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Here we go with another round of questions for the NBA panelists.


DeAndre Jordan of the LA Clippers recently was intentionally fouled by the San Antonio Spurs and made only 10 out of 28 foul shots. This caused many experts to say that a rule should be changed as from a fans standpoint it was horrible to watch. If you are Adam Silver, do you implement a rule preventing teams from putting poor free throw shooters on the line? If so, what kind of rule do you put in place?

Bill: No. There is absolutely NO excuse for being a poor free throw shooter. If you can’t make them, being fouled repeatedly and thus embarrassing yourself at the stripe is the least of your concerns. Continuing to mess with the rules is what’s made the game soft and I’m certainly against that. They need to stop meddling and just let them play, hack-a-whoever or what have you.

Steve: I would hate to implement a rule for one or two guys that cannot shoot a free throw if there life depends on it. However, it does make the game we fans are watching really suck. I never thought that Spurs vs Clippers game was ever going to end. I would have no problem with the NBA implementing a rule that if someone is intentionally fouled and they do not have the ball, then either A) Anyone who is on the floor can take those free throw shots, or B) They get two shots, AND the ball. This would prevent teams from doing the Hacka-horrible free throw shooter moving forward.

Chad:  I would implement a rule that would be if you’re behind and intentionally fouling that there would be a runoff of game clock or the loss of a timeout as a way of speeding up the game and help make the game a little bit better to watch for the fan which is what the NBA is always looking to do.


Derrick Rose is likely out for the season with a torn meniscus. This is the second time this has occurred. First part of the question, Can he come back from this? Second, are the Bulls out of the championship hunt for 2015?

Bill: I’m sure Rose will be able to come back from the injury, but he’s starting to become a distraction in my opinion. I do realize that injuries are, for the most part, outside of the players’ control and this one is no different; however, if the Bulls are to remain successful and have any real chance at claiming another title, they most definitely need Rose. That said, I’m still of the thought that they’re right there in the hunt but do believe their chances are diminished. If this was last season’s team, I’d call them done. This season has shown more promise all around and the addition of Gasol has been a huge part of that. I wish him the best, but I don’t believe he’s got many opportunities left in him.

Steve: Derrick Rose may very well be back this season, but the Bulls are done. They have absolutely ZERO chance to come out of even a weak Eastern Conference. While they are only a game behind Toronto for the second seed in the East, they could very well fall to the sixth spot currently held by the Bucks. Now with Jimmy Butler out as well, the Bulls are in big big trouble. They have enough talent to get to the playoffs, but I see an early exit.

Chad: Derrick Rose may be out 4-6 physically but mentally it is going to take longer for him to trust his body and attempt to return to his MVP year form. With the additional injury of Jimmy Butler I can’t see a scenario where Rose and Butler return and gel enough to take the Bulls to the title.


What are your thoughts on Kevin Garnett returning to end his career with the Timberwolves?

Bill: I think it’s good for both Garnett and MIN. It gives him the opportunity to finish it where it all began so many, many years ago (and everyone likes a triumphant return home story); it also gives the team some veteran leadership and toughness that they have been lacking. It also gives the team a boost for the last half of the season from a marketing standpoint (if this is truly his last, mind you). I do think the team gave up a lot in their promising youngster Thad Young, but sometimes you have to give in order to get. Garnett, while ancient in NBA terms, can still be productive and a force. A change of scenery to familiar surroundings will do him good.

Steve: Love it! And it shows that Garnett is true to his word that he really does care about his grass roots, and loyal to the team who drafted him out of high school. He went from a Brooklyn team who will contend for the playoffs, to a team going absolutely no where. Why? Because he is loyal to the Timberwolves, and his old coach. Great story for the NBA. Im glad there are still guys out there that money is not the only thing.

Chad: Personally, I love to see players return to the team they spent the most time with to finish their career. It was always disappointing to see Jordan retire as a Wizard, Ewing retire as Knick; etc. I think it’s good for Minnesota to really market Garnett and help get his old fans in the arena. It’s also for Garnett as a swan song to finish with who drafted him.


With the recent events between Dallas Mavericks head coach, Rick Carlisle and Rajon Rondo. Rondo stated everything is back to normal. Do you think this is true? And was the one game suspension the Mavs gave Rondo appropriate?

Bill: I don’t buy it. Both Rondo and Carlisle are passionate and this is going to simmer in their minds for a while. I do agree in the suspension by the team and believe that Rondo needs to take some time to evaluate his situation. If he plays it right, he could be a huge contributor to a title run… or a huge distraction and headache to the team. He could also find himself released and see his situation be much worse than it is now. Cutting him would be a sizable loss for the Mavs, but sometimes you have to make tough choices. We’ll see at season’s end which choice that is.

Steve: Both are just being P.C. There is no way in hell this is even close to being over with. Rondo for all intensive purposes is a hot head, and is hard to coach. Carlisle is also a coach who you cannot walk over. Not a chance this is over, but the relationship between the Mavs and Rondo will be short lived as I don’t see him in a Dallas uniform next season.

Chad: I think there may still be some friction in Dallas with Rondo and the coach and personally I do agree with the one game suspension it does the job of sending the message to the team that there will be respect for the coach so I still consider the Mavs a title contender


Paul George of the Pacers claims to be ahead of schedule, and returned to full practice. Will Paul George return this season? And if so, will the Pacers be any threat in a possible post-season?

Bill: It’s great that George has returned to full practice. That was a terrifying injury and something even hard to watch or imagine now. The fact that he’s recovered ahead of schedule and is back on track with a strong desire to get back out there says a ton about him. While George could return before season’s end, I don’t see why there’s any reason he should risk it. The season is almost through at this point and whatever contributions he might make aren’t likely to hugely benefit the Pacers even though they’re only a half game back of the Nets as of 03 MAR 15. If they actually make it to the playoffs and want to test his readiness, so be it. Still, I’d rather he sit and make his return next season.

Steve: The Pacers are on the bubble per se, when it comes to the post season. They are currently in the 8th spot, just ahead of Brooklyn. If they can get Paul George back before the playoffs, they can absolutely make a little run. Are they good enough to beat the Hawks? Probably not, but they can give them a run for their money. As for P-George, it will be awesome to see him back, and props to him for making such a quick recovery from a horrible injury.

Chad:  I think that it may be foolish to that Paul George should return this year right now they are on the border for the playoffs and even with Paul George back on the court; it would be similar to a Derrick Rose situation where mentally Paul George may not trust his body in a game situation; which would not make the Pacers a threat

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