4 years and 80 million for Goran Dragic?


Goran DragicOn Friday it was reported the Los Angeles Lakers are going to make a serious run at current Phoenix Suns point guard Goran Dragic by offering him a monster deal of 4 years and 80 million.

Now, I like him. No, seriously….I really do.

However, as a Laker fan this is an absolutely crazy deal and I’m not a fan of it at all. His numbers are down from last season in most categories: 16.2 points per game (20.3ppg last season), 4.1 assists (5.9), 3.6 rebounds (3.2), and 1 steal (1.4) and that is entirely too much money for just a good player. Dragic would be a solid investment for 12-14 million but if ANY team pays him more than that…..they will be sorely disappointed.

He’s a good player, but not a great one and I’d only throw a 4 year deal worth that kind of money at top 3 player at his position. But, he isn’t. Hell, he may not even be a top 8-10 PG in the league, the position is absolutely stacked.

The Lakers have a lot of needs for next season, they do need a PG (just not an overpaid one), a small forward and possibly a starting center if the team doesn’t pick up Jordan Hill’s team option. Plus, they need to fill out a bench since they only have four players under contract in Kobe Bryant, Nick Young, Julius Randle and Ryan Kelly.

Los Angeles has team options on Jordan Clarkson, Robert Sacre and Hill. Clarkson and Sacre will most likely be retained so that gives them six players and seven if they decide to keep Hill. The agent for Ed Davis has said he’s planning to test free agency and he’s going to want a raise from his 1.1 million salary and he’s as good as gone. Randle is the future at PF.

The Lakers have as many as four selections in the next draft and they need to add players that will contribute with those picks.

The last thing they need to do is overpay a good player and compensate him like he’s one of the best players in the league. All that will do is they push back their rebuilding a few years.

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  1. His numbers are down from last season for two reasons in particular: first, Bledsoe is back and playing all the time; second, Thomas is taking some of Dragic’s minutes as a ball handler. It’s been shown in several losses this season that a three PG attack doesn’t cut it when you really need it. It would be different if both Bledsoe and Thomas were taller but even still, I don’t put much confidence into it.

    Dragic is a great player and works exceedingly well as the primary ball handler. He showcased that last season and was clearly PHX’s best player and still is. Bledsoe, for all his contract dollars, really isn’t worth it. Bledsoe is not as good a shooter as Dragic, isn’t as efficient a ball handler, and perhaps the only area he scores well over Dragic is in on the ball defense. That’s it. Truth be told, Bledsoe was vastly overpaid and I have said as much from the beginning. I also said I would have been happier had they sent Bledsoe packing since his contract demands were ridiculous. Yeah, he’s young and pretty beastly… but he’s also had to have two knee surgeries to this point.

    Dragic would be a huge upgrade at PG over Lin, that’s for sure. The problem is, Dragic needs to be the one controlling the offense and so long as Kobe Bryant is in the picture, that’s not going to work out. If, however, Bryant *finally* accepts his role as diminishing and lets the younger and more capable players take hold, the Lakers will only be better for it. Dragic could be that guy… but they’re going to need much more than him contributing if the Lakers want to have any chance at being competitive within the next five years. Overpaying ANYONE is never a good thing no matter how endless the cash reserves seem to be and Bryant’s bloated deal is a testament to that. When one player takes up 56% of your cap space… you’re not going to get it done.

    No matter where he ends up, some team will get a solid talent. Will it be the Lakers? As a Suns fan, I sure as hell hope not.

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