Wrestling Roundtable 2-26-2015


It is time once again for the Wrestling Roundtable. Is Roman Reigns the right choice to main event Wrestlemania? Which current wrestler is best on the mic? This and much more on the Wrestling Roundtable.

First up:  Power Rankings!

Roman Reigns PIC06

1) Roman Reigns – The win over Daniel Bryan at Fastline was impressive enough to slide him into the top spot this week!

2) Brock Lesnar – Being off of TV makes it hard to hold on to the top spot for too long, but he is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion until someone can prove otherwise.

3) Rusev – Shenanigans aside, Fastline will go in the books as a submission win over John Cena.

4) Dean Ambrose – He did technically lose the match at Fastlane, but he still carries the IC belt, and seems to have Wade Barrett’s number.

5) Randy Orton – The viper has been impressive enough in his return to slither his way onto the list.


Next up:  This Week in Wrestling!


2/20/1978 – Bob Backlund pins “Superstar” Billy Graham to win his first WWF Championship.

2014 – The WWE Network Launched!  Brock Lesnar and the Undertaker sign the contract leading to the first break in the Streak!

Now to the Questions:

1) Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns in the main event at Mania, one on one, was this the right move for the WWE?
Steve – I think so. Reigns proved at Fastlane that he can do well in big matches. This is what Vince wanted for the past 7 or 8 months. While I understand that the fans may want Daniel Bryan in the main event, this is a much better match to watch. I think this is going to be a power match, and gives Reigns an opportunity to run with the ball. I also think the fans are starting to re-buy in to Reigns in the main event at Wrestlemania. So yes, I am looking forward to the match. Bryan will have his time again.
Eric – It is now set, the main event for Wrestlemania will be Brock Lesnar vs Roman Regins for the WWE world heavyweight title. After all the bumps in the road, it has been set in stone. Now the question is was this the right move by WWE? I would say yes, Lesnar had been champion since August of last year and has basically been an unstoppable force. I think Roman Regins would be the only person who could make it seem like he could beat Lesnar. This match will be the biggest match of Roman’s carrer. Lesnar has main evented a Wrestlemania before,  but that was 12 years ago. This will be interesting to see how these two wrestlers will do in the main event of Wrestlemania. I know I’ll be watching on Sunday March 29, live on the WWE network.
Chad – With Brock vs Roman I have to disagree with this to me this reminds of me a lot of Brock vs Goldberg; granted different circumstances going on but the big man vs big man match I am not a fan of I think adding a Bryan or Ziggler would give the match a different feel and more interesting
Josh – In the long term, I think no. I haven’t made any attempt to hide the fact that I think Daniel Bryan should have been the main event for ‘Mania, ever since he returned. However, this is what the WWE brass have wanted to do, and what we knew they wanted to do back in the summer. Using that as our point of reference, Fastlane did exactly what it needed to. Roman sustained a long match, took a lot of Daniel Bryan’s offense, and won clean in a non-squash style match. He still isn’t completely over with the crowd yet, but he is working his way back. Having Daniel Bryan publicly endorsing him on Raw will help. And, he is slowly getting better at his promos. He just needs that first big moment. His career very much reminds me of a young Rock. He is getting pushed before he is ready for the big time, and the crowd does not want to accept it. But if he inherits ANY of the charisma his cousin has, he WILL eventually win over the WWE Universe. I just hope, for his sake, that WWE is patient enough in this era of instant gratification, to allow him to mature and develop naturally.
2)  The Bushwackers in the Hall of Fame….React.
Steve – What can you say? The Bushwhackers being in the Hall of Fame means pretty much nothing to me, as I think the WWE Hall of Fame is one big joke. You have celebrities that have appeared on WWE events once, maybe twice, and they are Hall of Famers. You have guys that really have no business being in the Hall of Fame. But it is what it is. My question is how in god’s green earth, can you continue to leave out guys like Mike Rotunda, Arn Anderson, or even Barry Windham in a singles role. Yes, I understand they are in with the Horsemen, but they both had good singles careers too. So the Bushwhackers getting in, is just one more reason why I think the HOF is flawed.

Eric – Bushwhackers are going to be WWE hall of famers. My question is why? Someone please tell me something these guys did in the WWE that was memorable besides being the loveable losers that fans liked? Anyone? That’s what I thought, granted these two may have a had a great career in other organizations, this is the WWE. I think it’s a shame the Bushwhackers are going into the hall of fame but other people still have yet to be inducted. People like Rick Rude, Mike Rotunda, and British Bulldog just to name a few. These are more deserving people of the honor of being a hall of famer. Not the Bushwhackers, can I change the fact they are going into the hall of fame? No, but I can definitely disagree with this. I think there are many better choices for the Hall of Fame.
Chad – The Bushwackers to me are a team you really don’t think of when great Hall of Fame worthy tag team but doing a little research they have different tag team titles around the world and have been active since the mid 60’s so to me they are deserving for the overall accomplishment in the business

Josh – The Bushwhackers are one of those tag teams that goes under A LOT of people’s radar when you think Hall of Fame candidates. At first, when the announcement was made, I reacted with….really? Neat. But the more I think about it, the more this move makes sense. The Bushwhackers were never the face of the tag team division. Neither of them went on to stellar individual careers, like so many tag teams. But they were a constant source of entertainment.   THERE IS NO ONE who was alive during their turn in the WWE, who, when they heard that music come on, wasn’t throwing their arms in the air in the “Bushwhacker Walk”… NO ONE. I think there are definitely other tag teams out there that deserve a spot in the Hall of Fame, but the Bushwhackers are a nice addition to this year’s class, already studded out with Macho Man.

3) Who is one undercard wrestler, not currently committed to a match at Wrestlemania, that you would like to see get a WrestleMania moment, and how would you book it?
Steve – Depending if you consider Dolph Ziggler an undercarder. That is who I put in a match at Wrestlemania. I could see a really good tag team match between Rollins teaming with Orton, to face Ziggler and Daniel Bryan. I think a team like Ziggler and Bryan would be great. While I am still on the fence whether Orton will face Rollins at Mania, Im not sure. But these four guys could put on a hell of a show.

 Eric – Book a wrestler for Wrestlemania, my choice is Sheamus. First of all about 2 weeks before the big event Daniel Bryan is forced to do a handicap match against Randy Orton and Seth Rollins after the match Rollins and Orton are beating up Daniel Bryan when Sheamus music hits and he runs down and makes the save which sets up a tag team match at Wrestlemania between those four guys. So at Wrestlemania during the tag match Orton gets mad at Rollins and walks away leaving it to be a handicap match. So Bryan and Rollins are in the ring for awhile and Bryan is wore out and finally gets the hot tag and tags in Sheamus. Sheamus comes in as a house of fire ready to hit Rollins, when stops and turns and proceeds to beat up Daniel Bryan. The crowd is shocked that Sheamus just turned heel. Bryan is then laid out, Rollins goes for the cover and gets the 1,2,3. Rollins and Orton win and Sheamus joins the authority and begins a program with Sheamus over the next few months.
Chad – I would give the push to Curtis Axel by winning the Memorial Battle Royal; To me Axel is a guy that went from being a Paul Heyman guy to being a tag team with Ryback which should have been pushed more in my opinion. I think Axel needs to get back in to the somewhat main card.
Josh – The one that speaks out to me here is Damien Mizdow. He NEEDS to break away from the Miz, and I think they are definitely working on that. The Miz has already said he is in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Mizdow needs to enter too, and the last two men need to be the Miz and Mizdow.   Then the Miz orders Mizdow to just step over the top rope and quit. This is too much for Mizdow who breaks and throws Miz over the top rope for the win. Even as Damien Sandow, the intellectual savior of the masses, I really liked Mizdow. He was a truly great, classic old heel. He never really got the chance to run with the ball. I would like to see what he can do with the spotlight. He needs a midcard championship; I would say the IC belt, as the US title is going to be out of reach for a little while. But it would all start at ‘Mania
4) The IC title picture is starting to look crowded, with both R-Truth and Ziggler getting clean wins over the champion, Wade Barrett, while Ambrose is still carrying the stolen belt.  Who will be the next IC champion?
Steve – With respect to the prior question. I could see the writers putting a Fatal Four way between these four guys at Wrestlemania, and putting the title on Ambrose. I worry a bit though as the last time we had this kind of field of the IC title, the title ended up changing hands once a month. Like in 1999, when the title changed 14 times by 10 different wrestlers. Even had a co-champion in Jericho and Chyna. So hopefully they dont go to that extreme, but I think ultimately, Ambrose walks away with the title.

Eric – The Intercontinental title picture has certainly been heating up over the past week with Dolph Ziggler,  R – Truth,  Bad News Barrett and Dean Ambrose. I  look for these four men to settle this feud at the Grand daddy of them all Wrestlemania. I would love too see this as a gimmick match such as a ladder match. There hasn’t been a great ladder match at Wrestlemania in quiet some time. I think these four men could put on an amazing show. My prediction for the winner and next Intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose. It’s his time, WWE give this man the ball and he will run for quite awhile with it. Let’s see what he can do, I believe we could see great things from Dean Ambrose as the IC champ.
Chad – It looks we are heading to a 4 way for the IC title at Mania. I would love to see some kind of stipulation like a Ladder match with these athletes. I think the way it’s going to be Ambrose as the next champion in order to give him a run with that belt that would hopefully have more defenses than his US title run
Josh – I think Barrett will retain the title for a little bit. As previously mentioned in question 3, I would like to see Mizdow get the IC belt, and we would need a good heel to get him over once he breaks from the Miz. I can see them building up to a multi-man gimmick match at ‘Mania. If I had to hazard a guess, I would say it would be a ladder match, as the entire situation with Ambrose stealing the title reminds me a bit of the Shawn Michaels/Razor Ramon feud leading up to the ladder match at Wrestlemania 10. If it happens, as I surmise, then Barrett retains, while the others go on to bigger things.
5)  An additional top 5, this week, rank the Top 5 superstars, currently in the WWE at promos, right now.
Steve – 5. Bad News Barrett

4. The Miz
3. Paul Heyman
2. Bray Wyatt
1. John Cena
Eric – My top performers at promos right now in the WWE go as followed:
5. Paul Heyman, this man has been around the business for quiet sometime and can still go out there every week and either get everyone either too boo him or to cheer. He also puts a lot of emotions in his promos. Great worker.
4. Triple H, he may not wrestle too much any more but the man can still go out there and work over the crowd every time. Takes a lot too not even be wrestling and still get major heel heat like he can.
3. John Cena, easy choice. Everything he does, he puts all his heart into it. Johns got great mic skills and puts a lot of emotions in the promos. A master of the mic even during his dr. of thuganomics days.
2. The Lunatic Fringe Dean Ambrose, this man is great on the mic. His promos tell great stories, and the emotions he puts into them makes you think this guy is good and is really crazy. A master of the mic and more greatness to come over the next several years from this guy.
1. Bray Wyatt, easily the number one choice here. Here is a started off as Husky Harris then went and perfected his character and Bray Wyatt comes alive. This man makes you believe everything he says. He holds every fan in the palm of his hands every time he gives a promo. This man is in a league of his own. I think he will continue this for a long time. I challenge all of you to find anyone in wrestling today who can do better promos than Bray Wyatt, they don’t exist. He is amazing on the mic and definitely a master.
Chad – #5- Triple H- The corporate heel leader I think is doing a great job in getting people in interested in HHH vs Sting
   #4- Paul Heyman- Paul Heyman has always been great as promo manager dating back to the NWA days in the late 80’s; him getting to interact with Reigns; will hopefully help Reigns
  #3- Rusev/Lana- Anybody that can go against Cena and not have anyone cheer with them is obviously doing a great job at their promo game
#2- Dean Ambrose- I think his delivery promo makes his promos unique in themselves and makes him a great promo guy in the business
  #1- Bray Wyatt- His promos against the Undertaker with his character and the delivery are excellent right now and make him at the top of his game
Josh – Number 5 – Rusev/Lana: The Russian duo still continues to get the best heel heat from the crowd of anyone. I heard this earlier and completely agree: Normally whoever feuds with Cena gets a good cheer out of the crowd, just from Cena’s natural reaction from the WWE Universe. However, Rusev has consistently gotten booed. No one is cheering Rusev to beat Cena, and that is a sign of just how good he and Lana are at working the crowd.
Number 4 – Paul Heyman:  He is the only reason the World Heavyweight Championship stays any kind of relevant.  With Lesnar off of TV, there is NO ONE better at keeping him in our minds.  Paul’s mind for creative is second to none.
Number 3 – John Cena: He still has it. Cena, whether you love him or hate him, is a master at promos. He always gets the blood flowing and the adrenaline pumping. Cena’s work with Rusev has been absolutely phenomenal
Number 2 – Triple H – Triple H knows the business better than most. He knows what works with the crowd, and what doesn’t. You never see him make a mistake. He very rarely slips. He truly is one of the all-time greats on the mic. He tends to get overlooked because he came up with some other all-timers like the Rock and Stone Cold, but what he is doing with the Authority and Sting show you that he really truly does belong in a list with the all-time best talkers.


Number 1 – Bray Wyatt – Currently there is NO ONE doing better promos that Bray Wyatt. His call-out to the Undertaker at Fastlane was absolutely brilliant. His promos are, intentionally, reminiscent of the old school ‘Taker promos with Paul Bearer in the funeral parlor. And he NAILS IT (pun intended). It looks like Bray is going to inherit the mantle of supernatural force of the WWE; and with the way he works the mic, he absolutely deserves it.

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