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Here we go with another edition of the NBA Roundtable. This week, we discuss the All Star Game Reserves. Which head coach is on the hot seat? And the Chicago Bulls. This and much more.

On to the Questions for this week!

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Currently the front runners (as far as records and odds makers go) for the NBA title are the Golden State Warriors and the Atlanta Hawks. Two teams who have not been involved in an NBA Finals in quite some time. Is this good for the NBA to see some new teams leading the pack, and what does this say for the competition in the NBA?

Steve- I love it. I think it absolutely is great for the NBA to see some new teams at the the top of the ladder. However, let’s not count out those regular teams in the playoffs like the Spurs, who have the talent on the roster to beat anyone in the NBA in a seven game series.  The parity that you see now is great for the NBA.

Chad- I definitely it is good for the game to have different teams in the forefront at this point of the regular season; it gives a chance for the league to market new teams and get fan bases excited for their playoff chances. However, I believe that means that they have the target on their back come playoff and have to earn their winds against those teams who are perennial contenders in the playoffs and just not at the top right now (Spurs, Mavs, Bulls, etc.)


The All Star Reserves came out. Are there any names that are still left out that should have been, and did the coaches get it right?

 Steve- Just so long as they put Harden, Thompson, and Jimmy Butler in. I am okay with the roster.

Chad- The biggest name left out to me is Damian Lillard; I think with Russell Westbrook being out part of the year and Lillard’s consistency that he should be in the NBA all star game  over Westbrook. I’m not saying that Westbrook isn’t a great player but time off during should make it tougher to get to the All-Star Game.


It is reported that Jacque Vaughn’s days are numbered. When will he be fired, and what other coach is on the hot seat before the end of the season?

Steve- Vaughn will be out probably during the All Star Break. I cant imagine Orlando making any changes right now, but I am almost certain that they have been talking to prospective coaches.

Chad- Honestly, If Vaughn makes it past the All-Star break I’ll be surprised; It just doesn’t feel like the team is on the same page. As for as the next hot seat I’ll say Brooklyn’s Lionel Hollins just because they went all in last year and it didn’t work and now I thing they tear the whole thing down and start again



The Chicago Bulls appear to play well against the top tier teams in the NBA after an impressive victory over Golden State on the road. Then have troubles in a loss on the road to the Los Angeles Lakers. Are the Bulls vulnerable, and can they still make a run to the NBA Finals?

Steve- It is the Eastern Conference, so they can absolutely make a run. They seem to play well against the top teams in the league, but struggle against the lower ranked teams. This bodes well for them because they can beat the top teams in the league. Atlanta seems to be the favorite right now,  but I cannot see them getting past the Semi-Finals.

Chad- With the team they have and if they are fully healthy the Bulls are a team that could make a run to the Finals. The Bulls are in the weaker East and have playoff experience on the roster with Noah, Butler, Rose, and now Gasol so I feel like they would be a contender from the East once playoff time rolls around



You are in the lower echelon of teams in the NBA. Who do you have your eye on for the NBA Draft?

Steve- Pray pray pray that you get the number one pick, and select Okafor from Duke. This kid is primed and ready for the NBA, and he very well could be the next breakout star that we have seen.

Chad- Two early candidates that I have my on are obviously Duke big man Jahlil Okafor his overall size and low post offensive skills will certainly make him intriguing in the draft; Being a Big Ten person I have to admit I do like Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell for his scoring ability. Either one of these guys would be intriguing for the NBA Draft come June and guys I’ll be watching come March Madness

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