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This week we have some great questions regarding Brian Pillman, and the Four Horsemen. So much more. Read on.

Sadly one of my favorite segments of this post is finished. We have revealed all 10 of David’s top ten tag teams. So what now? We have David’s Top Ten Managers!!!!

Before we begin I will reveal the number 1 team on David’s Top Ten tag teams. Drumroll please……..


Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard

Lets start with #10 for the managers.

The Rules:

  1. No arm Candy- Need actual workers
  2. The job of a manager is to get the wrestler(s) or the match over and to win. You make me care about your charges, then you move up.

One of only two women on the panel: She has been teased to have a “revealing” picture that will become public (and only on PPV) but her most famous “magazine spread” simply showed her in one-piece workout clothes.

Now on to your questions. 

Jeremy gets us started with a question about the Loose Cannon:

Whose idea was it to come up with Flyin Brian’s loose cannon gimmick?


It was actually Brian’s idea to make his character like a loose cannon. After his injury from a motorcycle accident that nearly ended his career, Brian became sort of a loose cannon in back due to the pain killers that he was on. After he was getting better, he was having a great time with the character, so thought it would make for good TV if he portrayed himself as a loose cannon. WCW let him run with the idea, and it played out well until he broke kayfabe in the middle of the “I Respect You” match at SuperBrawl VI. Where he called out Kevin Sullivan in the middle of the match and identified him as the booker. He was fired shortly after the incident. But it was Brian’s idea.

Michael from Plano Tx. asks about the Body Donnas:

Who played the role of Cloudy of the Body Donnas?


Cloudy was Indy wrestler Jimmy Shoulders who was a close friend of Chris “Skip” Candido dressed in Sunny’s old cheerleader-type outfits. Cloudy appeared after Sunny left the Body Donnas, when they lost the Tag Team titles to the Godwins. This was basically a slap in the face to Sunny, which is why they called her/him, Cloudy.

Cody from Chicago asks about the Horsemen:

We all know that Ric Flair is the best Horsemen ever. I would say that Arn would be number 2. Question for you. Who was the 3rd best all time Horseman?


Interesting question here. I really have never thought about who the “third” best Horsemen was. I did some soul searching on this one, and really debated between Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, and Paul Roma. Okay not really Paul Roma. Blanchard was a United States Champion, a Television Champion, and really portrayed the Horsemen gimmick very well. He could talk, wrestle, and really piss off the fans. Windham, who joined the Horsemen with a heel turn on Luger (another former Horsemen), was also a United States Champion, and really served the Horsemen well. Both Tully and Barry were inducted into the Hall of Fame with the Horsemen. (Sorry Paul Roma).  So honestly, I would pick both as a tie for third, but if you are forcing my hand. Then Tully gets it as he is an original.

Andrew from the Big Apple asks about Black History:

What’s happenin! In honor of black history month, Which black athlete do you think paved the way for other black superstars in wrestling?


Without a doubt in my mind it is Ron Simmons. Simmons may not have been the best African-American wrestler in the business, but when WCW pulled the trigger and gave Simmons the WCW World Championship, making him the first African-American heavyweight champion. That paved the way for other black stars to be in the main event picture. We may have never seen a 5x WCW Champion in Booker T. had Simmons not been given the opportunity to run with the title.

Barry from Central America asks about HBK:

So I was watching some wrestling on the network, mainly 1995. They had Shawn Michaels win the Royal Rumble in record fashion. Go on to main event Wrestlemania, lose, then gets pushed back down to the mid-card, winning the Intercontinental title, before rebounding, and winning the title at the next Wrestlemania. Why was he held back in 1995?


You all have some tough questions this week. Really makes me think about the past, as I myself, never realized that you are correct that Shawn was taken out of the World title picture, and into the IC title picture again. Let’s go back in time for a minute. After Wrestlemania XI, if you remember, Sid turned on Shawn, and Diesel made the save, and the team of Shawn and Diesel was formed. I don’t think that this was a knock on Shawn, that he was thrusted into the IC title picture. I just don’t think they were ready to take the title off of Big Daddy Cool. Putting him with Shawn as a team, best friends, whatever you want to call it, gave both of them opportunities. At one time they held the WWF title, IC title, and Tag Team titles. It really set up some good writing in 1995 before Diesel dropped the title to Bret, setting up Shawn for his big match at Wrestlemania XII. So to answer your question, Barry, it was really all about timing, to give Diesel his run, and gradually set up Shawn for success.

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