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Its that time again for the Wrestling Roundtable. The panel discusses the latest in professional wrestling. This week we will discuss Roman Reigns vs Daniel Bryan at Fastlane, John Cena vs Rusev, as well as Sin Cara.

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Before we get to the questions, lets look at this weeks Power Rankings.

1. Brock Lesnar- The WWE World Heavyweight Champion stays at the top spot. I still cannot get over his performance at the Royal Rumble.

2. Roman Reigns- Big match against Daniel Bryan at Fastlane. Can Reigns keep his Wrestlemania match?

3. Daniel Bryan- An impressive victory over Seth Rollins, one of the best on Raw. Will Bryan overcome Roman Reigns to face Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania?

4. Rusev- Still undefeated. Will that status remain the same after facing John Cena?

5. Seth Rollins- Sliding a bit in the Power Rankings after failing to defeat Daniel Bryan, though he still holds the Money in the Bank, and can cash in at any time.

This week in professional wrestling!

In 1989, The Mega-Powers exploded during and after the match on The Main Event against Akeem and the Big Boss Man. Savage attacked Hogan after Hogan assisted Miss Elizabeth to the back when she was accidently hit by Savage after being thrown outside of the ring. This set up the match at Wrestlemania V.

The Midnight Express won their first NWA World Tag Team Championship by defeating the Four Horsemen in 1988. It was the first and the last time the Midnights held the NWA World titles. They became the first team to hold both the World and United States tag team titles simultaneously.




Is having Roman Reigns defend his Wrestlemania shot at Fastlane a good idea?

Steve: It’s a good idea in theory. I think the WWE had to do something to try and get Roman Reigns over after the Royal Rumble. Fans turned on Roman mainly in part of Daniel Bryan. This is going to be a great match. I see Roman winning this match to keep his spot, and Daniel Bryan giving him the nod to go on and face Brock Lesnar. This has to be a clean win for Reigns with no outside interference. This will give Reigns some credibility and can get the fans back on board with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania.

Josh: Absolutely.  This is the perfect way to combat the fallout from Royal Rumble.  If Daniel Bryan wins, the WWE Universe gets what they want.  If Roman Reigns wins, as long as they do it correctly, the fans will get back behind him.  And like I just said, for Reigns to win, they have to do it correctly.  There can’t be a screwjob, it can’t end in conspiracy, and Roman cannot, and MUST NOT squash Daniel Bryan.  This match needs to be a 30 minute back and forth match that Roman would need to win clean.   If he can show he can work Daniel Bryan and that he has more wrestling moves than just a few strikes, a power bomb and a spear, he will end up winning back the WWE Universe.  I do fully expect Roman Regins to win the match at Fastlane, as I do not think the WWE will ever be truly behind Daniel Bryan, but I wouldn’t be too incredibly suprised to see Daniel Bryan win as that creates the more intriguing matchup with Brock Lesnar.  It also is a better set up and better long term option for post Wrestlemania plans that I will get into later on in the RT.

Eric: I personally feel this is a good move on WWE part by making Roman Regins defend his shot for Wrestlemania.  This way it gives time for WWE to help get Roman over with the fans again before the big event.  Let’s face it,  after the Royal Rumble he was hated by a lot of fans for winning the match and not having Daniel Bryan win.  I think in order for Roman to get over with the fans he needs a clean win over Daniel Bryan at fast lane. If he can do this, I think the fans of the WWE will start to appreciate him more and possibly get him over more and make him look better going into the main event of Wrestlemania.

Chad: Absolutely, I definitely think that having the match between Reigns and Bryan is a good way to build buzz and anticipation to an otherwise unimportant PPV where most likely your champion will not be at the event. During the history  any match with the title shot is on the line opens the storyline possibilities for the company.

Are you looking forward to the confrontation between Triple H and Sting and Fastlane?

Steve: Kinda sorta? I mean I love that Sting is finally in the WWE, but Sting has such good mic skills, I want to hear the man talk. So if he and HHH get into a heated argument to set up their pending match at Wrestlemania. I would love to see how these two guys can go at it verbally.

Josh: Not Particularly.  I was never a huge fan of WCW, never really watch it that much, so Sting isn’t really huge on my wrestling radar.  I know, I know, I hear the shock and exasperation from everyone.  But I honestly was never really huge into Sting.  Couple that with the fact that Sting is obviously getting up there in years and I am just not that excited.  With that said, I TRULY do understand the significance of having Sting wrestle a match for the WWE.  That will be a momentous occasion that many thought would never, ever happen.  And Triple H is definitely the guy who will be able to give Sting his best match.  Triple H will be able to work with Sting, work safely, keep the pace at a level Sting will be comfortable with and overall, do the best job adapting; as Triple H can wrestle as a brawler, technician, he can even go speed wrestling if he has to.  In the end, they clearly have the right match set up here, and Fastlane will be an important step to setting everything up.

Eric: Sting and Triple H, the big confrontation at Fast Lane. This strikes little to no interest to me. Ten years ago, yes I would have been anxious like a child to see it, now 2015, it doesn’t do it for me. We all know how this will end, Sting and Triple H will have words and this will setup a big match at Wrestlemania for those two because let’s face it Sting wouldn’t have his first match at a ppv called Fast Lane, he’ll make his long awaited debut at the biggest show of the year Wrestlemania.  That’s what will happen.

Chad: Knowing that we are heading to HHH/Sting match at Mania it will be interesting to see how they start the build for that match. Whether they have a staredown and a point of the bat or intense war of words about why Sting is against the authority.


Sin Cara has recently had victories over Bad News Barrett as well as the Miz on Raw this past Monday. Do you see any chance that the WWE will continue to push Sin Cara?

Steve: Short answer…NO. They have done this before where they will give Sin Cara a small push, only to have him job against other guys. They would love to push Sin Cara to try and relive the hype of him when he first debuted. He still continues to be my 8 year old sons favorite wrestler, but I cannot see the WWE giving him much of a push.

Josh: If they do, I can only see it as a use to re-introduce an old title, such as European, Hardcore, or Cruiserweight title (most likely Cruiserweight).  Everyone knows Mistico is no longer Sin Cara, so the character has lost some significance.  That being said, I actually prefer Hunico’s performances better as I feel he is a better worker with the American Style of wrestling.  I can see him getting a push as a reward for his service to the company (i.e. Mark Henry’s world title runs), but he won’t get anywhere near a major title, like the IC strap or the World Title.  But I can definitely see him winning a tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight champion.

Eric: I think yes the WWE will continue to push Sin Cara. The seeds for a push have already been planted. The WWE has been looking for a wrestler with Hispanic heritage to push for a while. They did with Rey Mysterio and he kept getting hurt, they did with Alberto Del Rio but he is gone now. So Sin Cara is the only wrestler left on the roster to fit the mold. I look for his push to continue and he will be the Intercontinental champion by the end of the year. That’s my bold prediction!

Chad: I can see a push for Sin Cara; however I would not expect to see any world title shots in his future but I can definitely see a push for the IC or possibly US titles now that he has had the win over the Miz and Barrett; which gives the company a different face in the title pictures

How big is the John Cena vs Rusev match up for both wrestlers?

Steve: This will undoubtably push Rusev into the main event scene. Rusev needs this feud to put him over, and Cena is just the guy to do this. This means absolutely nothing to John Cena, but it will certainly move Rusev into title contention for the WWE Championship down the road. I don’t see Cena submitting in this match, but I think Rusev wins clean, and will go on to compete for the title later this year. Big opportunity for Rusev.

Josh: For John Cena, it is just another match against a villain who has grown too big for their britches.  For Rusev, this is the biggest match of his career.  This is going to sound way out there, and I don’t think it will ACTUALLY happen, but I can see Cena submitting here.  A few RT’s back, Steve predicted that Cena would have a heel turn in 2015, if that were to happen, a Cena submitting would be the perfect way to start that.  Outside of that incredibly unlikely scenario, I see Rusev retaining through a technicality, or possibly some other interference to knock Cena out.  I do not see Rusev winning clean, nor do I see Rusev getting pinned or submitting to Cena.  You save that moment for Wrestelmania to give one of your midcard guys a huge push into center stage (Looking at you Ryback, or possibly Roman Reigns if he looses to Daniel Bryan at Fastlane).

Eric: Cena vs Rusev at WWE Fast Lane. For John Cena,  this is just another match for him against a heel. He’s had many big matches against many top heels over the years,  so for him this is just another match.  For Rusev,  this is the biggest match of his career.  This match will either make or break him. If he wins, it could give him the status of a main event player in the WWE.  If he loses, he becomes another notch in John Cena belt as someone who lost to Cena and eventually becomes buried as a mid carder.  Rusev needs the win more than Cena needs the win here.

Chad: For Rusev, the match-up is easily his most important to date in his young WWE career and prove he belongs in the main event picture for many years

For Cena, it is another to help another talent get over similar to the Wyatt feud at this time and a chance that he can have a good match with someone outside of the title picture


Give one major prediction for Wrestlemania?

Steve: My prediction for Wrestlemania is very simple. Roman Reigns will walk out of Wrestlemania as the WWE Champion. It is predicted that Lesnar will be leaving the WWE after Mania, so I think it will be true to form that Reigns walks out as champion, only to begin a feud with Rollins. I do not think that we will see Reigns as champion for a long period of time.

Josh: Fastlane’s Main Event will be meaningless.  Seth Rollins will walk out of Wrestlemania as the World Champion.  This is probably going to be a fairly common prediction.  But we all know that Lesnar is not walking out with the title, as his contract with WWE is up, and he is likely going back to MMA.  Either Reigns or Bryan will pick up the win against Lesnar, but be so devastated by the Beast Incarnate, that they will not be able to defend themselves from the Money in the Bank cash in.  What better way to fully introduce the next Era in wrestling, than have your “future face of the WWE” become the current face of the WWE, and take his place in the spotlight at the end of the night at Wrestlemania?  This is why I think Daniel Bryan winning at Fastlane would be more intriguing and better for the long term.  A feud between Daniel Bryan and Seth Rollins where Bryan is chasing the title,against the might of the Authority, would be a better story and a better program than the one you could have with Roman Reigns.  It would be better, but Reigns I think is the more likely candidate.  Either way, Seth Rollins will be involved, and the other guy will be chasing him for the title, probably to culminate at SummerSlam.

Eric: Make a bold prediction for Wrestlemania: this year we will see for the first time in Wrestlemania history a wrestler will cash in Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania. That’s right, I predict Seth Rollins will cash in his Money in the Bank contract and will walk out of Wrestlemania this year as the WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!!

Chad: My Major prediction for Wrestlemania is that we will indeed have a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion whether it’s Reigns/Bryan winner or Rollins cashing in but we will see a new champion

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