WTF, 2/11: Sex, lies, tapes & wise words…

 Just some sex, lies and tapes and maybe even some wise words for ya’ll to peruse as we travel through to the end of the another day in the life…



1) Just a little bit funny how when the stuff that be hitting the fan starts spreading the noisome stuff around your neighborhood then suddenly it changes things… like now maybe its personal and maybe its time to kick some mofo ass and say whoa not in my house, you don’t

I have always been on record as saying that we… we being the good old guvmint of the USA… may think that certain other folks needs to change how their countries are run and that they need to come into the 21st century, but, regardless of what we think, it ain’t up to us to be going around making them changes for them folks in those countries. No matter how righteous it may or may not be. Them folks in those countries need to effect the change themselves. If, it is to be a real and lasting change, then they absolutely need to be the ones making the changes.political-cartoon

We cannot go into some country run some military actions and overthrow some tyrannical ruling class and then think we can set up some form of bureaucracy to run things… bring in some educators and conduct some courses on nation building 101, democracy 200 and equality for one and for all 202 and then think all will be hunky dory. Because when we finally leave, pack up our stuff and go, and, the last person goes to get on the plane to leave and turns off the lights and says “good night the party’s over…” sooner or later the same old, same old will be right back to the way it was before we came in raising all kinds of hell and spent all kinds of money and sacrificed all sorts of young people… for absolutely nothing.

The folks in those countries need to be the ones believing in what they do and then doing it for real themselves. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes… in fact… usually it takes some real bad ass crap to occur before some folks say or do anything that amounts to more than a hill of beans.

For instance… There’s this bunch of motherfuckers over in the Middle East who been waging terror in that area of the world as well as other areas of the world. They have taken the unfortunate, but all too usual tactic of kidnapping some citizen of another country and then making an outrageous demand that either can’t be met, or, won’t be met, and, then cruelly executed that captured poor soul by methods such as beheading. Mostly the publicized high profile terroristic acts have been against Americans, or Brits, or French and most recently some Asian folks. And, everyone of those countries have vowed some sort of retribution and military action but still these ISIS bastards retain a foothold and have a safe haven in parts of the Middle East. So, whatever was being done just was never enough and simply would never be enough to eliminate this hateful scourge of terror. Not as long as there was someplace they could continue to be given a base of operations and protection of sorts by the Muslim world.

Then they made the one big mistake that appears as it may be the moment that turns the tables on their asses… they shit where they ate.

That is to say they murdered one of their own.pilot captured

The ISIS terror group changed their tactics and said they had captured a Jordanian citizen… a pilot who had been in fighter crash and was captured by the terror group. They said they would execute him unless certain of their demands were met. The rulers of Jordan wanted proof and assurance that the pilot was alive and that if they met the ISIS demands that he would be released unharmed back into their hands.

After some futile negotiations were carried on, ISIS eventually released a video that showed the Jordanian pilot… Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh… being burned alive inside a cage.isis-killed-jordanian-pilot

ISIS claimed they released the video of the pilot’s death in a bid to pressure Jordan into leaving the U.S.-led coalition that has been fighting the militants.

That was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back…

Jordan… their rulers were outraged… the people were outraged… in fact outrage is probably too mild a word to depict the emotions felt as the news spread throughout Jordan of what these pukes had done… the brutality they had done to a respected member of the Arab and Muslim world and community. A man who respected all the laws of Islam and followed Mohammed’s word as best as any respectable Muslim Arab man could.Jordan-1200-AAP

Jordan immediately executed two captured ISIS members that were being held in prison.

Then the Jordanian interior minister said on Saturday (2/7) that Jordanian air strikes against ISIS jihadists will continue until they “wipe them out completely” and that Jordan will go after the militants “wherever they are.” This is with the knowledge that ISIS is in control of large swathes of neighboring Syria and Iraq.

Also on Saturday, The United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced that a squadron of F-16 fighter jets were being sent to Jordan, to join in on the intensified air strikes. That move is seen as very significant because late last year the UAE had suspended its involvement in the anti terrorist coalition that was fighting ISIS forces.

Sooner or later all bad asses will eventually go one step too far… step over that forbidden line… and then will find out how much of a badass the other side can really be.

If, ISIS is to be eradicated … if, we as a world are to see the destruction of their evil… then it will have to be led by those people where they have their stronghold. Those folks need to say no more will we tolerate your bullshit; no more will we protect you; give you safe haven; no longer will we allow you to wage death and destruction in the name of our faith against not only so-called nonbelievers but also against those who believe. No more… enough is enough and this will end now.

Once the people of the Muslim world make that declaration then, and only then, can we join in with our full and unfettered support and aid and abet the eradication of ISIS.150203e-king-abdullah

Don’t ever like waging war of no kind, no how, but, sometimes in this messed up world… sometimes something so evil comes along that shit needs to be done.

And, it is better that we do it with the leadership of where the evil lives so that when the head is separated from its body it remains that way permanently.

2) Late last week former 1976 Olympic decathlon gold medalist Bruce Jenner was involved in a four car pileup on a California highway. During the occurrence of the accident he slammed on the brakes of his SUV but failed to stop before rear-ending another vehicle.

One person died; five others were hospitalized with non life threatening injuries. Jenner was not harmed in the event.fatal-crash-malibu

Cops should have a relatively easy time piecing together the events of the tragedy as there were second-by-second photos of the fatal crash that were taken by paparazzi that were following Jenner.

Why they following this guy?

Well… it has been rumored for many a day, and it is now confirmed, that the former Olympic champ (and a “Kardashian” by virtue of his former marriage to the matriarch of the Kardashian clan and having fathered Kendall Jenner) is in the process of going from being a he to a she.

So now he is news for the gossip columns and the paps have been following Bruce around day and night snapping countless rolls of film. And, Jenner blamed a pursuing pack of the paps for his winding up being involved in the accident. A witness kinda sorta verified his opinion. A California statie more or less said… uh uh… I doubt it. So, its in the process of being investigated and sorted out.

But, that’s no never mind as far as I am concerned. Don’t get me wrong…the fact there was a 4 car pileup that resulted in a person being dead… that’s serious stuff. And, if, Bruce in any way, shape or form is found somehow negligent and somehow responsible for that person being dead then he… or she…needs to be punished accordingly… but… the part that is no never mind to me is… why in the hell is he being followed around like every damn little thing he is about to do is that damn important?

He wants to stop being a man and turn his ass into that of being a woman then amen to it… so be it… let it be. And, let him be and do it in privacy. It should be no more than, at the most, a piddling footnote to the reporting of the news on any given day. And, in my opinion, it should be left out of the news altogether. It’s just not news and it’s not important and I am tired of every day seeing something about him transitioning from a he to a she.

I really don’t understand why folks need to be so damn involved in other peeps business that has exactly nada to do with their own lives. Especially, if those other folks have some type of fame attributed to their personage.

Are they that lonely that they need to dwell in someone else’s lives so that they can somehow feel some sort of importance? And, what type of importance do they feel? Or, are they just ignorant dupes that need to constantly follow the life of someone who is famous, or near famous, and then point fingers about how inane they think that famous someone’s life is, when, the inanity is really that they are the insane idjits with no lives.

Decathlon Gold - 1976
Decathlon Gold – 1976

The only reason Bruce Jenner is even interesting news and not just a footnote in the news… Oh, look, Bruce Jenner; didn’t he win some kinda award or medal or something back in the day? He’s getting a sex change? How, droll… is because he is a Kardashian by marriage. The Kardashians are a hell on wheels traveling road show that thrive on making themselves the center of attention and the point of anything and everything. And, to an extent they succeed at it. Because there is almost never a day that comes and goes where I don’t hear about Kim, Kourtney, or Khloe… or Mamma Kardashian, aka Kris, and Bruce’s ex.  
It amazes me how successful they are… that they are constantly so much in the news; so much on the tube; so much the topic of so many discussions, and, so much on the tip of peep’s tongues…

Jenner now
Jenner now

Are we really that bankrupt of a society that we need to wallow in the sorry sordidness soap opera reality show of their lives? Are we that bereft of anything meaningful in our lives tat they beg our attention? Because there’s enough of us peeps out there that care enough that allows them to constantly be in the newspapers, on the tube and wherever else that justifies the paparazzi running around after a guy who just wants to left alone and live his life in his own skin… regardless of the form and appearance that skin takes.

As that witness said after that 4 car pileup… why can’t they just leave him alone?

Me? I really don’t need to see daily updates on how long Bruce’s hair is, what type of earrings he had on, or, if it looked like his face was becoming smoother and more feminine appearing. I just do not give a fuck.

Ok, I’m wrong… I give somewhat of a fuck… I feel sorry for Mr. Jenner and I hope somehow, somewhere he can find some peace and anonymity.

All that other stuff? On the whole, I’d rather be in Philadelphia.

3) I got nothing against former all-star Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones. As far as his ability as a baseball player, I think he is one of the better guys to have played the game.

That is until last Friday (2/6). That’s the having something against him part and not the baseball player part…

Why? What the hell did he do on Friday that change my opinion?Chipper-Jones-tweet-1

He tweeted this… “Sandy Hook was a hoax! Where is the outrage. What else are we being lied to about?” And, he added that the FBI confirmed these “facts”.

The only about facts about his tweet was that it was based on falsehoods and the only outrage was that he tweeted what he tweeted.

As turned out… he realized his tweet was based on some bogus info and he deleted it and issued an apology… “I had heard something from someone which I thought to be credible and tweeted w/out researching.”

Problem is that there was this terrible and horrible event in a Sandy Hook(CT) school where 26 folks were murdered by a lunatic… 20 of them children… small children.

Just less than 15 to 25 minutes from my home this occurred. It was real… very real. It deeply affected us all in my area. Folks who didn’t have anyone connected to those directly involved in the tragedy were deeply affected… the day it happened people were crying where I worked. For the simple reason that many of them also had children… small children… children they loved and they could haqrdly ever imagine them being laid down dead by an assassin’s bullets.

But, the those that the tweet hurt the most were those moms and dads and siblings old and young and other relatives and close friends who had to have the crap that happened that fateful day raised up and thrust back into their lives… and thrust into their lives that the murders were not real…the murders of their loved ones were nothing but just some stupid ass conspiracy theory.

People like Jones need to follow Mr. Davey Crockett’s advice… be sure your right and then go ahead… it doesn’t hurt to check facts; then recheck facts before doing the dumbass thing called hit the send button without thinking or caring… chipperjones

And… then when you find out you screwed up you say “Oh, my bad. I’m sorry.” Sorry don’t feed the damn bulldog and it don’t take away the hurt, the suffering and the pain you bring upon folks when you say their agony and pain from losing their child was a lie.

Next time maybe Mr. Jones could just shove his fist down their throats and rip out their hearts. It would probably be less hurtful and pain inducing than what he actually did when he tweeted the tweet he tweeted. And, next time he thinks we need to be protected from some form of scandalous big brother type of guvmint lies… maybe he should simply do a little fact checking. It ain’t all that hard… I mean instead of just reacting to stuff you hear and go running around saying the sky is falling, the sky is falling… like some chicken little shit.

4) On Saturday (2/7) Brain Williams appeared on “NBC Nightly News” and said, “In the midst of a career spent covering and consuming news, it has become painfully apparent to me that I am presently too much a part of the news due to my actions. As managing editor of ‘NBC Nightly News,’ I have decided to take myself off of my daily broadcast for the next several days, and Lester Holt has kindly agreed to sit in for me to allow us to adequately deal with this issue. Upon my return, I will continue my career-long effort to be worthy of the trust of those who place their trust in us.”williams

This statement came after the Daily News broke the story that NBC was beginning an investigation of some stuff that Williams had said during his newscasts and reported as hard fact news… but it seems that the stuff wasn’t like he said at all. Or… specifically some might say… like me… that he lied.

Williams has been under fire for falsely claiming to have been on board a military chopper in Iraq that was forced down by enemy fire in 2003. Problem… some of the soldiers involved in the mission about his craft being under fire said essentially, “That’s not what freaking happened, dude.”

Williams also is under scrutiny for saying that when he was covering Hurricane Katrina, that he saw bodies floating in the street of the French Quarter in New Orleans, and that he had contracted dysentery.

Problem is… New Orleans media, as well as other medical and government officials, have come back and said that the French Quarter sustained little water damage and there were no reports anyone suffering with dysentery.williams recants

I’m willing to give Williams the benefit of the doubt and withhold my judgment up to a point… but I gotta say… until the word comes down about what all he said and what is verified as truthful… I think I’ll be turning the channel to old number 7 for awhile… or maybe 2. I reckon a fresh look at the news from some different voices couldn’t hurt.

Where have you gone Uncle Walter… our nation’s eyes slowly turn to you…(coo, coo ca-choo)…What’s that you say, Walter Cronkite has left and gone away  (Hey, hey, hey…hey, hey, hey)390-williams-0210

As this column was being prepared for publication it was reported that NBC has suspended Brian Williams, without pay, for 6 months. Some sources are saying this is equal to a death sentence as far as his career as a news anchor. 

I really liked Williams and his news reporting style but weave a tangeled web of lies and eventually ya’ll will get caught in that web and will need to suffer the consequences. 

As far as a so-called death sentence… others have recovered from as bad, or worse, stuff. So, if, he decides to do the work and prove his worth, then, he can come back and continue his career.

If not? Then, sorry but ya’ll wove that web now you’re stuck in it.   

5) See this picture… you tell me what it looks like…


Some folks in New Zealand think it looks more like a big penis with a set of balls than what it is supposed to be… which is a new sculpture at a railway called “Transit Cloud.”

It cost the city about $150,000… but peeps who frequent the area are saying stuff like, “What the hell is that? It’s certainly not a cloud, it looks like a penis.”

And… “I was surprised that it was erected.”

No word if that erection thought was subconsciously uttered or done with a purposeful thought.

6) Ever feed your pupdog only to watch as the critter takes some of his food in his mouth and carries it away drop it on the floor or somewhere away from his bowl and then begin to chow down? I have. Its always mystified me why the critter done did that.

Now, I finally saw answer that kinda sorta makes a hell of a lot of sense.

Dr. Julie Albright
Dr. Julie Albright

Pack mentality.

According to Dr. Julie Albright, MA, DVM, DACVB… aka a big time vet at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine… when dogs in the wild make a kill, the lower members of the pack will grab what they can and then drag it away way so they don’t have to fight the leader or a more dominant canine for it. Albright says “Fighting is obviously very risky, so most animals, especially subordinate ones, will go to great lengths to avoid an altercation.” 

So, while there may not be a lot of competition for food in your abode… Shaggy is the only pupdog in mine… it’s just his evolutionary instinct taking over when he does that moving the food thing.

Whew… now I don’t gotta go spend big bucks on a doggie shrink… yeah as if… I may be crazy but I ain’t insane…

7) Joshua Peters is an avid video gamer who live streams his games on Twitch.TV.

Peters video streaming game
Peters video streaming game

He recently was streaming live last Thursday (2/5) to about 60,000 peeps. He was just playing around and doing something that gave his ass some pleasure. That wouldn’t last. He paused to answer a knock at the door.

When he returned approximately 12 minutes later, the former US Air Force service member (who btw was medically evacuated back to the U.S. after serving in Kuwait) came on and appeared to be crying… was, in fact, finding it hard to speak.

Those 60,000 or so online viewers watched as Joshua said a SWAT team had just raided his family’s Minnesota home over a prank call known as “swatting.”

He says, “I see you posting my address. I had police point a gun at my little brothers because of you. They could have been shot, they could have died. Because you chose to swat my stream. I don’t give a shit about what you have against me, or what I did to you. For that I am at a loss for words. Your gripe is with me. But do not involve my family in this. They don’t deserve it.”peters 2

What had happened is some asshole has called the cops and said that someone was being murdered in Joshua’s home. They even added gunshots to make sound as if it were a desperate but valid call.

Cops responded with weapons out fearing for lives… someone else’s and possibly their own.

Instead they opened the door to a 10-year-old boy and a frightened family who could have been killed if just one possible thing made it seem as if there was deadly force about to be done.

St. Cloud (Minnesota) police told news media sources that an investigation into the crude prank is ongoing.

On Peters’ Twitter page early Friday morning he expressed thanks to those who had reached out to him in support… “Going live in 10 min because of all the support this amazing online community has shown in the past 24 hours. My family and I thank you.”

What in the hell is wrong with the shit for brains peeps that do this bullshit? What freaking joy could you get out of scaring the piss out of someone, especially, when the consequence of your “prank’ could have resulted in someone actually being killed. What type of macabre sad sorry sick type of mind does a dumbass who does this stuff have?

I have been told that the reason I don’t understand how this could be “funny’ is because I am incapable of doing something so utterly outrageous, dumbass and inhumane.

If that be true, then, I thank whatever powers that be that instilled that programming into my consciousness.

As for the dumbass who did to his to Joshua and his family… I hope they get your ass and then you get punished according to whatever antiterrorist law they may be in Minnesota. You do not deserve to be walking out and about in society.

8) Hey guys Valentine’s day is coming up and just wanna offer a suggestion… if ya’ll got more than one sweetheart… or… if cheating be on your mind… just be careful out there. OK?

Heard the phrase “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”?

According to the NYDN there is this woman down South Carolina way that if ya’ll go around breaking her heart she will kill your car.carolina car

Delores Cureton found out her man was doing her wrong with another woman and somehow found his gun. So she went to go shoot up his car with it. Only… and maybe for the best of all concerned… she couldn’t figure out how to get it to fire. So, she started hitting her husband’s Lincoln with the gun and broke the windshield. Figure using that gun was pretty damn inefficient she went and got a hammer out of her car and continued pounding away on his car… essentially destroying the car.

When police arrived, they found the car with smashed tail lights, broken windows. Cureton had also cut herself and she was transported to a hospital, treated for her cuts and released.

Domestic violence charges were filed against Cureton because her husband said he was scared she was gonna shoot his sorry ass. Still, he told cops that he wanted no charges filed against her for the damages to his carolina-

Wonder if he had comprehensive insurance and if it covers that kind of damage.

Regardless… I hope ya’ll been paying attention… and… a word to the wise, and not so wise, should be sufficient.


9) What’s wrong with this picture?


 Authorities in the Netherlands raided a hpuse in Haarlem becaue it wsa the only one on the street without snow on its roof. Seems that heat lamps being used to grow pot inside had raised the temps to the point that the snow simply melted off that roof. .

Once again… a word to the wise should be sufficient… when growing pot in your house and its winter… use the damn basement!

10) Since I be giving out words to the wise today… I thought I should share this web find…

you think you have time

This weeks gratuitous pictures…













Hannah-Davis-2013-SI-Swimsuit-Rookie-39Hannah Davis (24) is an American fashion model best know for appearring in SI’s swim suit issues (2013 & 2015) and supposedli is Derek Jeter’s flame… Hannah_Davis_HotHannah-Davis-2013-SI-Swimsuit-Rookie-18















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  1. Joe,

    Back in the Golden Era of radio, there was a show called “Boston Blackie.” BB was a marginal “good guy” but not above sometimes using nasty methods to achieve his ends, He was always working for truth and justice (and the American way?). He was introduced at the beginning of each episode as “Friend of those who have no friends! Enemy of those who make him an enemy!”

    You remind me of BB. It is a hard road to follow but a rewarding one. You remind me of BB Thanks,

  2. Welcome and thanks… Ever read an author by the name of Walter Mosley? I think you would appreciate his style and what he has to say in his novels. His characters are not your everyday heros but they are in their own separate ways true to life heros that deal with everyday life more than many others.

    Check out his Easy Rawlin’s msytery books.

  3. It amazes me how like minded we are Joe. It really does. A lot of what you said about ISIS, as well as this attitude that many have about implementing Democracy, is a lot of what I said in a discussion with my Uncle this past Sunday.

    As usual great blog, but a little update: Bruce also fathered Kylie Jenner with Kris Kardashian. They had two kids: Kendall and Kylie. Personally, I find Kylie way better looking. She may also still be jailbait.

  4. I have never read Walter Mosley but somehow the character Easy Rawlins rings a bell. Depending on timing, Boston Blackie could have been partially based on him, I suppose. My best guess, though, is that BB is an extension of some Damon Runyan characters — but with more intensity.

  5. Ever see the movie “Devil With a Blue Dress”? With Denzel Washington? The movie is based on Mosley’s book… “Devil With a Blue Dress” and Washington plays Easy Rawlins.

  6. I admire Denzel Washington’s acting but somehow seem to have missed “Devil With a Blue Dress.” I’ll try to get a gander at it.

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