Musings From the Bench 2/16 Edition

musings from the bench-2You know what I hate besides baseball? Valentine’s Day.  From the first grade on through the sixth, students bring in those cards sold 34 to a box with one teacher card and place one card in each classmate’s paper mailbag. At some point during the school day the students have a small party with cupcakes and milk while they open their cards.

As they get older, not everyone gets a card. Some very school valentine cardpopular kids get upwards of 35 cards while one kid gets two cards…one from the teacher and one from the kid who eats paste.

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is all about love and flowers and not really appropriate for children. Too much pressure to hook up and reciprocate for the candy, flowers, cards and perhaps lingerie. So I say get Valentine’s Day out of the classroom where it doesn’t belong and back where it does, with married couples.

stvalentine_MEMEAfter all, St. Valentine conducted clandestine marriages of young people, particularly soldiers of Claudius II who wrote the edict prohibiting his soldiers from marrying. See, Claudius II believed married soldiers wouldn’t fight as well as unmarried soldiers because they would be fearful of what would happen to them or their families should they be involved in a battle.  When Claudius II was alerted to the fact that these marriages were taking place, he had St. Valentine tortured and beheaded.

St. Valentine’s Day…..count me out.

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  1. Jane,

    I’m with you regarding Valentine’s day, and a host of others (including Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Labor Day in the US, etc.) which have been taken over by filthy lucre. I feel there is no longer any room left over on any of these days to reflect on what they really mean. They are all about getting something material for someone. Never mind whether it is meaningful or appropriate, the only important thing is that some commercially oriented person or enterprise gets some material gain out of it.

    Frankly, when my mother was alive I showed her my appreciation in November since then was her birthday. So much for Mother’s Day. My wife and I renewed our vows at the end of August on the anniversary of our wedding rather than on Valentine’s Day. I do some commercial observation for my daughters at Christmas but the important observation is on their birthday commemorating my appreciation for them joining the family.

    And I am explicitly against inflicting inappropriate rituals on those to who they do not apply — such as you suggest is the case with Valentine’s Day.

  2. I’m with you on V-Day, Jane. I used to hate those grade school parties, just because it made me uncomfortable to have to give Valentines to everyone. Very tough for a super shy kid……which I was then.

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