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But first, its time for David’s Top Ten tag teams. Do you remember the #3 team?

We have been accused of being a rip-off team, but as far as other workers are concerned, were far better in the is far as ring work.

Who are we? We are………………..Ax and Smash, Demolition. 


We are up to #2 in the rankings. Here it is:

Might be the Last major tag team to blow off a WWF tag title run to wrestle in Japan, and were so good, Vince Jr Forgave them. Later on these men hated each other so much that one member even sued the other so they couldn’t use the tag team nickname, since his wife had trademarked it behind his back.

Who are we? Think about it and find out on next weeks edition of #ask7pound. Answer below or on Twitter. Good Luck.

Now on to this weeks bag of questions.

Eric chimes in on the Kevin Sullivan vs Benoit/Pillman feud.


Was it planned to have Kevin Sullivan jump right into a feud with Chris Benoit after his feud with Brian Pillman ended so quickly?

When Kevin Sullivan ended his feud with Brian Pillman after Superbrawl VI, he nearly instantly started feuding with Chris Benoit. It was more coincidental that it was Benoit, and that Sullivan’s real life wife was booked with the Four Horsemen, and then primarily with Chris Benoit. It has been said that Sullivan booked his own divorce, as shortly after Woman joined Benoit, they fell for each other thus ending the marriage of she and Kevin Sullivan. From what Sullivan says, there were no ill feelings, and things just happened that way. But it was coincidence that Sullivan started the feud right after Pillman. It was not something they had a long term plan for.


Brian from Penn State University has some “Bad News”


What are the plans with Bad News Barrett? It seems like when he came back, they immediately started to push him again, but I don’t recall seeing them on TV in the past few weeks?

Great question. I had to reach out to one of my sources on this one. Barrett has still been struggling with his injury, and has been taking some time off to fully heal. I think the long term plan for Barrett is to have a decent run with the IC title that is why they want to rest him, so he will be able to compete. The WWE has had plans to give Barrett a main event run, and quite possibly a run with the World title. His injuries have basically derailed that at least for now, but they still have high hopes for him as he continues to get over with fans.


Alex wants to know about title reigns:


Hey, so I was wondering why in the past you would see title reigns last a year, maybe longer. Now you rarely see a title reign of six months. Do you know why this is?

Its really us, Alex. We fans get bored too easily with the same person as champion for long periods of time. The industry has changed so much over the past 20-30 years. Wrestlers put their bodies on the line every night, and you have so much television that fans are seeing the same guys on TV two and three times a week. Back in the day, there was not alot of TV, so fans would not get bored with the same champion.


Jamie from GREEN BAY WISCONSIN asks about MISTERRRRRRR Kennedy:


Why did the WWE seemingly push Mr. Kennedy by having him win the Money in the Bank, only to lose the briefcase a few months later? It just doesn’t make sense to me.

Well first, the WWE really just changed their mind with Kennedy. They had high hopes and aspirations for him, but again he was prone to injury, so they scrapped the idea of giving him a main event push, and gave the briefcase to Edge instead, where he went on to become the WWE Champion. It was a shame too, because people were in to Kennedy and I would have liked to see what they could have done with him in a main event role.


Bradley from Washington State asks about Bret Hart:


When was is planned for Bret Hart to win the WWF title in 1992?

Shortly before Summerslam, Vince had the notion to put the WWF title on Bret Hart. The original plan was to have the Ultimate Warrior win the WWF title against Savage at Summerslam 92 in a heel turn, then go on to face Bret at Royal Rumble 93, as Bret would win the title. The Warrior had some more issues, and the WWF decided not to put the title on Warrior. They decided instead to have the Bulldog go over against Bret in an epic match (and they did), then Flair defeat Savage to make him a transitional champion for Bret to beat Flair in Canada of all places in late 1992. It was decided shortly before Summerslam that Bret was going to run with the title.


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  1. I’d always heard that they had the Pillman/Sullivan storylines wrote out long term, and just did a Cut and Paste with Benoit.

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