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Welcome to the NFL Roundtable, Season Wrap-up edition! This week we are going to put a bow on the season and talk Hall of Fame, Season in Review, and Dump Roger?

1. The Hall of Fame has its 2015 Class.

Rank them!

Archie Bill Jim David
1 Charles Haley Jerome Bettis Charles Haley Charles Haley
2 Jerome Bettis Charles Haley Tim Brown Junior Seau
3 Junior Seau Junior Seau Junior Seau Will Shields
4 Will Shields Tim Brown Will Shields Jerome Bettis
5 Tim Brown Will Shields Jerome Bettis Tim Brown

2. Should any of them have been replaced by the 5 that did not make it?
(Dungy, Greene, Harrison, Pace and Warner)NFL Hall of Fame

Archie: Easily Marvin Harrison over Brown. Greene over Seau (IMO Seau got pity votes, again just my opinion) and Warner should have made it regardless of who the other 3 besides Haley.

Bill: It’s hard to understand how Warner didn’t make it yet someone like Tim Brown did. Yes, I know he’s a supremely accomplished professional in his own right… but Warner came from bagging groceries at $5.50 an hour to the Arena Football League to NFL champion and Super Bowl MVP. He also helped turn around a middling Arizona Cardinals franchise and unbelievably guide them to within minutes of being a Super Bowl champion. Needless to say, the franchise hasn’t been the same since he retired and, as a testament to his greatness and despite being away from playing the game for several seasons, he was apparently under consideration to come back once again due to the injuries to Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton.

Jim: Marvin Harrison shot a man.  For that reason alone I hope they wait a decade to vote him in.

Warner was great, but not for very long.  I honestly don’t know if he’ll ever get in.

Greene was fantastic, but he’s just kind of lost in the voting.  Hopefully he makes it one day, but probably will wait a couple of more.  The nominees in the coming years are just so good.

Everyone should know by now that I think Dungy is terribly overrated and a product of an amazing Defensive Coordinator in Tampa and an amazing Offensive Coordinator in Indy.  His failure to capitalize on great teams filled with future hall of fame players, with only one Super Bowl win does and should continue to haunt him.

Pace was amazing.  But some think it was a short career.  But wow, he was amazing.  So he’s definitely a snub.

So who should have been snubbed over Orlando Pace?  Nobody  I mean, Junior Seau could have waited.  Jerome Bettis might could have waited, but in the end, they picked five strong candidates who all deserve it.  Tim Brown has waited far too long.  They all deserved it and I’m happy with the class of 2015.

David: Gonna be interesting to see what they are going to do with Marvin Harrison. I’d take Marvin over Tim Brown, but I’m not sure anyone is voting Marvin in. I’d take Pace 3rd on this list, and Marvin 5th, but with his issues, Pace is the only snub.

3. What is the biggest offseason story you are most interested in? Nye with air pump & inflation needle

Archie: Tired of Deflategate. Tired of Falcons “Pump up the Voume”, tired of all the BS domestic violence BS. I guess the draft is the biggest thing we have to look forward to news worthy.

Bill: It’s really hard to say at this point, but I’m going to play homer here and see how things develop for the Cardinals. Palmer is coming off a season ending knee injury, Stanton had a knee injury as well, Darnell Dockett, like Palmer missed the entire season due to an ACL injury. That doesn’t even include how the team is going to address Darryl Washington’s pending return after a season long suspension due to another failed drug test. The list could go on and on, but there’s plenty of intrigue to be had. Also, will the Cards be able to repeat their success and actually advance further than the first round of the playoffs thanks to all those injuries?

Jim: The draft  But only because Tampa has the #1 pick.  If not for that, it would be what the Seahawks will do with the contracts for Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch.

David: This should be a fun offseason. I get the feeling we are going to see a lot of movement in free agency, with a TON of good players on the market- plus a draft that has a ton of question marks in it. Plus, I could see the NFC hanging on the balance of one or two players.

4. Should Goodell go? Roger Goodell

Archie: Should Goodell go? HELL HE SHOULD ALREADY BE GONE.  I for one have never liked his dictator “slash” overlord mentality from the start. He has NEVER dealt out discipline equally. He has ALWAYS appeared to favor some teams and players over others. And he has allowed rule changes that IMO has made the NFL become a two skill position game; QB and WR.

Bill: Yes. I don’t think much more need be said. There’s a multitude of reasons for it but it won’t happen. We’re stuck with him, unfortunately.

Jim: No.  Love him or hate him, he’s done a great job of increasing the profile and value of the NFL.  Does he protect the league?  Yes.  That’s why he was hired.

David: I don’t think so. He’s dropped the ball quite a few times, and I’m not sure he has the trust of the fan base. You might be able to get away with that in baseball, where fans are more blind that the (insert political group here) but when you have major writers on major websites coming out and saying that your leader is an idiot, you have problems.

5. Scale of 1-10, how good was the 2014-2015 season?NFLbully1

Archie: I will give it a 7. Both teams deemed #1 in their respective conferences met in the SB. That seems to always be a good recipe for spectators. There was some surprise breakouts this year (Cowboys) as well as surprise failures and bad news (49rs and Bears). The NFL showed Johnny Football that he is really not all that and then some.

I dropped the scale a bit because I NEVER want to see a sub .500 team make the playoffs (Panthers) or win their division.  I also dropped it a point or so because of all the early season “Jekyll and Hyde” routine many teams displayed; like the Titans beating the Chiefs in KC week one then lose 4 in a row. The Steelers beat the Browns then lose to the Ravens. They beat the Panthers on the road , lose to the Buccaneers at home. There were many other examples as well that made for a frustrating early part of the season.

Bill: A solid 8. There were plenty of story lines throughout the season and it culminated in both the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, all in one down from the one yard line. Despite my Chargers not making it (due to sloppy play on their part) and the Cards flaming out at the hands of Ryan Lindley, I can’t be all that disappointed. Besides, the Super Bowl was here in my town and went off superbly despite me not watching it but for maybe the last five minutes. It was, for me, a great feeling to see the Seahawks lose, too.

Jim:  I’d give this last season a 7.  It was good.  Not great.  The NFC South was a joke.  The have’s vs the have not’s has never been larger.  Tell me the surprise of the NFL playoffs, outside of the NFC South where we were all surprised they had a playoff team at all.  OK, Arizona was a surprise…but not a surprise they lost right away in the playoffs.  In the end, in August of 2014 I placed two bets in Vegas.  One was that the Patriots would face the Seahawks in the Super Bowl.  And the other was that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl.  And any league that is that predictable isn’t very good.

David: I’ll go for a 10 on the field and a 4 for off the field. Roger Goodell has been a dumpster fire lately, and it seems like NFL players are hitting everyone but each other. The season itself was fun, from the Panthers going off to win the NFC South to Packers going nuts to a half dozen teams stumbling down the stretch and a pretty good playoff season and a top 3 Super Bowl.

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  1. 1-Haley

    2-Dungy over Shields.

    3-The draft.

    4-Hell no. He isn’t always consistent in dealing out punishment/suspensions but he has done for the NFL what Stern did for the NBA. Make the NFL more high profile than it already was and make the franchises a lot more valuable.

    5-A solid 7+.

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