Its time for another round of questions by you the fans in #ask7pound. This week

But first as always we have David’s Top Ten Tag teams. We have made it all the way up to #4 in the top ten. Let us revisit last weeks riddle.

#5.  My highest ranked team where a member won a major world title- in fact both men ended up winning a world title. Both men also won tag gold with other partners that were better than they were, but they were never better than when they were together. They started out talking about visiting a monster PPV when they were kids, and one man won the tag title with the main event of that event.

Who are we? We are: Edge and Christian.


Now for #4 on the list.

An awesome team, managed by a man that was never a full time wrestler. How great is this team? They even created two versions to feud with each other!

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Now on to the questions.

Was the Big Cat in WCW the same person as Mr Hughes?

Jeff from the University of North Carolina


Yes, when the Big Cat debuted in 1991 he began a short feud with Lex Luger. Oddly enough, only 8 months later he became Mr. Hughes, who was the bodyguard of Lex Luger when he was managed by Harley Race.

I have two questions for you. I was watching a Clash of Champions 13 I think. A match between Star Blazer and Michael Wallstreet.  Who was the Star Blazer? And second, It appeared that Michael Wallstreet was much bigger than he was when he was IRS, in WWF. Was he just not in as good as shape in WWE?

Nick from Minneapolis


Tim Horner played the role of Star Blazer during that match against Michael Wallstreet. Horner also competed in matches with Brad Armstrong who also dawned a mask when he was known as Badstreet earlier that year. So it is a little ironic that both of them were under masks and were in a tag team with each other at the same time.

As far as Mike Rotunda goes, I went back and looked at the footage of that match, and you are right Nick, it does appear that he is in very good shape. Rotunda is a big guy in nature at 6’3” and 250 lbs. I think that he looked a little bigger as IRS, in the WWE mainly because of the suit that he was wearing in the ring, and not the singlet. Rotunda, even to this day is said to be in very good shape, even at almost 60 years old. Another did you know, Did you know that Mike Rotunda is the father of two current WWE superstars? Bray Wyatt, and Bo Dallas. Now your day can continue.

Why did Wrestlemania 2 broadcast from 3 different cities? We’re the crowds in other cities able to see the whole event? I can’t imagine it would be worth the price of admission for a short event.

Katie from Green Bay


Thanks for your question, Katie, and it is a good question. Wrestlemania 2 was hosted in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles. All three events featured its own Main Event. The answer to your question is, yes, they all got to see the entire event on closed circuit TV while at each arena. There was also a host of undercard matches that took place, that were not shown on the actual pay per view event.

Why did they do this? It was all about Marketing, Vince wanted to see if it could be done. While it was done, it has not happened since, and that was due to Vince not making a lot of money on the event due to the cost of production for each venue.

Someone told me that the Godwins, once wrestled in WCW. I went back a long time and never found them in WCW. Did the compete in WCW?

Blake from Vancouver B.C.


Well Blake, you would not find the “Godwins” in WCW because when they wrestled in WCW, they were known as Tex Slashinger and Shaignhai Pierce. They were a couple of cowboys, and Pierce (played by Henry Godwin) wore a mask. They did not have much success in WCW which is why they would typically fall under the radar.


Why did the WWE discontinue the King of the Ring Tournament?

Eric from Rantoul IL.


Basically it was replaced by the Money in the Bank Pay Per View. The WWE had to do something as only two pay per views were really making any money. Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble, after this years Rumble, that may be down to just Wrestlemania. So the question lies, does the WWE need to add a third or fourth elevator. Right now, they use Royal Rumble to elevate a wrestler to the main event roster, and use the Money in the Bank to do much of the same. The King of the Ring over the course of the past few kings really held no bearing as guys like Billy Gunn and William Regal just to name two. While I think Regal should have been elevated to more, his reign as king was something of the past, that not many remember. To bring back King of the Ring, they have to do in on a PPV, and it is just not in the cards for the WWE at this time. However, I would love to see it come back.





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