Forget Rhonda Rousey: Cyborg vs Gracie!

Rener GracieRener Gracie was on the MMA Hour talking about Rhonda Rousey’s 14 second win at UFC 184.

Gracie then took shots at Cyborg calling her “overrated” and uses her strength and brute force over any kind of techniqueShots fired. Cyborg cracked back on The Underground

Cool story bro
I am not surprised you say Bad things about me.cyborg santos
Your Athlete used The Same technique to grow her name.
Tôo much credit? Who are you to say This?!
You dont know how hard a fighters life is.
You were born with a life of luxury, you dont know The struggles a brazilian girl has in América.
No promotion, helps me grow, only blood and sweat, chute boxe style.
Nobody made my name But me, i have no grandfather name to live off.
Go promote your online students While i earn my credit Fighting, and ask The real gracies what respect means


I’m trying to find the last time that Rener Gracie was in an MMA fight.

I’m sorry, I really stopped caring about what the Gracies thought about championship MMA when Matt Hughes was laying a beating on one at UFC 60.

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