The Voice: Episode 1

The Voice

Welcome to the first episode of the 178th season of the Voice! Well, No, but it seems like it sometimes. Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Pharrell Williams, are all back, and Gwen is out, and Christina Aguilera is back, apparently there is no tour this time around. Blake is the defending champion, having won 4 times, Adam has won twice, and Usher won in Season 6.

Sarah Potenza  –   Sounds like Janis Joplin – Got all 4, took the third turnaround with Blake.

Lowell OakleyLowell Oakley  –   If you want to win with Opera, go one America’s got Talent, not the Voice. His voice is pretty good, but I don’t know if it’s going to do much. He might be born 30 years too late. He’s 19. Adam and Pharrell both make solid cases, and he goes with Pharrell as the second turnaround. His statement that he’s not looking to change him might have been the difference.

Rob Taylor  –   He hit a MASSIVE high note, getting Pharrell and Adam to spin, joining the already turned Christina- who bumrushed the stage to hug him. He takes Christina.
BlakeShelton: If I wore my pants as tight as Adamlevine I could hit that same high note.

Cody Wickline  –   Says before going in he wanted Pharrell or Blake. Adam turns about note 2, and Blake finally turns about 4/5ths in. Christina & Pharrell turn right before the buzzer.
Poor Adam, he knows he’s out. He’s 0-4 as he takes Blake.

Treeva Gibson  –   Has two deaf parents, wasn’t impressed until she hit a power note at the end. She’s 16, little early. Blake and Christina turn, and she takes Christina.

Meghan Linsey   –  Type of people I hate. Top 5 hit, and already toured with Blake! Everyone turns but Blake. She takes Pharrell. Nothing against her personally, I just think she already had her shot. This should be for people that have not had a chance yet.

Joshua DavisJoshua Davis   –  He’s our second person with a guitar, the first one didn’t make it. Adam and Blake turn fairly quickly. He’s got a different voice, and I think he might be a solid contender. One of the slow roasting guys that end up 4th but has one of the better careers. He takes Blake. The wife thinks he has pretty eyes.

Sawyer Fredericks – Love that he says his voice is still cracking. Thats gonna be fun. Everyone but Blake spins fairly quickly, Blake spins about halfway though.

Top 3 of the night: Joshua Davis,Lowell Oakley, Sawyer Fredericks

Team Adam Team Pharrell Team Christina Team Blake
None Lowell Oakley Rob Taylor Sarah Potenza
Meghan Linsey Treeva Gibson Cody Wickline
Sawyer Fredericks Joshua Davis



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