The iCAR? Apple with the iMove


So it looks as though Apple is about to “invent” the electric car. Here’s 10 reasons you shouldn’t bother with it:icar

1. The first model will crash, a lot.

2. The antenna won’t pick up radio (but it’s your fault somehow).

3. Bono will be on the stereo, whether you like him or not.

4. It’ll cost twice as much as the Google car despite being smaller and less capable.

5. There will be a social network to let you share your favorite drives.

6. The built-in GPS will be Apple Maps.

7. After three years, software updates will make it slow to a crawl.

8. It’ll bend badly if you drive it wearing skinny hipster jeans or try to turn too quickly.

9. You’ll be able to buy a solid gold version that’s no better than the regular one.

10. And of course … the battery will run out by 4pm every day… not that you could get at it to replace it anyway.

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  1. Why do each of the points here seem to apply with equivalent vigor to Microsoft’s entry into the electric car field? And while the prospectus for each would seem to be inferior to Google, the prospectus for the Google electric car doesn’t seem to be all that promising.

  2. Bill,

    Yeah, I got that. As far as I am concerned, it is a lot worse (or better depending on your orientation) than satire. But I am still smarting over trying to “pair” my cellphone to my Microsoft designed auto communications system over a year ago. I finally took it in to the salesperson who sold me the car. He couldn’t get it done and took it to the body shop. After an hour and a half, it was done! (Well, kinda.)

    I understand that Ford has dumped Microsoft because of numerous experiences like this. Even more than Apple, Microsoft is known as the “our way or the highway” company. This is okay if you want to do it Microsoft’s way, but quite problematic if you don’t.

    And I get a kick out of my friends who laud the quality of Apple products all the way to the repair shop. Google seems to at least be aware that there is a “customer accommodation issue issue even though it isn’t very successful in addressing it.

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