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Welcome to the Barstool, where two writers go one on one with a topic, Please add your vote to the comments, or if you have a suggestion, or want to take on a writer of something he or she said, let us know. Today we talk who is the WORST Super Bowl Champion of all time.Barstool


My pick? The Giants that stopped the Perfect season.

Consider this.

The Offense- Scored 23.3ppg – 14th in the NFL of 32 teams
The Defense- Allowed 21.9ppg- 17th in the NFL

The actually had a NEGATIVE Turnover ratio! -9!

Helped by the NFL LEADER in interceptions thrown Eli Manning – who was that year was looked at as a borderline BUST and WELL behind Phillip Rivers- whom he was traded for.

The Leading Wideout- PLexiglass- was not missed in Pitt- and was looked at as a HUGE free agent mistake at the time.

The “leader” of the defense- Michael Strahan- was looking to retire if not paid – and still whined when he DID showup

The Best player on the team- Tiki Barber- retired and spent the year sniping at his old team from the confines of his TV show (admittedly- I bet he is going to be giving preseason picks on some 800 number soon)

Plus they went 10-6

and Tommy Boy was the leading vote getter to not Last the season – I myself thought about them firing him on the plane back from EUROPE in week 7!

True we do not have the Prism of Time to look at them- but they are the WEAKEST Super Bowl team of all time.


– 2002 New Engalnd Patriots, lets look past the allegations and anything they did after this season. Please focus on that team as they were then, cause for all we know Eli is headed to a great career from here on.

They lost their QB in week 1, they had to call on a 6th round pick. His name may be Tom Brady but in that season he was nothing more than a 6th round pick, the Pats HAD to start. He put together a good season but was no pro bowler.

Antowain Smith was their starting running back, he wasn’t even on their opening camp roster.

Troy Smith and David Patten were the wideouts, I don’t know about you but I will take Plexiglass and his big play ability, along with Amani and Steve Smith.

O- Line, well the Giants gave up 28 sacks to 46 by that Pats team. The Giants were 3rd in yards per carry at 4.6, the Pats 24th at 3.8. HUGE O-line advantage.

Poke fun at Strahan but that D led the league in sacks at 53. That front four bullied the best O-LIne in the league in the Super Bowl.

Their secondary faced TO and Romo, Favre and Jennings, Moss, Welker and Brady and pushed all of them aside.

The 2002 Pats were not much of a champion either and thats with the TUCK RULE.

Eli ManningDavid:

The 2001 Pats scored 23.2 ppg- 6th in the NFL that year
they allowed 17.0 that year also good for 6th that year

apples to apples the Pats had MUCH better comparison to the rest of the NFL

The 2001 Pats also had a PLUS 7 Turnover differential

Diff between the two- 16 a full Turnover LOST PER GAME difference between the two games.

The 2001 Pats had 4 Probowlers that year

the 2007 Giants had ONE – Osi Umenyiora

and Hands up any SuperBowl team WITHOUT a wideout with 100 catches

NOT so far 01 Pats

Troy Brown – 101 catches 1199 yards

Best on the Giants

PLex had 70 catches for 1025 yards

I’ll take 01 Troy ANYDAY

Next the Rusher

Smith went for 1157 yards and 12 Tds with 4 fumbles
Jacobs went for 1009 yards and 4 Tds with 5 fumbles

Sounds like the Pats have a Better runner even THEN.

Now lets look at the coaches

Bill was consider to have outcoached his opponent in the Super Bowl- and possibly lucky to do so.

We know now that it was just the beginning of a dominant run by the Pats- who had a TON of players that would go on to MULTIPLE rings- plus the greatest CLUTCH kicker of all-time in Adam V

anyone top 5 all time in NY ?


The Giants had a rash of injuries in the season but were a different and better team that WON the Super Bowl.

Let’s REALLY compare Jacobs and Smith
Jacobs 91.7 yards per game and a SICK 5 yards per carry
Smith 72.3 yards per game and 4 yards per carry

So Plax or Troy, you say Troy, I say…
Plax played hurt all year and had 14.6 yards per catch and 12 TD’s
Brown had 11.9 yards per catch and 5 TD’s, I thought he was fast.

PRO BOWL- Since when do those mean anything, you should know better PIMP.

Ok I will bite on your coach theory- The thing is TOM did outcoach his opponent in the Super Bowl, you know the previously aforementioned Bill.

How can you bring up what happened afterward, you picked the team that hasn’t played since their win. Eli may have hurdled all his troubles and be the star he was expected to be. After that win, NOONE thought the Pats would keep it up, just like the Giants. Should I mention SPYGATE.

If it wasn’t for the Tuck Rule and a kicker, the pats wouldn’t have seen the second round. The Giants proved to be the best and end 18 and 0, who else has done that?

“anyone top 5 all time in NY ?”

Strahan- 5th all time in sacks


Michael Strahan is 5th all time in sacks true

But is he in the top 5 all time as a DE?

I wonder if he would be even included top 10 all time in the SuperBowl Era!!

Brady is under consideration for top 5 QB
Adam V might be top3 but top 5 all day

True ELi might be the Next UNitas for all we know- but I would be willing to bet he is not considered a top 5 QB RIGHT NOW after winning the Supe!

The Pats had 4 Pro Bowlers- showing they at least had respect in the NFL at that time

Let me sum up

Apples to Apples

The Pats had a MUCH better Defense 6th in the NFL vs 17 for the G-Men

The Pats had a Better Offense 6th in the NFL vs 14 for TOmmys crew

A top 6 squad on BOTH sides of the ball trumps a middle of the road crew anyday

But to have a NEGATIVE turnover differentail? Most coaches stress turnover as a BAD thing- Eli LEAD the NFL in INTS –

Both the Pats and the Giants got hot at the right time and won the superbowl-

But here is the thing

The Giants had FIVE starters with more than 10 starts have less than 5 years in the NFL

The Pat? EIGHT – plus 2 rookies (Seymour/Light)

How can you say they are all young bucks and could blossem?

LombardiNick :

David, WHY do you keep bringing up what happened after this season? It is irrelevant to this topic.
You are right ELI is not considered top 5 after this Super Bowl NEITHER was Brady, he was still thought of as a fluke.

Adam V, who cares, he is a kicker.

The Cowboys had enough respect to get them a franchise record 13 Pro Bowlers, how did that work out for them?

The stats are what they are, but when the playoffs came and both teams were healthy….the Giants were the better team and faced the tougher challenges.

They had a better pash rush and a better O-Line and we all know that in the trenches is where the game is WON. NOT on the stat sheet.

“Eli LEAD the NFL in INTS -”

He worked out his growing pains during the season, then he proceeded to beat ROMO, FAVRE on the tundra and BRADY.

Look I understand the regular season was not pretty, but that team didn’t need the Tuck Rule or anything else to handle the BEST the NFL had to offer. They played a team that manhandled the entire NFL and took them because they won the battle in the trenches.

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  1. There is no way in hell that the NYGiants should have won that game against the Pats, let alone two games. They get my vote as worst superbowl champions ever.

  2. Sorry, but, there is away in hell that they could win the games… simply because they did win. Not saying they weren’t lucky but luck is a part of the game. I will say Eli did not deserve to be the MVP, though.

  3. Not sure if I agree that these two teams rate as “worst” to win a Super Bowl, but, since its these two teams in the debate, then, I say David’s choice is the more convincing one.

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