see the Broadway show “Honeymoon in Vegas”. Yes sir, buddy George is that damn gay. Criminy sakes where ya’ll been, ya don’t know that?

Anyways… after the show they went backstage to congratulate the cast, and, actor Tony Danza… yeah, the guy from Taxi and that show where played a dad to now all grown up Alyssa Milano… placed a Hawaiian lei around Takei’s neck. George’s comment to that was “If you had told me I was going to get lei’d by Tony Danza, who is an old friend, I’d have come to the show much sooner.”

No word about how Tony took George’s gay compliment…

Also no word if old friend Tony would show up when George debuts on Broadway in the new musical “Allegiance.”

But, I’m guessing Tony’s an old trouper who can recognize a joke and who can also take a joke.. as well as a compliment however, whenever and by whomever its dealt. And. he still George as a friend.

4) England swing like a pendulum do… bare butt naked men swing from Buckingham Palace windows, too…buckingham28n-3-web

A YouTube video, uploaded Friday by someone called Anders Dahlberg that at last count was seen at least 169,000 times, shows some fellow clad in only one sock leaving from a high up window of the Palace dangling all of his mature natures best as he tries to shimmy down a rope of pieced together sheets.

Eventually he loses his grip falls out of the cameras sight.

What is unclear is it this just another incident of British Royal being royally naughty, or, some uninvited guest who literally got caught with his knickers down, or, is it an elaborate hoax?

No comment from Buckingham Palace or from the local Bobby shop has been forthcoming about the video.

Hmmm wonder where the princes were that day???

5) Guys? Ya’ll been watching that internet porn stuff and feeling a low down about the your size down low? Feeling like ya could never measure up to what them studs are like that ya see huffing and puffing and grunting away online? Not to worry…

No… I ain’t about to give you any lines about it ain’t the size and that it’s all about the motion in the ocean raps… but… I am here to tell ya’ll that chances are ya’ll are right smack dab in the middle of average… as in the average size of all male members. afpsize4n

Which as of the very absolutely latest report is… 5.16 inches in length and 4.59 around when its Mr. Woody… and when its in the Mr. Softee state … its 3.61 in. in length and has 3.68 around.

Anyway, that’s what a British study and analysis of more than 15,000 dicks had to say… ummm… those dicks… that’s the dangling participle they be talking about and not the peeps that did the study or those that got studied.

And, there’s no word on who did all dick holding and measuring but there ya have it…so quit worrying about the your size and go forth and multiply and don’t worry when ya’ll be in bed and she snickers any more. It’s probably just some little endearing quality about your personality that she’s musing about and not your member size at all.

Ohhhhh… and a word about the study for all you folks saying maybe it’s just those English dicks that are so average… the study included data from 20 previously published studies conducted in Europe, Asia, Africa and the United States.

So, it ain’t just the Brits… it’s a reality… there just aren’t as many big dicks walking around in this world as you thought. Nor, little ones either for that matter.

The simple fact is… we’re all just a bunch of plain old dicks in this old worlds and nothing more.

6) Saw this in the NYDN on Tuesday (3/3)… “A California high school basketball team is learning a tough lesson that no good deed goes unpunished.”

Seems a California high school girl’s basketball team is being punished because they tried to do something to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

They wore uniforms with pick numbers.

Narbonne HS had a recent playoff win vacated because its pink uniforms were a violation of league rules, ending the season for a team that was wearing pink to raise awareness for breast cancer research.

What the issue is is this… Narbonne’s colors are green and gold, and according to league rules they’re required to obtain permission from the league to wear nay different, or variation, of uniform colors.2pink4s

The teams coach, Victoria Sanders, said that her team, which by the by is… or is that now was?… the top seed in their division, was wearing white uniforms with pink lettering to align themselves with the “Play 4 Kay” campaign each February that raises money for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund, named after the late North Carolina State women’s basketball coach.
Sanders told California’s Daily Breeze newspaper, “Everybody’s baffled, it just doesn’t make sense If you’re going to punish someone, punish me. I’ll take it. Tell me I can’t coach the game, but don’t take it away from the girls.”

A player from the team added, “At first I thought it was a joke, but it’s completely devastating to have it end like this. The punishment seems so harsh when it’s not the players’ fault. If we had known, we would have never disregarded the rules.”

Sanders also noted that her team wore pink unis in a first round playoff win and nothing was said or done and that the ruling now steals away the girls chance to play for a city title, as wel las they are now also been banned from being in the state playoffs.

John Aguirre, the league’s commissioner, told media sources that “Breast cancer awareness is in October, and there’s a process for people to request color change. If they’re going to blatantly disregard these rules and regulations, they’re going to affect kids.”
Aguirre added that a prior violation… Narbonne was on probation for playing an ineligible player in last year’s playoffs, a move that got them booted from the postseason… was part of the reason the league ruled the way it did.

Now… if, the truth is what I be reading then all I gots to say is this… WTF???? This coach must of really done some serious shit in the past that has seriously yanked on somebody’s short hairs a lot because while the team violated the letter of the law, this is one really stupid ass enforcement of the rules.

Here’s hoping enough folks stir the pot hard enough to make these bureaucratic idiots come to their senses and let the Narbonne girls play on.

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  1. I’m stunned at you. Stunned. I thought you would have seen that Daily News article about the vibrator with a camera on it. For some reason I was waiting to read your take about that.

    As far as the Ben and Jerry’s weed ice-cream I feel it will be counter productive. Eating it will only give you more munchies.

    Oh yeah: beware of marijuana crazed bunnies!!

  2. My bad… sorta… I had a couple of things I left out this week… I originally thought there weren’t enough things that I felt passionate about to write about, and, then, as I started to write about stuff, I found there were too many things to write about.
    Plus, I did include the penis size one… but… if truth be told… I simply forgot about the vibrator one.

  3. And, also forgot to write about this one too:

    Adult video website, Pornhub has created an innovative wearable accessory that creates electricity from one of the most unthinkable action – mastrubation.

    Yes you heard it right. The wearable, called Wankband, that creates power when moved in an up and down motion. The watch-like device contains a valve that converts and stores kinetic energy which can then be used to charge your gadgets.

    “Every day, millions of hours of adult content are consumed online, wasting energy in the process and hurting the environment. At Pornhub we decided to do something about it. Introducing The Wankband: The first wearable tech that allows you to love the planet by loving yourself,” its creators said on the product page.

    Questions though are raised on the device’s usuability, as Huffington Post wrote on the product, “Now such a device is unlikely to solve all of your energy needs in one erm… session, so how much energy it produces depends on your stamina and possibly your loneliness.”

    The product is currently in development stage.

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