Wrestling Roundtable (Wrestlemania Edition)


Its time for a special edition of the Wrestling Roundtable. This week we go back in time and reflect on Wrestlemania’s of the past. We reflect on the greatest, and not so greatest moments at Wrestlemania.

But first before we begin, lets see this weeks Power Rankings.

1. Daniel Bryan- Bryan vs Reigns for a shot at the title. A big tag team win on Raw puts Bryan at #1.

2. Roman Reigns- Roman Reigns teamed with Bryan for a couple of tag victories. Will Fastlane continue the run for Roman?

3. Brock Lesnar- The beast is licking his chops for the winner of the main event at Fastlane?

4. Bray Wyatt- Wyatt continues to impress with another victory Monday night.

5. Rusev- Still undefeated, but will that stay in place after Fastlane.

This week in wrestling: 

SuperBrawl VI featured a double cage match between The Giant and Hulk Hogan, and also the WCW World Heavyweight Championship between Randy Savage and Ric Flair. Flair became a 13 time champion with the help of Savage’ long time manager Miss Elizabeth. 


And now for the questions. 


In your opinion,  what is the best and worst Wrestlemania main event of all time?

Steve: The best main event in my opinion was Wrestlemania XX which featured the Triple Threat match between Chris Benoit, Triple H and Shawn Michaels. All three all about the same size and skill set. This made for a great match event though you will not see it on many events due to the Benoit incident.

The worst main event ever? I think I have to go with Lawrence Taylor vs Bam Bam Bigelow. Not a bad match, but the main event? Come on? However, one could make an argument that entire card was not great. Shawn vs Diesel should have closed the show.

Eric: Wrestlemania has had its fair share of main events, some great and some not so great. The best main event in Wrestlemania history I would say is Wrestlemania 12, the iron man match between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. If you have never watched this match,I’d suggest getting the WWE Network for only  $9.99 (cheap pop) and checking it out. These two men put on a hell of a performance that night, this is hands down the greatest main event in Wrestlemania history! Now for the worst, this honor goes to Wrestlemania 8. Hulk Hogan vs Sid, this match was just absolutely horrible! This feud was never good, it all stemmed from the Royal Rumble when Sid elminated Hogan and then Hogan helped elminate Sid. The match was garbage and the ending was just piss poor, very badly timed. If I were booking this show, I think Flair and Savage would have gone on last that night and not Hulk and Sid. This was a terrible booking decision and will go down as the worst main event in Wrestlemania history.

Chad: The best main event to me is Rock vs Austin at WM 17. The build up for the match with the Limp Bizkit theme song and then the actual match with so many nearfalls and close-calls; using each other’s finishers. The closing moments with the brutal steel chair attack; The commentary with JR and Paul Heyman and the final swerve of Austin/McMahon union was shocking and made for a fulfilling main event.

The Worst main event in my opinion would be Triple H vs Orton at WM 25. Now I will admit that this much does suffer somewhat from the fact it had to follow arguably the best WM match ever in HBK vs Taker. However, I feel like with the backstory leading into the match that adding the stipulation that a count out or DQ loss for the champ would have resulted in a title change. This match should have at least a No DQ stipulation in it for HHH to go after Orton and get revenge for the attrocities committed against his family

Josh: Wrestlemania X-8 – Hogan vs. Rock – For the first time, we saw generations collide.  This match was everything it needed to be and more.  We saw Hogan pass the torch to the Rock, and made way for Hogan’s face turn and subsequent swan song with the WWE title.  I know there were definitely better technical matches, or more gimmicky matches, but this one, this was a monumental match with real historical significance.


In your opinion,  what is the best and worst Wrestlemania card of all time? 

Steve: The best card in my opinion was Wrestlemania 17, hell it featured the Gimmick Battle Royal where I think the Iron Shiek is still walking down to the ring. Ending with a classic match between the Rock and Austin, where we saw a much unexpected heel turn by Austin as he joined forces with Vince McMahon. That was the biggest Holy Shit moment that I can remember.

The worst card, I think I mentioned it earlier. It has to be Wrestlemania 11, the main event was awful, while I will give Bam Bam some credit as he did his best to carry Lawrence Taylor. Even the WWF title match was not very entertaining. I look back and forgot nearly half the matches that were even on the card.

Eric: Wrestlemania has had many memorable cards threw out the years. Some were amazing and others we would like to forget ever happen. My favorite card of a Wrestlemania goes to Wrestlemania 22. From the opening bell to the close of the show, this whole event top to bottom is what Wrestlemania is all about. People going our there and putting everything on the line for the entertainment of the fans. From ladder match to hardcore match to a one on one match. This whole card and show was pure amazing. I  could watch this over and over again. Now for the worst, I can say without a shadow of a dought  this goes to Wrestlemania 27. This was the worst Wrestlemania I had ever seen. It was more of a glorified RAW  then a Wrestlemania. The match seemed like they were just thrown together, no stories were settled. It was pretty much all about the Rock coming back to host not about the wrestling. I can honestly say I would not watch this Wrestlemania again if I didn’t have to.

Chad: The worst card of the Wrestlmania’s I would say would be Wrestlemania 2000 which I believe definitely suffers from mainstays Austin and Undertaker not being in the card and a main event that seemed to be thrown together at the last minute. All the early promo material indicated HHH vs The Rock. Then Big Show was added to the mix. Then to me the company realized that they had done this at the Survivor Series and added a retired Foley to get him his Mania moment (before WM22 with Edge) and to give us something different. I will say that the Triangle Ladder Match and the 2 fall Triple Threat did save this show from being completely ridiculous. When you’re only one on one match is a catfight between Terri and the Kat… probably not the best card for the biggest night of the year.

However, In my opinion WWE redeemed itself with it’s best WM card with Wrestlemania X-7; great matches all the way up and down the card (even the gimmick battle royal) The stories from these matches were well told and it was a great show from the opening Jericho/Regal IC title match to the climatic; intense; main event match between Rock and Austin every match was well placed on the card and did exactly what is supposed to; so for me the best card Wrestlemania has ever had and one I would wear out my VHS copy.

Josh: Best card?  Wrestlemania X, Bret vs. Owen Hart with Bret later returning to win the WWF title against Yokozuna, and the classic ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental title.  Just about every match here was completely classic, I don’t remember a single bad match.

Worst Card?  Wrestlemania XXVII – Really, was there any other option?  In this Wrestlemania, we had Snooki….YES SNOOKI win a match, Michale Cole….YES MICHAEL COLE won a match (albeit through shenanigans), and We had the Miz headlining in the main event.  This was the most pathetic display of booking I have ever seen.  And for the record, I don’t have a problem that the Miz won, I have a problem that the Miz won twice.  Miz originally retained his title, then the Rock restarted the match only to Rock Bottom Cena and cost him the match anyways.  I know they needed to set up the Rock/Cena feud, but there had to have been a better way.  All in all a completely worthless PPV.

If you could go back and change one thing from any Wrestlemania,  what would it be and why?

Steve: I give Andre the Giant the win over Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania III. I think giving Andre a shot at running with the belt would have been a great accomplishment and solidified a great career. Hogan really had no where to go at this point and was already champion for three years. They could have continued the feud throughout the year, and then have Hogan defeat Andre, maybe at Summerslam 88 giving that event some precedence, and a solid build. This way you still can have the cards play out like they did where Dibiase buys the title, setting up the tournament at Wrestlemania IV.

Eric: Wrestlemania has had its fair share of memories. Some great and others we wish we could forget or go back and change. My one moment I would change would be at Wrestlemania 9, I  would have ended the show with Yokozuna win the WWF title and called it a show after that. There was no need for Hogan to come out and win the title, as he didn’t even defend it during the 3 months he was champion from Wrestlemania to King of the Ring. It was a pointless title run, and in reality I would have then built up Hacksaw Jim Duggan returning at the King of the Ring to challenge Yokozuna for the title and had Hogan be done with the WWF after Wrestlemania 9. Which is the way it should’ve gone down but instead Hogan gets his fifth title run only to lose it at the next ppv to Yokozuna so the title run was pointless.

Chad: If Wrestlemania the showcase of the immortals and where legends are made then I would change the main event from WM 8. With Ric Flair just having arrived in the company and being part of the reason lost the title to Undertaker at the Survivor Series; I believe that it was setup perfect for a Flair/Hogan encounter a few months later at Wrestlemania. A situation even more setup by Flair winning the title in the Rumble. But then to have Savage/Flair which wasn’t a bad match and Hogan/Sid which featured the return of the Ultimate Warrior seemed kind of like a letdown from the box office blockbuster that a Hogan/Flair WM match could have done

Josh: I know this is really petty and small, but Jerry Lawler should have gotten the win over Michael Cole…the way that match went down at XXVII STILL pisses me off.  Michael Cole is barely a competent announcer, and him the ring is a complete JOKE.  There is no way, in ANY FORM OR FASHION that a legend like Lawler should ever have a loss in the books to someone like Michael Cole.

hogan rock

What is your Wrestlemania “moment” ?

Steve: My wrestlemania moment occurred in 1987 at Wrestlemania 3. No not Andre vs Hogan. But Ricky Steamboat vs Randy Savage for the Intercontinental championship. This is by far the absolute best match I have EVER seen on any card, not to mention just Wrestlemania cards. I get goose bumps every time I watch the match on the WWE Network…for only $9.99. There you go Vince, where is my check?

Eric: My Wrestlemania moment takes us back to 2006, and the greatest hardcore match in WWE history between Edge and Mick Foley. This match had it all and showed what a Wrestlemania match is all about. It’s about 2 men going out there and giving it their all and telling a story. The performance these two men put on that night was absolutely amazing. From the opening bell to the finish this match will go down as the greatest hardcore match in WWE history. So a memory like this will go in history as my Wrestlemania moment. This is one thing that I feel will never be re done or duplicated.

Chad: My Wrestlemania moment is the crowd reactions and the overall outcome of the epic match between Hogan and The Rock is my moment; for me it was like the commentary said; A dream match you thought you would never see a la a fight between Tyson and Ali. For me it will be difficult to ever top the excitement and anticipation for a moment like this again. Although it was attempted with Cena/Rock twice but to me it did not live to the clash between the two legendary figures of Rock and Hogan

Josh: I would honestly say the coolest moment of a Wrestlemania that I personally saw (not watched reruns later on the WWE Network) would be the face off between Hogan and Rock.  Don’t get me wrong, the match was awesome, but you could feel the intensity in that face off.  The crowd was completely alive, I don’t know that I have EVER seen a moment in Wrestlemania quite like it.


Arguably Shawn Michaels is the greatest Wrestlemania performer of all time, despite the Undertaker’s streak. Who else other than Shawn and Taker could you add to that mix as top performers at Mania?

Steve: I was going back and forth on this one, and included wrestlers like Edge, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan. But ultimately I will go with the Game Triple H as a top performer at Wrestlemania. His won/loss record at mania is not the best, but he has faced the best, and has had some epic encounters against guys like John Cena, The Undertaker, and most recently, Daniel Bryan. All of his matches that he had at Wrestlemania were solid matches and he performed at the top of his game.

Eric: Shawn Michaels and the Undertaker are arguably the. greatest performers in Wrestlemania history, but who else would I put in there with them? My vote would be for Bret the Hitman Hart. During the first decade of Wrestlemania Bret was staple at every Wrestlemania with the exception of the first one. His win loss record may not be the best but that man would go out there and put on a hell of a performance in any type of match he was in. Wheather it was a tag team match or a singles match, Bret was always a true professional and would be there to put on a great wrestling match for the fans. I give credit when credit is due and Bret Hart deserves to be in the category as one of the greatest Wrestlemania performers in the history of the WWE.

Chad: Well taking out HBK and the Undertaker I am going with outside the box here I am going to go with The Rock. Now similar to Shawn Michaels the overall record is not impressive but the memories of his epic encounters do resonate through time. If you were to ask   people the top 5 wrestlers of the WWF the names of Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan, and John Cena would appear on most if not everybody’s list. What do those names have in common? They were argueably at the top in their respective eras and they have all been defeated at Wrestlemania by my choice in this question The Rock

Josh: I don’t know.  There aren’t many that are all time greats, but Stone Cold is one.  Every performance he has had has been stellar.  Unfortunately his career was a bit shorter than Shawn’s and the Undertaker’s.  That is the main issue here, there are VERY few performers who have actually had long enough careers to give us anywhere near as many moments as Shawn and Taker.  HHH is close.  Goldust has been around forever, but you can’t really name any real “moments” he has had.  Honestly, I don’t think there is anyone to really compete with those two as of yet.  If Cena is able to keep his career going for another decade, he will be in the conversation.  Had CM Punk not taken off, he might have eventually gotten there.  The Rock went to Hollywood, Jericho has his band.  So many promising careers are cut short by varying circumstances that it can be really difficult to truly build up a legacy.


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