Here we go again wrestling fans for another round of Q&A in #ask7pound.

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But first, its time for David’s Top Ten tag teams. Do you remember the #2 team?

Might be the Last major tag team to blow off a WWF tag title run to wrestle in Japan, and were so good, Vince Jr Forgave them. Later on these men hated each other so much that one member even sued the other so they couldn’t use the tag team nickname, since his wife had trademarked it behind his back.

Who are we? We are……The British Bulldogs


Lets recap the top ten so far.

10. Beer Money

9.   The Dudley Boys

8.   The Steiner Brothers

7.   The Hart Foundation

6.   The Rock and Roll Express

5.   Edge and Christian

4.   The Midnight Express

3.   Demolition

2.   The British Bulldogs

Okay so now we are all the way up to the #1 team. Lets not waste any time. The number 1 teams is:

Without a Shadow of a doubt, the Greatest Tag Team of all time, and if you disagree with that then GOAT tag team that neither man was ever a World Champion, but both men held the second most important title in a Big 3 territory.

What do you think? Can you name David’s Number 1 ranked tag team?

Answer below or on Twitter.


Now on to the questions for this week!!!


Donald gets us started with an in my opinion question. 

In your opinion, Which superstar right now on the WWE roster that you would not consider to be a top tier star, do you think has the ability to be a breakout star in the future?


A while back I thought that Cody Rhodes was a future WWE Champion. In my Power Rankings he was ranked #1 on several different occasions. I was a big fan of Cody Rhodes. Then the writers went on and had the Big Show defeat him for the Intercontinental Championship. I had thought, more so hoped, that Cody would be the man who could surpass the Honky Tonk Man’s record for longest reigning Intercontinental title holder. After the loss to the Big Show, he just was not the same. Sure he won it back, but it did not nearly mean as much as his first reign. Now you see him making a fool of himself as Stardust, which just makes me cringe everytime I see him on TV. He has so much potential that is being wasted. Now that he is on his own again, and once he finishes off this ridiculous feud with his brother Goldust. I hope that the WWE opens their eyes and gets Cody back on track. So he would be the one that right now is under the radar, that still could be great. Good question!

Teddy from Baton Rouge Louisiana asks about the Divas:

How real is Total Divas compared to how much is it scripted? I mean are Natalya and Tyson Kidd really estranged? Is there really THAT much drama behind the scenes?



I think that it has to be. More or less this is a soap opera, much like wrestling in general is a soap opera. There are scripts to follow, storylines to adhere to, and things that the Network wants to see happen to boost the ratings. With that said, yes there is TONS of drama every day backstage. You have your interoffice relationships that can end abruptly, making it difficult to work. So that really does happen. I think Total Divas do a little more to glorify things, but overall these things really do happen. You have to figure these girls are on the road with each other for 250 to 300 days a year, they have a sisterhood, and like all sisters, there are going to be fights.

In relation to your question. I could not tell you if Nattie, and Tyson are really having marital issues. While with the respect that the Harts have, I could not see them airing dirty laundry on TV. That is just not how they are. So I would tend to believe that they are not really having marital problems, but that is only a guess. Much of what you see on Total Divas is pure acting.

Charles from L.A. asks a couple opinion based question:

Do you think it would be smart of the WWE to turn Roman Reigns heel? Do you think he would be over more as a face or a heel?


Also I have one other question. 

With the addition of the WWE Network, I would only assume that they are losing money. You have mentioned before that the WWE needs to cut back on the amount of pay per view events. So which Pay Per Views would you keep?

Absolutely, Roman would be over more as a heel. The reason is simply this; Fans love heels. Remember when he was a heel with the Shield? People absolutely loved this guy. Then he turned face and people got on board. Now that he is a main event face, fans are starting to turn on him. So it makes sense for Roman Reigns to be a heel, especially after Wrestlemania if and when he wins the championship. Brock is likely done after Mania, and the WWE will need a newly established heel on the main roster. I can’t see Sheamus carrying all that weight.

king of the ring

This has been debated with not only myself, but the other guys in the Wrestling Roundtable, where you can see every Thursday. RIGHT HERE ON 7poundbag.com. (Cheap Plug). Anyway here is what I do. You keep your big four:

Royal Rumble – Held in January

Wrestlemania- Either in March or April

Bring back the King of the Ring PPV in June, as you can build on that on Raw for several weeks.

Summerslam in August

Then end the year with Survivor Series in November.

The problem is there are just so many pay per view events, and you have so little time to build and develop good rivalries. By the time the event comes you have already pretty much seen it. I think the WWE needs to go back to the old days and have 5 pay per views a year. And have the occasional Saturday Nights Main Event.

Benjamin from Normal IL asks about the greatest Wrestlemania match ever:

Hey man, just a question regarding the match between Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage at Wrestlemania III. Why was it that both guys careers went in completely different directions. Steamboat wins the title, but he is all but out of the WWE the next year, while Savage loses, and he goes on to become the WWF World Champion the next year? Why was this?


Well you are right, they really did go in completely separate directions, but it is because Steamboat, who was set to have a long reign as champion, wanted to take some time off to be with his family as his wife was close to giving birth to their first child. So it was really in part, Steamboat’s fault that his run ended so abruptly. No disrespect. Savage went on to a face turn, which was set to happen shortly after this match anyway, and Steamboat went on to a first round loss at the following Wrestlemania’s World title tournament. With respect to Steamboat, he did go on to the NWA to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship over Ric Flair in three of the greatest matches in NWA history. So as far as career standards go, Steamboat really did not fall by the wayside. However, Savage definitely got the better of the deal following his loss. What you may not know, is that Savage also became King of the Ring that summer as well, which also propelled his face turn.

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