WTF, 2/18, Justice comes in many forms…


Justice comes in many forms… I hope to illustrate that in this weeks WTF column. Sometimes it’s hard; sometimes it’s just happens; sometimes it’s delayed; sometimes it’s suddenly where it’s most needed and sometimes it might not seem very just at all…

But, justice is always deserved… no matter how it comes to be…


joe11) Last Wednesday (2/11), I read in various news articles, as well as various online news reports, that House Speaker John Boehner said that Senate Democrats should “get off their ass” and stop blocking a $40 billion Homeland Security bill that would derail President Obama’s immigration programs. Specifically, the Boner man said, “The House has done its job. Why don’t you go ask the Senate Democrats when they’re going to get off their ass and do something other than to vote ‘no’?”

Just say no... oops... I mean... just don't say no, now...
Just say no… oops… I mean… just don’t say no, now…

Seriously???? This is the same jackass that for the last… ohhhh… 6 or so years… has constantly led the elephants in a barrage and a chorus of “Nope”, “Nada”, “Uh-uh”, “Can’t do it”, “Not on your life”, “We will shut down the government”, “That’s not gonna happen”, and, simply plain “NO!” against almost anything and everything that the donkeys and the prez… one Barack Obama… the Bamster himself… has proposed?

He really has the gall… the audacity… I mean, the freaking balls… to suggest that the donkeys should stop saying “NO”? When all he and the elephants ever did was exactly that with almost every damn piece of important legislation that the donkeys proposed for the last 6 or so years?

You have got to be freaking kidding me… I means seriously… he is joking… right?

2) Then this news item caught my attention last week… Florida mom burns down home of convicted child-killer and says “I’m the big bad wolf this time.”

And, she didn’t get into one bit of trouble for setting the flame that burnt down the former residence of one big bad son of bitch. Nary… a… lick.

Diena Thompson was the mom of 7-year-old Somer Thompson… “was” is gonna be the operative word here… unfortunately…


Somer was walking home from school on Oct. 19, 2009. And, some lower than life puke lured her into the aforementioned house and then sexually assaulted and smothered her before dumping her body in a landfill like she was nothing more than a piece of his trash instead of the purity of childhood innocence that she was.

The puke got a measure of mercy… a measure that he denied to little Somer and her mom… when he pled guilty to murder, kidnapping, sexual battery and other charges and avoided the death penalty and was given life in prison instead.

After his pukeness was imprisoned, the bank eventually foreclosed on his house of death. They then turned the property over to the Somer Thompson Foundation, which turned around and gave it to the Orange Park Fire Department.

The OPFD decided it would best be used for training their peeps in how to combat a house fire… so… they turned back to Diena and made her an offer she didn’t refuse.

Diena Thompson’s desire for her measure of some semblance of justice… for her pound of flesh… for her ounce of retribution was gained… her small measure of payback began when she was allowed inside the hose and given a big old fire axe… and implanted it into every wall that she could possible implant it into.

The next day, wearing fireman’s protective gear, she took a lit flare and it tossed inside the demon house with what some news media sources said was a cathartic grin… a get-even-take-that-ya-bastard-bitch sorta grin…

Some justice for Somer... Diena Thompson (center) is now the big bad wolf...
Some justice for Somer… Diena Thompson (center) is now the big bad wolf…

Flames grew and grew and consumed the walls that held the tragic memory of Somer’s sad stolen life… a memory that Diena can now discard from her sight if not her mind. She told News4Jax “I get to burn their house down… I am the big bad wolf this time, knocking down your door. It’s really nice to know that I’m not ever going to have to drive in this neighborhood again and see this piece of trash.”

The house is now ashes… burnt to the ground.

It ain’t full justice but its something… and… maybe it should be done more often, too.

To have the city, or state, government take property from the sad pukes who do this sordid evil and give it over to the survivors who suffer with the dealing of their loss of a loved one every day, every minute, every second of their remaining days upon this earth. And, let them wreak whatever hatred they have, whatever sorrow, whatever grief, whatever needed revenge…to let it all out… upon that property with axe, with sledge, with fire, with whatever to destroy at least some part of the evil that stole a part of their life… their souls.

Whatever part of the big bad wolf that they can destroy is something… it won’t replace their loss… but it’s something…

3) Ya’ll heard that Alex Rodriguez issued a handwritten letter via his PR team, where he “apologizes” to everyone?

Right… he apologized… again.

It does mean we won’t be subjected to some bullshit presser dog and pony show but… sheeeshhhh… is this his version of some sort of Groundhog Day show? Isn’t his stuff getting sort of old?arodletter

Yeah, yeah, yeah… he says he takes ownership of all the crap he subjected us all to… the Yankee owners, his teammates, the MLBPA, MLB in general, and, of course, us the fans… and, whomever else he snookered with his take no prisoners, storm the Bastille, scorch the earth, burn everything to ashes strategy he employed just before he ultimately accepted the biggest and longest ever 162 or so game suspension from MLB… barring lifetime suspensions that is.

Some media sorts were saying he’ll still face a crush asking him about usign PEDs throughout spring training, since the letter failed to do much beyond offer a tepid apology, which, by the by, is kinda sorta similar to the one he delivered in 2009… like I alluded to earlier… same shit different day and it’s getting stale… when he confessed to doping the first time. But ya know…

Hey, ARod…fuck you and the horse ya rode in on, ya rotten bastard! 

Now, I know that don’t really amount to a whole hell of a lot, but, DAMN, I feel a tad better now that I just screamed at my computer. Yeah, I do gotta wipe the spittle off the old computer screen but… hell… I just needed a second or two to publically call the dickwad out and release my negative vibes.

Now… back to our regularly scheduled WTF column.

4) Back in the ancient almost prehistoric old days of pop music… aka rock n roll… there was this very young lady who sang as good as any who dared to warble out a song about teenage love and the resulting angst that they felt and went through…

It started with “It’s My Party” and it ended just the other day… Lesley Gore… and another moment that the music… died.lesley_gore

She was 68 and had been suffering from cancer, according to her long-time partner Lois Sasson.

While it’s true Lesley sang about teen loves lost and teen loves won and other teen trials and tribulations, one of her best songs, and a song I remember well and her for, was this one … “You Don’t Own Me.”

When you hear, or read, the lyrics to “You Don’t Own Me” … “Don’t tell me what to say/ Don’t tell me what to do/Just let me be myself /That’s all I ask of you”… it was a declaration of independence for teen and young girls trapped in a man’s world… and… this was in 1963…

And, when you think about the tone of the words…the declaration of independence they emit… they exude… remember… this is again 1963… again… a very a male-dominated world.

And then understand this… Lesley was gay…You_Dont_Own_Me

Maybe in a sense she sang about women’s liberation from male dominance… from being controlled by men… way before it was ever being done, or a popular topic… but… maybe, somewhere deep down inside she was also singing about people being free from any type of dominance or discrimination from anyone about anything…

Maybe… maybe not…

Ironically, as good as that damn song was… and it was, in my opinion, damn good… it was kept from the top of the charts by something called “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” by some nobody group called “The Beatles”.

Also understand this… maybe Ms. Gore was never on the tip of many tongues as she grew and matured and eventually her “fame” as a young female pop singer faded… but… she never really faded from the industry of entertaining…  

Maybe a so-called comeback album flopped in 1976… but she played regularly on the oldies circuit and eventually began to write songs… becoming good enough to have gotten an Academy Award nomination for best song in 1980 for co-writing “Out Here On My Own” (for the movie Fame) with her brother Michael.

quote-by-lesley-goreAnd, in 2004, she hosted the “Out Here On My Own” series “In the Life,” which focused on LGBT issues.

In a 2005 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, she said she never made a big deal about her sexual orientation one way or the other… She told Ellen… “I didn’t know until I was in my 20s.” She also said that in spite of being in business that was “totally homophobic,” she never felt she had to pretend she was straight… “I just kind of lived my life naturally and did what I wanted to do. I didn’t avoid anything, I didn’t put it in anybody’s face.”

(“You Don’t Own Me”… Songwriters: John Madara/David White; Published by:
Lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.)


5)  The top answers from a studio audience to the question: “What does a doctor pull out of a person?”gerbil-family-feud

Two contestants who are facing one another have to hit a button that buzzes and they get to guess what the possible answers were from a studio audience that was polled with that question might have said… 

That’s essentially the way the show “Family Feud”, hosted by Steve Harvey, operates. 

And the answer is???? 

“A gerbil.” 

No sooner had those words left the contestant’s lips… it was obvious she wanted to take them back… She immediately grimaced and shouted, “I didn’t say that! I didn’t say that!” 

 Steve Harvey stood with his mouth open. 

Her opponent… laughed hilariously… and… as the shock of her answer sunk in and then faded… did the others on the show and in the studio audience. gerbil

And… of course… her answer became a sensation on social media. 

As Harvey recovered his composure he said… “First thing, BAM! Gerbil! Just like that!” 

Darci, the contestant with either a strange medical history, or, some very strange friends, said that she had “read about that once.” 

And… it was not one of the top seven answers on the board. 

Darci’s family still hugged her when she returned to their area. Very, very, very carefully… but they did hug her…

6) Remember, I wrote just last week in this WTF column that I was getting a tad tired about how every day I keep hearing something about Bruce Jenner going from a mister to a sister? 

Well, now I read that his step daughter… the one and only… Kim Kardashian is devastated by the reports about him going from a he to a she. 

Do I really got to tell you who is who???
Do I really got to tell you who is who???

But, word is not because it’s a shock… or… she is having trouble dealing with the psychological aspects and acceptance of what Bruce is doing or going through but because it’s such a great story about him that her core audience is reading instead of reading about her. 


See, her stepdad has been all over the celebrity glossies for weeks while Kimye has only been on one and a half covers so far in 2015. 

Why one and a half? One tabloid devoted an entire cover to her, while, another had her sharing space with Khloe, her sister. 

Bruce has been on at least 7 tabloid covers in 2015. 

Now… I am not sure if she really does feel this way… cheated from her moment in the light and the glare of the tabloid gloss… but… somehow… I think there could be an element of truth to it. And, if there is then alls I gots to say is… poor, poor, pitiful Kimye…

WTF… Get over yourself girl… please…

7) Trucker is at a Pilot truck stop in New Kent County (Va) and sees a mobile home doing some weird shaking around… then a young girl’s face disappearing behind a black curtain on a window of the mobile home. 

The dude stopped and thought and then he dropped a dime… probably used his cell… but… hey I got a film noir sorta rep to uphold here… to the cops and they came out and searched the RV… found a malnourished young female who said that the owners of the vehicle had kidnapped her and were physically and sexually abusing her… including placing a brand on her back and forcing her into prostitution. 

He later told media sources, “I saw a guy come up and knock on the door then go inside the Pilot… then (he) quickly came back and knocked again, all of the sudden the thing was rocking and rolling. When I saw the young girl’s face, I said, ‘that’s not going to happen, I’ve got daughters and granddaughters.’”trucker14n-3-web

A couple is now charged with abduction with intent to defile, will stand trial in federal court… 

And, here’s hoping that they get whatever the full measure of any punishment allowed under the charges they were busted on…

And here’s to that trucker… he saw something and he said something… 

We need more of that his kind of peeps in this world… 

It’s all about making a difference and caring and sometimes just saying “Hey, I saw something… maybe it ain’t shit, but, then… maybe it is.” 

And, then making the call that may matter more than anyone will ever know… like maybe making the difference between some young lady being found laying dead on the side of a road after her usefulness to a couple of dirtbags was no longer needed or being alive to see another sun rise.  

8) Saw a piece that said “The outfit Sarah Palin wore to the SNL 40th Anniversary Celebration raised some eyebrows… and some questions about whether she raided her daughter’s closet.” 

The article went on to say that the former Alaska governor and elephant Veep candidate appeared at the star-studded affair, showing a “lot of skin” in a short, white dress that appeared to be the same one her daughter, Bristol, wore to the 2011 White House Correspondents Association dinner. 

Look ya’ll know that I think Sarah can be pretty damn lame among some other things, but, please, can we just stop dumping on her for the sake of dumping on her? Sarah Palin-

I have seen a lot of so-called moms wearing a lot worse of their daughter’s clothing than what she wore. First… it wasn’t that reveling from the pictures I saw… and… second… on some level she can actually pull it off… wearing stuff that’s somewhat sexy… 

So, maybe it’s time to just back off the Sarah stuff unless there is a damn good reason to bring it up. Is that too hard? 

All the stuff going on at the SNL 40th big-time shindig and some media pukes gotta bring up what Sarah Palin is wearing like it’s a big bad news story that we really need to care about. 

Pleaseeee… people… I mean… WTF…

9) This is my week for having to defend the other side, I reckon… 

I saw this article that dissed the Jehovah Witnesses… it said a Jehovah’s Witness promotional cartoon appeared to threaten children who don’t pay attention in church with death. 

The animated clip, posted to YouTube by, has been labeled by peeps who saw it as “stupid,” “dumb” and “mind control.” jehovah17n-1-web

Here’s essentially what it depicts…Two kids go to a JW service with mom and dad… a little boy plays with his car, while his sister almost falls asleep. Both kids are scolded for not paying attention through the service. 

Stop right here.. .they only get scolded??? Me? I, I did anything like playing with a toy truck during a church service? My mom woulda slapped me across my cheek… and damn hard… not some little namby pamby love tap… 

Any ways… the family gets home and the mom asks the kids what they learned at church.

The kids say… “No sleeping at the meeting”, and, “No playing at the meeting.” 

Dad chimes in and says “Imagine if Noah didn’t pay attention when Jehovah explained how to build the Ark.” post-

The cartoon cuts to Noah playing on a video game and not listening to God’s instructions before the sky goes dark and rain begins to fall. Old Noah runs into building that collapses and the video screen fills with water as the video game is seen floating away with “Game Over” written on it. 

The cartoon goes back to the family and the young boy says that’s not what happened… 

Dad says, “That’s right. Noah paid attention and it saved his life. Paying attention at the meetings can help save your life, too.” 

Now, ya’ll tell me how in the hell that is the JWs telling kids that if they don’t pay attention at church that they gonna get snuffed? Please? Because I would really like to hear all about it. 

Look it… all this cartoon is saying is when you go to church… any religious service… that ya’ll should be respectful and listen up… because maybe something will be said that can help save your soul from eternal death or damnation. 

Now, this has nothing to do with whether I believe that or not; it has to do with why folks go to church… and… from my past experience if ya’ll gonna go to church then ya’ll might as well listen up because something being said might be a blueprint on how to save your ass from eternal damnation and what is supposed to be the death of your soul. 

Me… I don’t cotton to that… to a lot of what is said in church meetings… and, its one reason why I do not go to church any more. 

But, one more time… how in the hell is this cartoon, as described, saying that kids will be snuffed if they don’t pay attention to what the preacher done be telling them? 

Like one poster wrote about the cartoon… “Pay attention in the meetings or you will die. Yeah great message.” 

Sorry, I watched the cartoon and I did not see or hear that. Sounds like a lot of peeps out there being hypocrites and hating on some folks just to hate if ya’ll ask me. 

Nuff said.

10) For most of the US it’s been cold, cold cold, freezing cold in that hotel room (tip of the hat to Lowell George and Little Feat)…wptv-spring-training_

But,  I got the ticket to warm ya’ll up…

Pitchers and catchers start reporting to MLB Spring Traing camps today… 

That means the baseball season is right around the corner and that means… so is summer!


This weeks gratuitous pitchers…










Erica Durance (36) is a Canadian actress… 
















Another thousand words…



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  1. I definitely don’t agree with her politics, but Sarah Palin looked pretty good to me. Actually, if she wants to be a cougar to a young black man, I wouldn’t turn that down. LOL.

    Great blog as always.

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