Its that time again wrestling fans. #ask7pound is back for another round of questions and answers. This week we are asked about wrestlers who switch companies.

But first it is time for David’s top ten tag teams. Just in case you forgot last week’s riddle.

#4 Tag Team: An awesome team, managed by a man that was never a full time wrestler. How great is this team? They even created two versions to feud with each other!

Who are we? We are: THE MIDNIGHT EXPRESS


We are now at the top 3. Let’s take a look at the #3 team.

We have been accused of being a rip-off team, but as far as other workers are concerned, were far better in the is far as ring work.

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Now on to the questions. 

Ben from Nashville TN chimes in about our feature topic today. 

Hi Stephan, Just wondering and I am not sure really how to word this so hopefully you can help me out with this. Back in the 90’s it seemed that wrestlers would jump ship to the other competitor whether it was WWE or WCW. Was there any wrestler with a long tenure that never competed in the competing organization? I thought of this, because Sting never jumped to the WWE from WCW back then, and up until now, never appeared on WWE TV. 


There have been many wrestlers have never crossed over from WWE to WCW and vice versa. You mentioned Sting, and he was about as loyal as they come. During his long career with WCW, he turned down numerous opportunities to wrestle for Vince McMahon, first in part of loyalty to WCW, and second because he was afraid of what the WWE would do to his character. Sting was smart and now with his career in the final stages, he wanted to realize his only regret, and that was to compete at Wrestlemania.

Back to the question on hand. Shawn Michaels was another wrestler that had a long career with the WWE and never succumed to the money and WCW. He stayed loyal to Vince McMahon and stayed put, even when his best friends (Hall and Nash) jumped ship WCW.

There have been other guys, but as far as tenure goes, Shawn is the main guy.


Evan from Florida asks about Goooooldbeeeerrg.

What is Goldberg up to nowadays? Why do you think his career was so short, yet so successful?


Currently Ryback…I mean Goldberg is the host of his own podcast called “Who’s Next.” He also owns his own gym, Extreme Power Gym, and also operates a Boxing training facility.

As to why his career was so short? I think it was all due in part that Goldberg just simply did not have the drive or desire to be in professional wrestling. He enjoyed his time in WCW and in WWE, but he did not have that passion that you need to be a part of the business. He hated the travel schedule and wanted to do something where he could control his scheduling. His gimmick as Goldberg was the right character just for the wrong guy. They pushed him way too fast, and after his loss to Kevin Nash at Starrcade, WCW just did not know what to do with him after that.


Victor from Hollywood California asks about the Hollywood Blondes.

I was watching Clash of the Champions on the Network and saw a match between Arn Anderson and Paul Roma vs the Hollywood Blondes. Instead of Brian Pillman teaming with Austin, Lord Steven Regal teamed with him. Was Pillman legitimately injured or was the plan all along to have Regal defend the titles with Austin?


Pillman was legitimately injured shortly before that match occurred. It has been reported that Brian was suffering from an ankle injury for quite some time, but since he refused to get medical treatment, he further injured it. That is partly the reason that you saw him on crutches throughout ECW, and his first run in the WWE.

Regal was added to the mix due to Austin hand picking him. He had a good history with Regal, and trusted how he worked in the ring. Regal is probably the best wrestler to never win a world title. Austin has said this in the past as well. So Regal was not booked that night, so he became one half of the tag team champions for the night.


Mike from New York would like to know more about Mike Rotunda.

I saw your question regarding Mike Rotunda last week, and it got me wondering why Rotunda is not in the Hall of Fame. Do you think he will ever get inducted into the Hall of Fame? 


I think that Rotunda will get in the Hall of Fame. He is still active with the WWE in talent development and is also a scout for the WWE. So he has not burned any bridges. Especially since two of his sons are on the active roster (Bray Wyatt, and Bo Dallas). Probably the reason he has not gotten in, is because he is still around and makes the occasional appearance. I’m sure that within the next couple of years, Rotunda will get in.


Shawn from Milwaukee Wisconsin asks about Harlem Heat.

Okay clear this up for me Steve. Was Stevie Ray actually recognized as the World TV Champion? I remember him carrying the title when Booker got hurt. 


Yes, Stevie Ray is in the books as a former World Television Champion. He was awarded the title in July, 1998 after legally having power of attorney over Booker T. Therefore they could not strip him of the title due to the injury that Booker sustained in a match against Bret Hart.



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