UFC Roundtable: 2/6 Edition


Welcome to the UFC Roundtable! This week Roni and David talk UFC 183 fallout, Vitor vs Dana and more~!

1. Did Diaz/ Silva live up to the hype? UFC 183

Roni: It really depends what you were expecting for.
To me, personally, it did. We were able to see the spider back, punching and kicking for 5 full rounds. And Diaz was also as good a he could be.

David: I got what I expected. Anderson moved and Diaz never got a clean hit, even when he did hit Anderson, pretty much didn’t effect him. Anderson got in some heavy sparring. Diaz claimed cruddy judges.
Let me put it this way, if this was the first fight on TUF, between 2 guys that were 8-3, would anyone care about this?

2. Is the bloom off the Kelvin flower?

Roni: I’d need to know why he missed by that much. It obviously shows he has issues losing weight.
But he obviously paid the price because Lineker was in his card, and also missed badly.

I don’t think it is his fault. If he was in the hospital the night before, he has no business being in the octagon fighting. I blame this on Zuffa.

David: He’s a professional. Fights have been post-poned before. Kelvin screwed up, badly. He’s now no longer undefeated, he’s now no longer a huge WW, but a decent sized MW- a much tougher division. He was a win away from being in the discussion for a title shot- or at worse a number one contender fight. Now he’s in the second deepest division in MMA.

3. What do you do with Tyrone Woodley now?tyron woodley

Roni: I’d like to see a rematch with Rory. But as Rory is tied up with Lombard, Johnny is facing Matt Brown and Condit is out, given the past weeks, I would tell him to train and be ready to replace any of those guys! 🙂

David: Tyrone isn’t stupid. He’s stated there is nothing he can do to move up, and he’s not the draw needed to demand a shot. His best bet is to stay ready and if Hendricks or Lawler tweaks a fingernail, jump in the fight with the other one.

4. Thoughts on Vitor turning down the Machida fight?Jacare

Roni: Let me start by saying I do not believe Dana. There has been multiple times where Dana uses the media to force a fighter to take up a challenger.
While I’d love to see this fight, I don’t understand how Machida is fighting again for the belt.
If anyone should fight Vitor, it should be Jacare first, or Luke (for a rematch).
Machida should replace the one that fights Vitor. THat would make more sense IMO.

But let us be honest here. Vitor fought two #1 contenders and a very dangerous guy in Hendo.
The interim belt is just for show, and in reality, it is nothing more than one more #1 contender fight.
A win against anyone for the interim will award him with…. a fight against Chris. And that he already has.I do understand why he rather wants to wait for the proper title shot.

David: If Dana is right, then Vitor has a major problem. Jacare has a bigger problem. Jacare should be the guy getting the next title fight, and with that off, he’s not even considered top 2.
I’m not entirely sure that an interim shot is needed, but It should be Vitor vs Jacare- put that in Brazil under the Conor/Aldo fight, and that will make Jacare a star.
As for Vitor, I don’t blame him for not wanting to fight Machida. Lyoto has 2 major problems. He can knock you out, and he can bore everyone. You normally don’t look good fighting Machida.

5. How long should the UFC give a champion before stripping him/her?

Roni: I think that, if a champion cannot defend his belt in 12 months, there should be a fight between the #1 and #2 for the Interim belt. If the champion cannot fight in 1 year and 3 months, then the Interim defend his belt once more and it becomes the true champion.
The old champion would need one (tune up) fight before challenging the new champion.

David: I’d go a year. Good solid length of time.

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