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The Voice

Its Day 2 of Season 8 of the Voice. Adam was shut out of Day 1, so lets see what we get in Day 2.

Anthony RileyAnthony Riley – Just the Crowd reactions get the coaches interested. Blake almost hits the button on that alone. Doesn’t take long for all 4 to turn, and we get a very good James Brown impression. Pharell is the last to turn, but gets him anyway.

Gabriel Wolfchild – This was very good to me, but might be too niche as a folk singer. Adam went first, then Blake and Christina. Adam namedrops Bob Dylan for the second time this season. Wolfchild says he was going to go with Pharrell had he gotten him to turn. He takes Christina.

Brooke Adee – Adam and Blake spin almost immediately. Not bad, but not great. Brooke bursts into tears. She says that Adam and Blake remind her of Tom and Jerry- bet we see that on Twitter. She takes Blake.

Tonya Boyd-Cannon – In the backstory, we get more Katrina stories. She does Happy, and a different version. She gets Adam early, and Christina and Pharrell late. She almost sounds out of breath after 90 seconds. She takes Adam, in a bit of a suprize. Pharrell is already talking steal.

Joe ToloJoe Tolo – Christina spins fairly quickly. Blake turns late. I wasn’t really that impressed, but he does hit a solid note at the end. For some reason they keep showing Pharrell- who does not turn. Christina keeps wanting to hear the high note again. He wants to do soul- but I don’t think you sign soul with a falsetto that high.

Mia Z – She wanted Christina going in, she gets Blake early and Pharrell late. I’m not overly impressed with her, but Christina is upset that she misses out on a fellow Steeltown native.

Blaze Johnson – Got Adam early, Blaze late. I wasn’t that impressed here either. He seemed kinda flat, and not a ton of power. Maybe they just see a potential there I don’t. He takes Adam.

Deanna Johnson – Was in Season 5, and rejected. She got 3 chairs early, but then got Adam late, but she did go with Adam, even though Pharrell pulled out all the stops to get him. She’s gonna go far.

Top Performances: Anthony Riley, Deanna Johnson, Tonya Boyd-Cannon


Team Adam Team Pharrell Team Christina Team Blake
 Day 1
None Lowell Oakley Rob Taylor Sarah Potenza
Meghan Linsey Treeva Gibson Cody Wickline
Sawyer Fredericks Joshua Davis
 Day 2
 Tonya Boyd-Cannon Anthony Riley  Gabriel Wolfchild Brooke Adee
 Blaze Johnson Mia Z  Joe Tolo
 Deanna Johnson

With week 1 in the books, I think Pharrell has a very strong team so far.

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